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Daily Dare NC Challenge

2009 NC Challenge

The NC Challenge requires you to purchase a special game ticket from the NC Mall. (See the tickets below.) You can purchase tickets in increments of 1, 5, 10, or 30 to beat that many number of challenges. These are only valid for the 2009 Daily Dare. In order to complete the entire NC challenge, you must buy the 30 ticket pack, or the other denominations that add up to 30.

The games for the NC Challenge will be the same as the basic 30 day challenge, but the scores to beat will be different. (This does not replace the normal Daily Dare challenge. In order to receive the normal Daily Dare prize, you must challenge AAA or Abigail as well.) If you beat all 30 NC challenges, you will be awarded a special NC item. You may participate in both this challenge and the basic challenge.

Daily Prizes

Day Game Lulu's
Mar 2 Play now!
Super Hasee Bounce
150 Prize
Mar 3 Play now!
Shenkuu Tangram
300 Prize
Mar 4 Play now!
Bumble Beams
100 Prize
Mar 5 Play now!
Turmac Roll
125 Prize
Mar 6 Play now!
Faerie Bubbles
250 Prize
Mar 7 Play now!
Meerca Chase II
100 Prize
Mar 8 Play now!
100 Prize
Mar 9 Play now!
Itchy Invasion
150 Prize
Mar 10 Play now!
Mutant Graveyard of Doom II
100 Prize
Mar 11 Play now!
125 Prize
Mar 12 Play now!
575 Prize
Mar 13 Play now!
Carnival of Terror
125 Prize
Mar 14 Play now!
Destruct-O-Match III
300 Prize
Mar 15 Play now!
Ultimate Bullseye II
15 Prize
Mar 16 Play now!
Hot Dog Hero
800 Prize
Mar 17 Play now!
Faerie Cloud Racers
100 Prize
Mar 18 Play now!
Wheeler's Wild Ride
50 Prize
Mar 19 Play now!
Mynci Beach Volleyball
30 Prize
Mar 20 Play now!
450 Prize
Mar 21 Play now!
Sutek's Tomb
150 Prize
Mar 22 Play now!
Snow Roller
175 Prize
Mar 23 Play now!
Piper Panic
300 Prize
Mar 24 Play now!
Freaky Factory
100 Prize
Mar 25 Play now!
Imperial Exam
150 Prize
Mar 26 Play now!
Petpet Plunge
125 Prize
Mar 27 Play now!
Dubloon Disaster
55 Prize
Mar 28 Play now!
Hasee Bounce
60 Prize
Mar 29 Play now!
Ice Cream Machine
600 Prize
Mar 30 Play now!
The Usul Suspects
50 Prize
Mar 31 Play now!
Crisis Courier
250 Prize

Final Prizes

For completing all 30 of Lulu's challenges, you will receive the following items.
2009 NC Challenge Bonus Items
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