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Daily Dare - March 2008

AAA and Abigail

Neopia's "finest" gamer is back once again! However, this time he's in a bit of a pickle and, although he won't really admit it, needs your help! AAA and his sister, Abigail, have been whisked away from their home and locked up in a dungeon-esque gaming chamber where AAA is forced to endlessly play games. The Avinroos need your help or face certain DOOM!

The Story

This year's Daily Dare has more of a story behind it. As said above, the Games Master and his sister have been kidnapped by the evil King Roothless and are forced to play games day and night. This is where you come in. The Avinroo siblings' fate hangs in the balance and it is up to you to beat AAA's score daily, securing their release! You can read the ongoing kidnap saga here. This is also reproduced in a video version!

The Basics

The basic concept is the same as the last Daily Dare: you must pick one of two scores (AAA's or Abigail's) and beat it. Abigail's score will be much lower than AAA's, giving non-gamers something more manageable to reach! Once you have challenged an Avinroo with your preferred score, you must play the game and beat it! (To make your selection, click the link under the picture of either AAA or Abigail.)

This year, things are slightly different. If you challenge AAA but fail to beat his score, you will automatically be credited with a win over Abigail if, in doing so, you beat hers. Note, however, that if you go this route, you will not receive AAA's or Abigail's prize for that day.

AAA and Abigail

The Prizes

There are more prizes than just that warm tingly feeling knowing you've played a role in freeing AAA and Abigail. Each day, you can win the prize of the person you've successfully challenged. These are unique to the Daily Dare and can be seen below. Also, there are additional prizes for true gamers which will come out in April (hopefully):

  • The Ultimate Prize - Beat AAA's score on the launch day of all the games.
  • Uberiffic - Beat all of Abigail's scores or a combination of AAA's and Abigail's scores on the launch day of every game.
  • Megasuperb - Beat AAA's scores for all of the games by the end of the Daily Dare.
  • Spifftastic - Beat all of Abigail's scores or a combination of AAA's and Abigail's scores for all of the games by the end of the Daily Dare.


Who should you go up against? Abigail or AAA? AAA's prize will almost always be more valuable simply because his scores are so high and not as many Neopians will be winning them. Luckily, there's a little method to get the best possible prize. Before choosing who to challenge, play the game. Try to score as high as you can. Once you get a satisfying score that either beats AAA or Abigail, do not send it! Go back to the Daily Dare page and challenge the appropriate person that matches your score. Then you can go back and send the score, and it'll count for the challenge!

The Trophies & Grand Prizes

Click on any of the items in the table to be taken to their Jellyneo Item Database page.

Beat AAA's Score On Launch Day For All Games
Daily Dare '08 Gold Trophy Tyrannian Army Math Tools
Beat Abigail's Scores OR AAA's and Abigail's Scores on Launch Day For All Games
Daily Dare '08 Gold Trophy Math Slingshot
Beat AAA's Scores By End of Daily Dare
(Note: This prize was glitched. Nobody has received the AAA Gumball Machine yet.)
Daily Dare '08 Silver Trophy AAA Gumball Machine
Beat Abigail's OR AAA's and Abigail's Scores By End of Daily Dare
Daily Dare '08 Silver Trophy Abigail Gumball Machine
AAA - Tried and Failed
Attempted To But DID NOT FINISH Beating AAA
At least you tried beating AAA!. :P
Daily Dare '08 Bronze Trophy AAA Daily Dare Badge
Tried and Failed
Attempted To BUT DID NOT FINISH Daily Dare
Well, you just didn't finish. :P
Daily Dare '08 Bronze Trophy Abigail Daily Dare Badge
Roothless Prizes
Finished Dungeon Dash
Beat Roothless in Dungeon Dash (5,000 Points)
How to be RoothlessRoothless Action FigureDestruct-o-Match Shirt
Finished Dungeon Dash
Did Not Beat Roothless in Dungeon Dash
Roothless Tilt Maze Game
I Lost to Roothless Sign

The Games & Prize Archive

The table below contains all of the prizes, scores needed, and the day in which they were issued. Clicking on the date in the "Day" column will bring you to the dare for that day, and clicking on the game image or name will bring you to our game guide for that game. Clicking on the Prize image will take you to the Item Database page giving you full information about it! Also, be sure to check out the Master Cheat List for a full list of cheats on all of the games!

Day Game Abigail's Score AAA's Score Abigail's Prize AAA's Prize
Mar 31 Play now!
Meepit vs Feepit
200 2000 Prize Prize
Mar 30 Play now!
Ice Cream Machine
750 7500 Prize Prize
Mar 29 Play now!
Dubloon Disaster
100 1000 Prize Prize
Mar 28 Play now!
Jubble Bubble
125 600 Prize Prize
Mar 27 Play now!
Ready to Roll
75 400 Prize Prize
Mar 26 Play now!
Stowaway Sting
100 650 Prize Prize
Mar 25 Play now!
Attack of the Gummy Dice
200 2000 Prize Prize
Mar 24 Play now!
400 3500 Prize Prize
Mar 23 Play now!
125 650 Prize
Mar 22 Play now!
Cooty Wars
75 600 Prize Prize
Mar 21 Play now!
Turmac Roll
75 900 Prize Prize
Mar 20 Play now!
Snowball Fight
100 600 Prize Prize
Mar 19 Play now!
Lost in Space Fungus
50 500 Prize Prize
Mar 18 Play now!
Maths Nightmare
200 2500 Prize Prize
Mar 17 Play now!
Faerie Bubbles
150 1000 Prize Prize
Mar 16 Play now!
Hasee Bounce
50 225 Prize Prize
Mar 15 Play now!
Kass Basher
150 850 Prize Prize
Mar 14 Play now!
Bubble Beams
75 400 Prize
Mar 13 Play now!
400 5000 Prize Prize
Mar 12 Play now!
Sophie's Stew
75 400 Prize Prize
Mar 11 Play now!
Ugga Smash
75 500 Prize Prize
Mar 10 Play now!
Crisis Courier
150 1200 Prize Prize
Mar 9 Play now!
Destruct-O-Match II
400 2400 Prize Prize
Mar 8 Play now!
Meerca Chase II
100 700 Prize
Mar 7 Play now!
Ultimate Bullseye II
15 85 Prize Prize
Mar 6 Play now!
Volcano Run II
150 1200 Prize
Mar 5 Play now!
Kiko Match II
75 700 Prize Prize
Mar 4 Play now!
Edna's Shadow
80 500 Prize Prize
Mar 3 Play now!
Itchy Invasion
125 1000 Prize Prize
Mar 2 Play now!
Wicked Wocky Wobble
40 200 Prize Prize
Mar 1 Play now!
Meepit Juice Break
250 2700 Prize Prize