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Coconut Shy

Coconut Shy Information
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Where else can you have some fun at the Deserted Fairground? The rigged fair Coconut Shy is where you can pay Leeroy the Quiggle 100 NP to throw a ball at (and try to knock down) a coconut!


Click "Start" to play, then aim for any of the five coconuts with your mouse. When you think you have it in the right spot, click to throw the ball. If you positioned it correctly, the ball will hit the coconut and you will get one of the following:

  • If you miss it you get no prize!
  • If you hit it, but it barely moves, you get 50 of your neopoints back.
  • If you almost knock it down, but it just wobbles, you get 300 neopoints.
  • If you do knock it over, you get a whopping 10,000 neopoints and an Evil Coconut (see below), which can be worth a LOT of neopoints. You'll also receive the avatar.
  • If the coconut explodes, you get 500,000 NP! (This is extremely rare.)

Despite any appearances otherwise, this is entirely a game of luck. Once you are somewhat close to the center of a coconut, your result is random. There is no specific pixel you need to line up with to guarantee it knocks over, or even to get 50 NP!

You are limited to 20 throws per day, so make them count! It is possible to knock down a coconut more than once in a single day if you are extremely lucky.


Here is a complete list of the coconuts you can win by playing this game.

There are several evil coconuts that are not obtainable from this game:


This game will also award an avatar for knocking down a coconut:

Evil Coconut

Evil Coconut / Guide

Knock down a coconut in Coconut Shy. (But exploding one won't work!)

Released: May 3, 2007

Exploding a Coconut

Here's what it looks like when you manage to explode a coconut. Thanks to TerriH for this screenshot!

Tips and Strategies

One way to line up your throw is to center your cursor over the first a in again on the Play again button, which is available after your first throw. Keep it still after pressing Play again, and then click to throw from that point. (Thanks to mlggirl for this tip.)

Alternatively, try lining up another browser window with the line of coconuts in order to see exactly where you should aim for. (Thanks to sasquatch292 for this tip.)

You only need to be concerned with where your cursor is placed horizontally. Vertical placement of the cursor (e.g. clicking directly on the coconut vs. clicking where the Play again button was) does not have any impact. (Thanks to papayaa for this tip.)

Easter Egg

Like some other games on Neopets, Ollie makes an appearance at the Coconut Shy stand! After throwing your ball at a coconut, click the right eye of Leeroy the Quiggle (technically his left eye) to make Ollie appear for a short while. I was only able to summon Ollie after Leeroy performed his signature "kick while laughing" taunt, which is not to be confused with his "point while laughing" or "stare unblinkingly while laughing" techniques.

Ollie visiting the Coconut Shy

Want to see all the games that Ollie appears in? To The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy article!

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