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Comic-Con Coverage


Neopets returned to Comic-Con in San Diego in 2023. The event ran from July 19th to July 23rd. Neopets and WYP Jewellery once again shared a booth, but with Neopets taking up a much bigger section of the booth than previously. Neopets products were also available at the Upper Deck booth, and at UCC Distributing. Additionally, this year saw the return of the Neopets After Party, held in San Diego outside the Con itself, which had not happened since 2019.

Neopets Booth

This year, the Neopets booth had the theme of 'eras', celebrating the past and future of Neopets with a futuristic, vaporwave theme. This came on the back of the announcement that Neopets had been purchased from Netdragon the previous week.

The Neopets booth proved very popular throughout the entire convention, with a line that snaked round the corner.

The Neopets Team were selling new, exclusive merch at the booth. As part of a partnership with G-Fuel, they were selling three new flavours of the energy drink, as well as a plastic drinks cup themed around the slushie cups from the site. The three flavours were Electric Blue Slushie, Loveberry Slushie, and Cheops Slushie. Buying all of them together also included a coloured rubber band that fit around the slushie cup featuring one of the vaporwave Neopets featured throughout the booth.

Also available were pins featuring the vaporwave Neopets, stickers featuring them, a vaporwave themed lanyard, limited edition art prints by TNT Fae, and an exclusive T-Shirt.

View All New SDCC Neopets Products »

Previously existing merch including the Tarot Set and the Neopets Cookbook were also available. Erinn Pascal, one of the Cookbook's authors, was present at the booth on many days of the convention and was signing copies.

TNT were also hosting giveaways for a Neopets swag bag, and VIP tickets to the After Party, at the booth.

There were also signs advertising the new homepage (which launched on the first full day of the convention), and the Nosy Neopians podcast.

Until Friday night, there was also a large Aisha cosplay present at the booth. This was the cosplayer who had previously been Queen Fyora in 2022. The suit sadly broke its zipper during the After Party on Friday, meaning it was not present on Saturday or Sunday at the convention.

JN Staff Ummy and Mac visiting the Neopets booth.

Over the weekend, TNT Fae began to draw custom Neopets on sticker sheets to give away to customers at the booth.

During the first two days, exclusive Neopets pens (various colours) were given out free at the booth. These were replaced with exclusive star shaped erasers for the remainder of the convention.

WYP Booth

The WYP Jewellery booth returned with a variety of new pins exclusive to the con. They also had the exclusive vaporwave lanyard available. Later in the convention, they also had the blind box pins previously only available at UCC Distributing. WYP hosted a live unboxing of some of the blind pins over the weekend.

Upper Deck Booth

Upper Deck unveiled the TCG set upcoming in 2024 at Comic-Con, which will be themed around the Battledome. A Neopets advert was among those that played above the booth.

From Thursday until Sunday, Upper Deck were also selling a 6-set of exclusive cards for the upcoming TCG. This included a rare prizes code for a new avatar:

UD TCG - Arcade Shoyru

UD TCG - Arcade Shoyru

Purchase the Upper Deck SDCC Battledome TCG Promo Pack while at San Diego Comic-Con 2023 or the Gen Con Battledome TCG Promo Pack while at Gen Con 2023 and redeem the included Rare Item Code.

Released: July 20, 2023

While Upper Deck went on to sell some of these cards as exclusives at other conventions, the Red Shoyru and Mau Codestone cards remained SDCC exclusive. The cards proved so popular that Upper Deck had to limit them to one per customer.

UCC Distributing Booth

At the UCC Distributing booth UC Pin Blind Boxes were available, debuting at the convention. From the second day onwards, they were also available at the WYP Jewellery booth.

After Party

This year's After Party was held at Deck 655, a rooftop venue in downtown San Diego, on Friday night. The theme of the party carried over from the Neopets booth at the convention. VIP tickets were sent out ahead of time to various influencers, press, and other lucky individuals, giving access to the party at 19:30. General admission was via a first come first serve line that began entry at 21:00.

The line to get into the party went around the block!

The Deck 655 venue came with a variety of games available to play.

A special Neopets sign had also been erected on the roof.

Various pieces of merch were displayed on the tables in the venue.

The Neopets vaporwave backdrop was available for pictures.

A variety of self-service food stalls were available with signs related to Neopets.

There was an indoor bar and an outdoor bar serving drinks. Two custom cocktails had been developed for the party.

During the party, TNT gathered the guests on the outdoor steps for a special announcement. This had previously been teased as a legendary announcement, and it turned out to be the reveal of John Legend as a Neopets Brand Ambassador via video. This video accidentally played without sound, but John Legend later posted the video to his Twitter timeline. This was followed by the Neopets trailer previously released the previous week which included a plot teaser. The new Neopets CEO, Dominic, then made a speech about his hopes for Neopets going forward.

The Big Aisha was once again available for photo opportunities.

JN Staff Herdy & Joe with TNT Willow at the After Party.

JN Staff Ummy came to the After Party in a Taelia (the Snow Faerie) cosplay!

And other Neopets cosplayers were out in force!

At the conclusion of the party, exclusive swag bags could be picked up by attendees. These included a random plushie from the 2021 key clip line, two of the vinyl stickers from the booth, the G-Fuel slushie cup with a random band and one random flavour of G-Fuel powder, a Neopets bookmark, an exclusive vaporwave slap bracelet from Geekify, and a playmat from Upper Deck for the upcoming TCG. The play mat was later made available by Upper Deck at future conventions bundled with the exclusive card set.

Additionally, the swag bag came with a rare item code for two items based on the vaporwave Aisha. These items were available for purchase from the NC Mall for the duration of the convention, but are otherwise exclusive:

After Party Prizes

New Era Mask
250 NC

New Era Outfit
250 NC

The convention and After Party were both attended by many members of TNT, and they posed for a photo!

Many thanks goes to Herdy, Ummy, and macosten for providing the photos and write-up of this year's convention and after party!

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