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Charity Corner


Granny Hopbobbin is back for another year of Charity Corner. This time, however, she has partnered up with TNT to collect items to help provide necessities for all Neopians.

The event runs from February 2nd, through February 9th (a mere 7.5 days!) at 11:59pm NST.

Neopoint Drive

This year, you may donate a wide variety of item types. Each donation must be 5 items from the same category that are any rarity from r1 through r99. There are multiple over-arching categories.


Your five items must restock from:

Coffee and Beverages

Your five items must restock from:


Your five items must restock from:

Furniture and Gardening

Your five items must restock from:


Your five items must restock from:

Additional Requirements

In addition to belonging to a shop category above, your item must:

  • Have a rarity of r1 up to r99.
  • All be donated in increasing rarity order. (The leftmost slot should be lowest rarity, and the rightmost slot should be the highest rarity item.)
  • Each come within 5 rarity points greater than the item in the previous slot.

In other words, if you chose a r76 item to donate, your second item must be r76-r81. If your second item is r80, then your third item can be r80-r85. Each item you donate must be no greater than 5 rarity points away from the previous item.

Reward ranges include: r1-69, r70-79, r80-89, and r90-99. You will be awarded an item from one of these ranges based on the lowest rarity item you donated. (See below for more prize information.) We recommend always grouping high rarity items together, since it would be a wasteful strategy to donate r90+ items with r80-89 items.

The first item you select from a dropdown will filter the rest of the eligible items you may donate from your inventory.

Item Lists

We've prepared some lists of which items are eligible to be donated this year.

Cheapest r1-r99 Items

Here are links to r1-99 eligible items in our Item Database, sorted by cheapest price:

Cheapest r90-r99 Items

Here are links to only r90-99 eligible items in our Item Database, sorted by cheapest price:

WARNING: Obviously, these item prices are NOT stable right now. Prices will be fluctuating up and down, so the prices in our Item Database will be slightly dated, but we are working around the clock to get them up to date. The lists above will definitely, however, be useful for seeing which items are relatively the cheapest.

Donation Strategies

If you're planning on donating to profit, your best bet is to donate r90-r99 items. Below are some strategies to help you get these items as cost-effectively as possible.


Don't let your pet's stats scare you away from profiting off of your daily battles. You do not need a good Battledome pet to make the Battledome work for you! Check out our Beginner's Guide for Battling for advice on getting started.

Neocola Centre

S750 Kreludan Defender Robot is the easiest opponent to beat in this dome, with only 14 starting health in Easy mode.

Common Neocola Centre r90+

Dome of the Deep

Koi Warrior is the easiest opponent to beat in this dome, with only 65 starting health in Easy mode.

Common Dome of the Deep r90+

Cosmic Dome (Premium Only)

Jetsam Ace is the easiest opponent to beat in this dome, with only 53 starting health in Easy mode.

Common Cosmic Dome r90+

Scroll of Dark Nova

Scroll of Supernova

Scroll of Ultranova

Space Faerie Cereal

Triple Tier Space Faerie Cake

Space Kabob

Jetsam Ace
Med Difficulty Only

Space Slushie

Jetsam Ace
Med Difficulty Only

Space Rock Soup

Jetsam Ace
Hard Difficulty Only


Many of the dailies you probably avoid at this point because of the junk they give out are suddenly worth doing again!

Anchor Management

Fire a shot at the Krawken at Anchor Management and, assuming you don't draw back a nub, you may draw back one of these items!

Apple Bobbing

Though it is free to play, you can lose items from your Inventory or cause your pet to become ill when Bobbing for Apples. Clear your inventory before and visit the Healing Springs after and you should be good to go!

Coltzan's Shrine

You can visit Coltzan's Shrine once every 12 hours. It's free to visit and has no risk of negative repercussions, so there's no reason not to!

Common Coltzan's Shrine r90+

Fishing Vortex

Each of your pets is able to go fishing at least one time per day (sometimes more, it's random!). Simply rotate each pet as Active and visit the Fishing Vortex to pull up a line and hope you get this item. It's available even if your pet is only level 1, no experience necessary!

Common Fishing Vortex r90+

Grave Danger

Once approximately every 7-9 hours you can send one of your petpets into Grave Danger. If you're lucky, your petpet will come back to you with one of these items. No harm will come to your petpet while it's on this journey, so send it packing.

Lunar Temple

Channel your inner astrologist and you just may bring home one of these items from the Lunar Temple. Not to worry, we'll do all the hard work for you if you just take a peek at our guide.

Mysterious Negg Cave

Complete one Mysterious Negg Cave puzzle per day for a chance at one of these items. It's one of the more tedious dailies, but totally worth the effort for a free item to donate!

Common Mysterious Negg Cave r90+

Wise Old King

Pick any options from the drop downs and the Wise Old King just might send you home with one of these books, free of charge, for very little effort!

Neopoint Drive Rewards

As a reward for donating five items, you will receive a random item that is from the same rarity range your donated items belonged to.

So for example, if you donate five items that are r70-r79, you'll receive a random item with a rarity somewhere between r70 and r79. A good strategy will be to find the cheapest items that are r90+ and aim for obtaining prizes in that rarity range for the largest pay off.

The item rewards you can receive fall into the following categories (note that depending on the rarity range, some categories may not be available):

  • Album Items (including Stamps, Sea Shells)
  • Books
  • Codestones
  • Collectable Cards
  • Food (including Baked, Brightvale Fruits, Candy, Desert Food, Faerie Food, Food, Gross Food, Jelly Food, Pizza, Qasalan Food, Slushies, Smoothies, Snow Food, Spooky Food, Tyrannian Food)
  • Furniture (including Desert Pottery, Furniture, Gardening, Tyrannian)
  • Gifts
  • Grooming
  • Magic Shop (such as morphing potions, etc.)
  • Meridell Potion
  • Petpet Supplies
  • Petpets (including Aquatic, Robot, Spooky, Tyrannian)
  • Petpetpets
  • Remarkable Restoratives
  • School Items
  • Toys (including Darigan Toy, Instrument, Plushies, Toys, Usuki Doll)
  • Tiki Tack Merchandise
  • Weapons (including Battle Magic, Brightvale Potions, Defence Magic, Tyrannian Weaponry)
  • Wearables (including Clothing, Cogs Togs, Mystical Surroundings, Ugga Shinies)

The following items can also be awarded:

By donating at least 100 times during Charity Corner, you will receive a shiny new avatar:

Winter Charity Corner

Winter Charity Corner / Guide

Make at least 100 donations during the 2017 Charity Corner event. If you did not receive the avatar during the event, visit the main Charity Corner page and you should receive it.

Released: February 9, 2017

If you are rewarded a category of item not listed here, please let us know.

Neocash Drive

The Gift Pack Packing Centre will be open February 2nd, through February 9th and is accepting donations of Neocash items. Donating will allow you to access a special gift shop with exclusive Neocash items.

To get started, you'll need to purchase a Gift Pack Packing Centre Ticket for every three NC items you want to donate. They are available in the NC Mall.

After you purchase your pack, choose any three Neocash items you would like to donate, and place them in your inventory. Any Neocash item is eligible for donation.

Once you've selected your items, return to the Backpack Packing Centre and select your Neocash items from the dropdowns.

You will need to confirm donating the items, since they will be gone forever:

Once you have confirmed, you will be presented with this thank you message and a gift receipt to spend in the gift shop:

Gift Shop

Items in the gift shop cost anywhere from one to four donation receipts (aka donating one to four times). When you select an NC item worth four receipts, you will also receive a Basic Gift Box in addition to the item. Below are all of the items available:

Gifts Available for 1 Donation Receipt
Gifts Available for 2 Donation Receipts
Gifts Available for 3 Donation Receipts
Gifts Available for 4 Donation Receipts

Final Prizes

On February 9, 2017, after the Charity Corner event ended, Neopians who donated received a special prize along with a shiny trophy for their participation in the event. The prizes are detailed below.

Donation Prizes
Number of Donations Prize Trophy
1-99 times 1,000 NP
100 - 999 times 2,000 NP + 150 NC

1,000 - 1,999 times 5,000 NP + 200 NC

2,000 + times 10,000 NP + 250 NC