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Chef Julien's Backstage Tasting Kitchen

Chef Julien's Backstage Tasting Kitchen

From September 24th through September 30th, 2013, Chef Julien opened up his kitchen to adventurous Neopians willing to taste out his delectable dishes. Visiting his test kitchen each day with one of the tasting spoons will unlock an exclusive NC item. A full FAQ for the event can be found here.

Tasting Spoons

To begin, you'll need to purchase Tasting Spoons from the Mall. These are the ticket packs for the event, so you will need to activate them in your inventory. If you activate any spoons during the event, you can go back and receive the item given on a day that has passed. You will not, however, be able to obtain multiples of single items. The spoons themselves will be giftable via gift boxes, so can be traded as per normal items.

Daily Prizes

Below are the prizes obtained through each day of the event!

Daily Prizes
September 24

Haunted Kitchen Background
September 25

Neovian Spyder Dress
September 26

Haunted Goople Cleaver
September 27

Spooky Chefs Hat and Wig
September 28

Spooky Condiment Belt and Trousers
September 29

Haunted Spices Garland
September 30

Skull Skirt and Apron
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