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Chemistry for Beginners

Chemistry for Beginners Information
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In the deepest, darkest part of the Haunted Woods, you can find a dark, dank lab where the Ixi Scientist mixes molecules and compounds. Now it is your job to help him!

How to Play

The object of this game is to build molecules from the atoms given to you. There is no time limit, however there is a limit on how many atoms you are given per level. There is a chart located to the right that displays all of the molecules that can be built. You can hover your cursor over the molecules to show how many points you will earn for building it. There is a score that you need to reach in order to pass the level. Once you reach this score, the game moves you onto the next level. If you run out of atoms before reaching the score, or if you build an unstable molecule (more on that later), you will get a game over.

Atoms and Molecule Combinations


These are the five atoms used in the game.

Appears at level 1

Appears at level 2

Appears at level 6

Appears at level 10

Appears at level 14


1 point | Level 1

2 points | Level 2

2 points | Level 3

4 points | Level 5

4 points | Level 6

6 points | Level 8

7 points | Level 10

10 points | Level 13

1 point | Level 14

10 points | Level 16

The following molecules are unstable, meaning that you will get a game over if you create them.

Appears at level 7

Appears at level 18

Keep in mind that not all of the above combinations are available from the very beginning. In the following image of the chalkboard (located to the right of the screen in the game), only the first five molecules are shown. This means that you can only build the first five molecules. Even if you were to chain together four Slothites (for an instant game over), the molecule would not be made since that molecule is not on the board.

Only the molecules shown can be made

Hints and Tips

In the first few levels, you will have no choice but to make the lower point molecules, but as you progress throughout the game, you should try to make use of the higher point molecules. Try to get rid of the Slothite atoms first, as creating a chain of four of them will result in an immediate game over. Once the chain of seven Slothites appears, you should go for that, as it is the highest point molecule you can make. Also, it is notable that you will receive a five point bonus if you manage to clear the board, though this does not necessarily let you progress to the next level, however.

As pointed out by acexcat13, you get one bonus point for each element in the sequence that you do not use before completing the level. Take care to balance out big point combos and bonus points for a top score!

You do not need to create straight lines of atoms, either. The lines can be bent. For example, say you are trying to make a seven chain of Slothites in the upper-right corner of the puzzle. You would place three Slothites to the left of the upper-rightmost square and three Slothites below the upper-rightmost square. When you get your seventh Slothite, place it in the upper-right square to get your chain of seven.

Thanks to an awesome tip from wandererofthelight, we found that for the first fourteen levels, the lineup of elements is the same. This enables you to utilize the same solutions in each playthrough. However, once you get to level fifteen, part of the lineup will randomly change with each successive playthrough, so it will take some work to figure out a solution for levels fifteen and up.

It may take a fair amount of time to get used to the game, but as with most games, just a little (or a lot) of practice makes perfect.

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