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The Voyage of the Cyodrake's Gaze

Jellyneo's Coverage of the Cyodrake's Gaze Plot

Separating Fact from Fiction

With any plot comes a whole lot of information, and a whole lot of absolutely ridiculous information that is simply pure coincidence. Below, we try to shed some light on those crazy Neoboard theories. :P

FACT: When Premium users beta tested the new game Kou-Jong, the game description mentioned a land named Shenkuu.

Weary from your journey from Shenkuu, you enter the young Kougra's ship cabin, hoping for a bit of distraction from the rolling sea.

FACT: When using Internet Explorer, if you read Chapter Two, then click back, the name of Bonju is replaced with Chefxxx. However, this is just the Comic getting a glitch. Some say it is because you click on the Cyodrake's Eye, but you are just clicking the back button. Users which have popped up (such as "Chefxxx") are frozen for imitating staff.

FACT: The Cyodrake's Gaze can fly.

THEORY: Shenkuu may be the name of a new oriental/Asian themed world. However, names of worlds have been known to change.

THEORY: The plot line will include users sailing to the ends of Neopia, under the leadership of Captain Scarblade, to recover the lost Gaze. (Too funny not to include. :P A cookie to who knows where this is from. ;D) UPDATE: We may also need to pay a visit to Sophie the Swamp Witch in Bogshot to obtain a jar of dirt. We can't have too much protection from that Krawken.

THEORY: The new world Shenkuu may be seen on the explore map in the image below.

THEORY: Hoban started the storm, or purposely led the Gaze into it. Hoban may have also purposely jumped off the ship.

THEORY: Chef Bonju attacked Hoban with the weapon that he was sneaking out of the weapons room.

THEORY: The last panel of Chapter Two that is looking at the ship is blurry. Could it be Hoban, awakening from his fall? There also seems to be a treasure map in the panel, making it look like Hoban purposely fell of the ship to pursue said treasure.

FICTION: Neopets is NOT leaving clues on a userlookup. Unless the account has existed long before the plot began, don't even consider it a valid clue.