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Crisis Courier

Crisis Courier Information
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1 NP
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Whenever King Altador has some urgent messages or news to be delivered somewhere in his self-named realm, he always has one choice of who to send them: Yooyus. Besides being Altador's national petpet, Yooyus are fast little creatures with a lot of experience in flying. Not even birds can match them when it comes to flying all over the kingdom with the most important news of the day. In Crisis Courier, you play a variety of Yooyus that are helping each other to deliver their news.


You control your Yooyu by moving your mouse around the screen. The left mouse button is used to switch between types of Yooyus. All of the levels are centered around navigating your Yooyus under and over houses and temples, giant pillars and even squads of Minitheuses. If you even just touch a building or pillar, you'll lose one of your three lives.


The two basic Yooyus, Fire and Snow, correspond with the Red and Blue Minitheuses respectively: the Fire Yooyu can defeat Red Minitheuses and the Snow Yooyu can defeat Blue Minitheuses. Remember, if you use the wrong Yooyu you'll lose a life, so be careful. Note that whenever you start a new level or lose a life, you'll begin as a Fire Yooyu.

There are two extra types of Yooyus: Mutant and Faerie. You can only become one of these Yooyus when you collect the corresponding item: a Wing Fruit for the Faerie Yooyu and a Fig for the Mutant Yooyu. Mutant Yooyus can defeat both colors of Minitheus, which is great for those giant piles of them. Conversely, the Faerie Yooyu will earn 20 points for each goodie bag collected, but it cannot defeat either color of Minitheus. If you run into a Minitheus while you are a Faerie Yooyu, you will lose a life. These are not available in every level, and if you do manage to collect one you will only remain that species of Yooyu for a few seconds. You won't be able to switch species if you are Mutant/Faerie, you'll just have to wait until the time runs out, at which point you will morph into a Snow Yooyu.

Yooyu Statistics
Yooyu Type Points Earned for Goodie Bags What It Can Defeat What Will Kill It
Fire 5 Points (Regular)
10 Points (Red)
Red Minitheuses Blue Minitheuses
Blue Goodie Bags
Snow 5 Points (Regular)
10 Points (Blue)
Blue Minitheuses Red Minitheuses
Red Goodie Bags
Mutant 5 Points (all types) Red/Blue Minitheuses Red/Blue Goodie Bags
Faerie 20 Points (all types) Nothing Red/Blue Minitheuses

Hey, why aren't we in this game? We're Yooyus too!


Points in this game are mainly obtained by collecting Altador goodie bags. There are several dozen of these in each level, and you do not need to collect every single one (or even any at all) in order to pass the level, but if you're looking to get a high score or trophy you'll probably need to collect close to every single one. If you're just playing for Neopoints, going through a few levels and missing a bunch of goodie bags is fine. One goodie bag is worth 5 points, though the red- and blue-coloured ones can only be collected by the matching-colour Yooyu or Faerie Yooyu and are worth 10 points.

Points can also be earned by "defeating" Minitheuses. You will earn 10 points per Minitheus you defeat. You can do this by flying through them, but you must be using the correct Yooyu or else you will lose a life!

Upon finishing each level, you earn 100 points for every level you have completed. For example, you get 100 points after level 1, 200 points after level 2, and so on. There are 9 known levels.


Minitheuses can be found aimlessly walking along the level's platforms or flying in the air. Fortunately, the flying ones are always stationary and can still be defeated by guiding your color-corresponding Yooyu over it. There are no special colours of Minitheus anywhere in the game; nothing so dangerous that it can be defeated only by the Mutant Yooyu, or anything like that.

The end of every level is marked by a huge, wide, empty space followed by a tall, stone pillar. Although this pillar may look like a final obstacle, it simply marks the end of the level and you are free to fly through it. Think of it like a goal post.


As you go through the levels the speed at which you move increases. Because of this, always have a finger ready on the left mouse button for pesky Minitheuses that will be appearing in different colors in quick succession.

In later levels, Red and Blue Minitheuses will generally appear in mixed groups. This, of course, makes them much harder to defeat! Be sure to keep an eye out for the figs that usually precede these areas, and don't try and weasel into these groups without a Mutant Yooyu. Remember, if you're not able to get some of them don't worry about it (even if you're going for a trophy). The most important part is keeping your lives, which means sometimes not going for risky dives for a few extra points.

Too bad there wasn't a fig nearby; I could have gotten them...

Also, be on the lookout for trick Wing Fruit/Figs. Generally, these items are in places where they are of use, but sometimes they exist just to trick you. An example of this would be a Wing Fruit placed before a giant lump of Minitheuses. In this instance the Wing Fruit will only do you harm because you lose the opportunity to gain any points for defeating the Minitheuses.

As a last tip, typing kingaltador anytime during the game gives you one extra life. A good time to type this is the end of Level 1 before passing the goalpost.

Easter Egg

If you click the leftmost bottom window on the background of the main menu, you'll find a secret "level" which isn't part of the main game. It's actually a sneaky message from that mischievous game programmer named Weepit. Those staffers get everywhere!

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