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Darigan Dodgeball

Darigan Dodgeball Information
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The Darigan Citadel can be a difficult place to live at times, what with the everything being covered in spikes, the island floating hundreds of meters above the ground (not all of the residents have wings, you see), and infractions as simple as sneezing in public getting you thrown in the dungeons. Well, at least pets on the Citadel can play a nice, relaxing game of dodgeball to take their minds off of things, right?


How to Play

Darigan Dodgeball is controlled entirely with the mouse. To begin the game, click on the Kiko and hold down the left mouse button to move it around. The four spike-covered balls will immediately begin to spin and move in random directions, and you must avoid them for as long as possible. At the bottom of the screen is a timer, keeping track of how long the game has lasted; the longer the game lasts, the higher your score will be. If you let go of the mouse buttton, get hit by any off the four balls, or touch the edges of the game screen, however, it will be game over.

Game Screen
Did I mention that Darigan really, really likes spikes?

The key to winning at Darigan Dodgeball is to keep moving into the areas that the balls have just left, to ensure that when you pass by them it's on your own terms, and to avoid getting cornered. It's also important to keep in mind how large of a gap you'll need between dodgeballs to fit through, as if the Kiko touches one of them with even its hands or wingtips, the game will end.


Scoring in Darigan Dodgeball is based on how long you're able to survive. Every second that you manage to avoid a spiky fate is worth 100 points, so, for example, lasting 10 seconds would get you a score of 1000. You're not shown your score when the game ends, only the time that you lasted, so you'll have to calculate your final score yourself before pressing the Send Score button. Trophy table scores are typically 5000 points and higher.

It's also worth noting that buttons in the game are programmed to register being clicked on when you release your left mouse button while your cursor is on top of them. Because of this, it's quite easy to accidentally send a score or restart the game by letting go of the mouse button after the game has ended, because the buttons appear on a part of the screen where losing is fairly common. To avoid this, make sure you're aware of where your cursor is before letting go of the mouse button.

Don't let this happen to you!

Quick Tips

  • Always try to move into areas that the dodgeballs have to just left
  • Watch the positions of all four balls, rather than your character
  • Make sure that the space between balls is wide enough before trying to pass by them
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