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Cooty Wars

Cooty Wars Information
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War was inevitable. The Mootix reign supreme over all other Petpetpets, demanding first choice in habitats and enforcing their rule through sheer marketability. At long last, however, the Cooties have had enough. It's time to rise up against the Mootix regime!

Cooty Balloons
Viva la revolution!

How to Play

In Cooty Wars, your goal is to use your trusty nectar gun (controlled with a mouse or other pointing device) to shoot out the parachutes of Mootix paratroopers as they drop down on the battlefield below. To ensure that the Mootix don't have a chance to deploy a backup chute after leaving your sight (and to score more points), shoot them when they're as far down as possible. Don't get too greedy, however, as it's possible for a Mootix to safely drop below of your line of sight.

Game Screen
War. War never changes...

In each level, a set number of Mootix will drop in and open their parachutes, and you must take out a certain number of them. As the game progresses, the Mootix will begin to fall faster, making it more difficult to shoot them when they're lower. The number of Mootix that you must take out, and how many appear in each level, are as follows:

  • Level 1: 20/25
  • Level 2: 30/35
  • Level 3: 40/45
  • Level 4: 50/55
  • Level 5: 60/65

Essentially, in each level, you can only miss as many as five of the targets. If you miss more than five, it will be game over. Each level also features other Petpetpets that will fly across the screen at random times. These additional targets can also be shot, and will offer special bonus effects if you do so.

Additional Targets
Petpetpet Effect
Adds 25 bonus points to your score.
Stuns all Mootix for 5 seconds.
Destroys all open parachutes on screen.


Scoring in Cooty Wars is based on how low a Mootix is when you shoot its parachute. When the chute first opens you will only receive 1 point for shooting it; when the Mootix is at the lowest point at which it can still be shot, it's worth 10 points in level 1 and 11 points in levels 2 to 5. That makes the highest score possible through shooting only Mootix 2450, though you would have to get a perfect shot on all 225 Mootix in the game to achieve it.

While Moquots will give 25 bonus points upon being shot, you'll receive no points for shooting Lightmites or Squippits. Squippits can, however, impact your score: when shot, they will destroy any on-screen parachutes, and award you the appropriate number of points depending on where the Mootix was at the time. Unless there are several Mootix and you don't think you'll be able to shoot them all in time, it's best to avoid shooting Squippits.

Mootix March

Quick Tips

  • Wait until Mootix are as low as possible to shoot them
  • You can only miss as many as five targets in each level
  • Avoid shooting at Squippits, as they may cost you points
  • Moquots will award 25 bonus points when shot


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