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Dar-BLAT!!! Information
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When they're not carrying out the schemes of their icy queen Lady Frostbite, Darblats are generally playful, carefree creatures. They enjoy sliding down the snowy slopes of Terror Mountain, engaging in snowball fights, and shooting at each other with high-powered mechanical snow cannons.

...Wait, what?

How to Play

Dar-BLAT!!! is a timing-based test of your reflexes similar to Splat-A-Sloth, which requires quick reaction speed and more than a little luck. When the Darblat appears on-screen, press the space bar as quickly as possible to hit it with a snowball from your cannon. While you only have one shot, the game is easy to restart, and the Darblat appears fairly quickly, usually within 10 seconds.

Game Screen
ICE to meet—oh, he's already gone.

The key to the timing of the game is the music. The Darblat will only appear on specific beats, with the fourth being the earliest that it shows up and the seventh being the most common. Given how fast the Darblat slides past, only being on screen for around 1/3 of a second, it's incredibly difficult to fire the cannon in time once you've seen it. Instead, you should listen to the music, and press the space bar on a specific beat, the sustained seventh note again being when it's most likely to appear. This will take several tries, but works far more consistently than firing at random or only when you've already seen the Darblat.


The scoring in Dar-BLAT!!! is based on the Petpet's position relative to the cannon when the snowball hits it. Ideally, you want the Darblat directly in front of your cannon, so that it will be hit in the center of its body. The closer to the center your shot lands, the more points you will score, with a maximum score of 600. Unfortunately, you have so little control over the timing of your shots that you'll be lucky to hit the Darblat at all, let alone get a high score. If you're trying for a trophy or just need a specific score for a gaming-related challenge, all you can do is continue to play and hope for the best.

Quick Tips

  • Listen to the music, and choose a specific beat to fire on.
  • The Darblat most frequently appears during the seventh beat.
  • You have almost no control over the score you get, so just keep trying!

Snow Beast
I wonder where all those missed shots go...

Easter Eggs

On rare occasions, Ollie The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy will appear on the Game Over screen, posing with the Darblat in a red Santa hat. You can learn of his other appearances (and more recent real-world exploits!) in our Phantom Orange Shirt Guy article.



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