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Aboard the Coincidence

The Coincidence became a daily at the conclusion of the Portal Activation event held in early 2014.

The daily follows the format of the Spaceship Interior quests. Upon reaching the spaceship, Dr. Landelbrot will assign you a quest similar to those given by Faeries in Random Events.

The doctor will ask for 3 items in quantities of 1-3, which are drawn from a pool of items released through dailies. Below are the possible items asked for, as well as their primary source.

If you get a request for an item not listed here, please let us know!

Starting on the morning of September 22, 2021, the pool changed to just the 3 items below. It is unknown if this is intentional or a glitch. Most of these items can be won by fighting opponents in the Central Arena of the Battledome.

Requested Items (Sep 22, 2021)

Baked Asparagus Biscuit

Battledome (Central Arena)

Corn Bread

Battledome (Central Arena)

Weak Bottled Air Faerie

Battledome (any opponent)

Starting on the morning September 21, 2021, the item request pool was changed to be just the 5 items below.

Requested Items (Sep 21, 2021)

Caramel Creams

Battledome (Central Arena)

Light Speed Made Easy

Battledome (Neocola Centre)

Organic Bran Carrot Muffin

Battledome (Central Arena)

Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer

Battledome (Central Arena)

Robot Muffin

Battledome (Central Arena)

For a few hours on the morning of September 19, 2021, the request pool was changed to be just these 5 items before being reverted back to the standard pool.

Requested Items (only on September 19, 2021)

Chia Clown Punching Bag
Battledome (Chia Clown)

Golden Muffin

Battledome (Central Arena)

Robot Muffin

Battledome (Central Arena)

Silly Clown Usuki

Battledome (Chia Clown)

Smelly Dung Muffin

Battledome (Central Arena)

Below is the standard item request pool.

Requested Items


Underwater Fishing

Box of Wheat Flakes


Brown Sauce


Cheops Plant

Fruit Machine

Dried Apricots


Dried Prunes



Underwater Fishing

Lesser Spotted Fish

Underwater Fishing


Fruit Machine

Rotten Omelette

Giant Omelette


Underwater Fishing



Snazzy Moon Comb

Lunar Temple

Stagnant Puddle of Water

Underwater Fishing

Super Toy Sailboat


Tchea Fruit

Fruit Machine

Toy Sailboat


Volcanic Rock



Underwater Fishing

Yellow Growth

Buried Treasure

Canceling a Quest

Sometimes the items you're asked to acquire can be quite pricey. To avoid getting stuck on that quest, you have the option to cancel your quest. You may do so by clicking on the "No thanks!" button.

If you cancel your quest, you may not receive a new one until midnight NST. If you're canceling a quest that was received before the current Neopian day, then you will have the option of canceling twice in one day.


Upon gathering the items for the doctor, you will need to return to the Doctor at The Coincidence. He will then offer you the opportunity to test his Random Event generating machine. These events are different from the Random Events that pop up around Neopia.

You will get one of the following exclusive Random Events, which can do a variety of things:

Random Events
Random Event Outcome
You are pretty sure nothing happened. Actually, wait, it looks like there is something new floating above your head. Wowee, it's a NAME OF AVATAR avatar! Why not admire it for a moment at your Neoboards - Preferences page? You are awarded any avatar you do not currently possess (including retired and unreleased avatars). Note: This outcome is currently disabled.
An electric current seems to fill the room. When everything has settled, you see that there is something different about ACTIVE NEOPET NAME. It looks like their STAT NAME have gone up by NUMBER!


A strong electric current fills the room, crackling with powerful energy. When everything has settled, you see that there is something quite different about ACTIVE NEOPET NAME. It looks like their STAT NAME have gone up by X! Wow!
Up to +10 on a random active Neopet stat (Strength, Movement, Intelligence, Health, Level, or Defence)
An electric current starts to fill the room, but quickly leads to smoke. When everything has settled, you see that there is something different about ACTIVE PET NAME. Oh, no... It looks like their STAT NAME has gone down by X! Up to -3 on a random active Neopet stat (Strength, Movement, Intelligence, Health, Level, or Defence)
Note: On some occasions the event will say that Defence has lowered when, in fact, Movement lowered.
You wait for something to happen. Before long you hear a strange fluttering sound. Lottery tickets fall down from the sky! You manage to snatch up five before the rest vanish into nothingness. You are awarded five lottery tickets.
A sudden flash of light temporarily blinds you. Once your vision clears, you realize that your ITEM NAME is now just dust in the wind! You kick yourself for bringing that onto a spaceship to begin with! A random item from your inventory is removed. Note: It is possible for this to steal one of the quest items you were turning in. This does not count as using the machine for the day, and if you obtain another of the stolen item, you will be able to try the machine again.
The ray fizzles for a moment before you hear a strange pop. Your pockets feel lighter. Well, looks like you lost X NP! Random number of Neopoints are taken away (up to 800).
Neopoints are falling from the sky! You flail around wildly in an attempt to catch them all. It looks like you were able to haul in X NP! Hooray! Random number of Neopoints are given (up to 25,000).

There are also several events that can grant items:

Random Events
Nothing seems to happen. Oh wait, check the floor! You might want to catch that ITEM NAME before it crawls away.

Note: It is unknown if it is a glitch, but it appears other items can also be awarded from the outcome which normally awards Petpetpets (the text mentions the item crawling away):

Random Events
First you see a bright flash of light. Then you see metal pieces being pulled in as if by a magnet. Slowly the pieces assemble themselves into a ITEM NAME. Technology is neat!
Random Events
An invisible hand throws what looks like a weapon at you. You duck quickly to avoid it. Oh actually, it looks like it was just a ITEM NAME! You pick it up.

Most likely, you can obtain any TCG that is r101 or r103. The items below are confirmed winnable.


A Tale of Woe (TCG)

Aisha Slorgrider (TCG)

Attack of the Slorgs (TCG)

Baby Blu (TCG)

Biting Book (TCG)

Blue Cocofizz (TCG)

Blue Lenny (TCG)

Blue Negg (TCG)

Blue PaintBrush (TCG)

Blue Scorchstone (TCG)

Blumaroo Squire (TCG)

Bony Grasp (TCG)

Boots of Jumping (TCG)

Brown Aisha (TCG)

Brown Grarrl (TCG)

Brown Mynci (TCG)

Bruce Skater (TCG)

Buzz Bully (TCG)

Chokato (TCG)

Clasp of Darkness (TCG)

Count Boris (TCG)

Cybunny Collector (TCG)

Dark Faerie Token (TCG)

Detransmogrifier (TCG)

Doglefox (TCG)

Eyrie Breastplate (TCG)

Faerie Koi (TCG)

Farlax V (TCG)

Fauna (TCG)

Florg (TCG)

Flotsam Hunter (TCG)

Frozen Longbow (TCG)

Fumble! (TCG)

Fyoras Palace Guards (TCG)

Ghost Negg (TCG)

Grarrl Brute (TCG)

Green Scorchio (TCG)

Green Yurble (TCG)

Happy Negg (TCG)

Hidden Tower Secrets (TCG)

Jetsam Shark (TCG)

Juppies (TCG)

Kacheek Shepherd (TCG)

Kookith (TCG)

Kyrii Explorer (TCG)

Malkus Vile (TCG)

Mashed Eye Potato (TCG)

Meerca Speed Potion (TCG)

Megan (TCG)

Moehog Chef (TCG)

Morguss (TCG)

Mutant Flowper (TCG)

Mynci Plushie (TCG)

Nova (TCG)

Onions (TCG)

Orange Draik (TCG)

Pink Cybunny (TCG)

Rainbow Cake (TCG)

Raining Kadoaties (TCG)

Red Koi (TCG)

Red Kyrii (TCG)

Red Lenny (TCG)

Red Poogle (TCG)

Red Usul (TCG)

Reginald (TCG)

Ring of the Deep (TCG)

Ring of the Summoner (TCG)

Scabu (TCG)

Silver Negg (TCG)

Sludging Ray (TCG)

Slumberberry Potion (TCG)

Snorkle (TCG)

Solarin (TCG)

Swarm of Undead (TCG)

Tainted Draik (TCG)

Tainted Ixi (TCG)

Tchea Fruit (TCG)

The Dreamer (TCG)

The Golden Shoyru (TCG)

The Haunted Woods (TCG)

Thin Ice (TCG)

Tors Gamble (TCG)

Usul-in-Waiting (TCG)

Virtublaster 3000 (TCG)

Wadjet (TCG)

White Ixi (TCG)

Wocky Crusader (TCG)

Wooden Blocking Shield (TCG)

Yellow Grass Skirt (TCG)

Alternatively, you may get one of the following random events, which do nothing:

Random Events
A Grundo appears and invites you to join Dr Sloth's Invasion Army... but he cancels the invitation when you spell your name. Your reputation precedes you. A parade of dozens of Lutaris marches through the spaceship. They get to the end of their song, then look around, confused. 'Eh, how do we get to Shenkuu?' one asks you.
A blue Shoyru zooms up and whizzes past your head. Then she stops in midair and looks confused. 'This isn't Meridell! Where are we?' Plans for The Coincidence, dated to the early days of Moltara, float past your eyes before Dr Landelbrot hastily grabs them and tucks them in a desk drawer.
The temperature drops suddenly. Maybe the Snowager sneezed, or life support briefly malfunctioned. A portal opens, and through the multi-coloured swirls, you can see a plain wooden box. Before you can grab it, the portal closes.
You find yourself holding something invisible and unpleasantly damp. You let go, and it hits the floor with a squelch. You are never able to locate it again. A portal appears in midair, and you see Hanso and Brynn arguing. Behind them, an artefact glows brightly and then explodes, raining hot dogs everywhere.
Something floats past the windows. Running to look outside, you see a small, pretty amulet in the blackness of space. Out the window, you see a giant Whalein floating in space. It blows bubbles at you.
A crew of Alien Aishas docks with the ship, comes aboard, snaps photos of everything they see, then leaves for their next tourist stop. The Ghost Lupe appears, looks around, and growls, 'This is not Mystery Island!'
You hear the Turmaculus roaring over the ship's comm system. Scintilly trembles in fear. Nothing happens. Nothing at all. You think. You check the bottom of your shoes for squashed butterflies, but find nothing.
A fog cloud swirls past you. Was that Corbin and Kell inside? They appear to be having a tea party with a monster.

Upon being awarded your prize, you will have to wait until the next Neopian day before you can visit again. However, if you keep a quest over the midnight deadline, you will be able to complete both it and the present day's quest in quick succession.

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