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Previous Costume Contests

The annual Costume Contest has been a Halloween tradition at Jellyneo for many years now, having hosted it since 2007. Each year we're even more impressed with what our visitors can come up with!

Below is a gallery of all our winners over the years. Will your pet be amongst the best?

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The votes have been tallied, the top pets organized, and that means the results are in! Introducing, the winners of the Third Annual Costume Contest! Special congratulations goes to Zahnlos, this year's top pet, and who consistently gathered almost double the number of votes as #2 in each round.

Trophies have been awarded to the jnAccounts of the owners of each of the pets below. Click on each pet's image to check out the owner's trophy cabinet!

2009's Best Costumes Are...
Rank Winner Picture Trophy
1 Zahnlos
Harry Potter [Hogwarts' Hog]
2 Ghoulita
Zombie Virus Specialist
3 Rekojeht
The Joker!
4 Boleena
5 Shinezumi
Undigested Hot Dog
6 Grellix
Phantom of the Opera
7 Shilpa_sheru
Evil Queen With Fluffy...
8 Ahrima_
Phantom of the Opera
9 Sleishin
Indiana Jones
10 Medusadismal
Geraptikan Voodoo Witchdoctor
11 Userless
Celestial Storm Summoner
12 Slackin_Jack
Sinister Neovian Jack the Ripper
13 Nosferattu
Count Dracula
14 Alusulla
15 Acandinhas
Mrs. Lovett who bakes flesh...I mean FRESH...pies ...

Staff Picks

There were also some pets that we, the JN staff, thought were pretty darn cool. These pets did not make it to the top 15, but were in the 150 entries at the start of the contest. So, without further ado, I give you the 2009 staff picks!

Our Favorites
Winner Picture Trophy
Cool KQ player
Haunted Fairgrounds keeper
Charlie the Blue Kacheek (Rubbish Dump Overseer)
Gravedigger Gnorbu
A Crash-Landed Pilot
Vampire Ice Cream Man
thespian (shakespearean actress)
Daddy's Little Devil
Where did all the trick or treaters go??