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Charity Corner


Want to help out some Neopians in need? Have no fear, Granny Hopbobbin is here in the Charity Corner! You can help out some of Neopia's poorest Neopians by donating items that Granny Hopbobbin's asking for!

Adopt a Neopian

Every day that the Charity Corner is open, you'll have the option to Adopt a Neopian and give them a set list of items. You may do this by clicking on the "Adopt a Neopian" button:

After activating the "quest", you'll need to decipher which items you need. Luckily they are the same for everyone and we have a list below:

Daily Adoptions
Day Items Requested Prize
December 15th Altador Rug
Babaa Care
Bottle of Orange Sand
Bottle of Blue Sand
Cheery Plant

Island Sandies
December 16th Outdoor Pirate Flag
Pirate Flotsam Plushie
Pirate Hat Toffees
Pirate Lip Balm
Pirate Potato Crisps

King of the Island
December 17th Amber Sword
Cobrall Dagger
Grooming Your Faellie
Faellie Handbook
Space Faerie Pencil Case

Potion of Good Dreams
December 18th Maraquan Defenders Stamp
Maraquan Apple
Maraquan Faerie Tales
Maraquan Grackle Bug
Maraquan Bed Time Stories

Long Lost Kazoofish
December 19th Abominable Snowball Light String
Fresh Bamboo Chair
Giant Red Kelp
Giant Green Kelp
Bean Bag of Nova

Brightvale University Mug
December 20th Assorted Mini Biscuits
Brown Rice Bowl
Black Cherry Tea
Pandaphant Puppet
Strange Growling Box

Lucky Vandagyre Feather
December 21st General Crustygums
Gorunda the Wise
Neopian Times Issue 3
Wocky T-shirt
Wooden Blocking Shield

Back in the Good Old Days
December 22nd A History of the Lost Desert
Desert Arrow Launcher
Desert Kabob
Desert Poogle Music Box
Lost Desert Architecture

Christmas Taweret
December 23rd Bit of Barbed Wire
Evil Snowball
Piece of Wool
Poison Snowball
Shimmery Seagrass

Flying Holiday Neggnog
December 24th Bone Vault Background
Cave Foreground
Courgette Field Background
Relaxing Shenkuu Rock Garden
Scary Ink Frame

Old Fashioned Camera
December 25th Transparifish
Titanic Giant Squid
Giant Giant Squid
Treasure Map Negg

Giant Pearl Ornament
December 26th Corn Bread
Chocolate Cherry Bundt Cake
Scorched Grackle-Stuffed Turkey
Raw Potato
Organic Korbat Pumpkins

Soup Pops
December 27th Butterscotch Disc
Zombie Handbook
Baked Asparagus Biscuit
Bite Size Celery
Dark Red Spooky Candle

Sugar Brains
December 28th Mix and Match Mutant Puzzle
Mutant Ona Slide Puzzle
Mutant Tonu Squeezy Toy
Mutant Tigersquash
Wind Up Mutant Jetsam

Mutant Powtry
December 29th Tiki Tack Keyring
Reject Curly Shaped Sand
Tombola Keyring
Tombola Pencil Sharpener
Tombola Visor

The Safety Deposit Box Guide
December 30th Blue Moon Petpet Bed
Cyodrake Scratching Post
Disco Petpet Food
Mouldy Petpet Bed
Wind Up Zytch

Junior PPL Badge
December 31st Space Faerie Blocks
Space Faerie Hair Brush
Space Rock Soup
Space Slug Soup
Space Spice

High Tech Candle

For completing 8 of the adoptions above, you will receive a shiny new avatar:

Charity Corner

Charity Corner / Guide

Complete the "Adopt a Neopian" quest on 8 days during the Charity Corner event.

Released: December 31, 2014

Neopoint Toy Drive

In addition to specific item donations above, you may also donate toy items to the Toy Drive. You must donate 5 toys at a time to receive a prize.

Your five toys must:

In other words, if you chose a r76 toy to donate, your other four toys must have rarities between r70 and r79.

The first toy you select from a dropdown will filter the rest of the eligible toys you may donate from your inventory.

Here are links to r1-99 toy items in our Item Database, sorted by cheapest price:

Here are links to only r90-99 toy items in our Item Database, sorted by cheapest price:

WARNING: Obviously, toy prices are NOT stable right now. Prices will be fluctuating up and down, so the prices in our Item Database are likely out of date. However, the lists above are still useful for seeing which items were relatively cheap before the event, so you can start your search.


As a reward for donating five toy items, you will receive a random item that is from the same rarity range your donated toys belonged to.

So for example, if you donate five toys that are r70-r79, you'll receive a random item with a rarity somewhere between r70 and r79. A good strategy will be to find the cheapest toys that are r90+ and aim for obtaining prizes in that rarity range for the largest pay off.

The item rewards you can receive fall into the following categories (note that depending on the rarity range, some categories may not be available):

  • Clothes (including Neovian Attire)
  • Food (including Coffee, Molten Morsels, Candy...)
  • Stamp (including Sea Shells and Coins)
  • Book (including Neovian Press, Desert Scroll...)
  • Furniture (including Brightvale Windows, Kreludan Furniture...)
  • Petpet (including Aquatic Petpet, Spooky Petpet...)
  • Petpetpet
  • School
  • Collectable Card
  • Grooming
  • Island Merchandise
  • Medicine
  • Meridell Potion

The following items can also be awarded:

Neocash Drive

The Gift Basket Centre will be open from December 15 until December 31, 2014 and is accepting donations of Neocash items. Donating will allow you to access a special gift shop with exclusive Neocash items.

To get started, you'll need to purchase a Roll of Basket Wrap for every three NC items you want to donate. They are available in the NC Mall.

After you purchase your wrap, choose any three Neocash items you would like to donate, and place them in your inventory. Any Neocash item is eligible for donation.

Once you've selected your items, return to the Gift Basket Centre and select your Neocash items from the dropdowns.

You will need to confirm donating the items, since they will be gone forever:

Once you have confirmed, you will be presented with this thank you message and a gift receipt to spend in the gift shop:

Gift Shop

Items in the gift shop cost anywhere from one to four donation receipts (aka donating one to four times). When you select an NC item worth four receipts, you will also receive a Basic Gift Box in addition to the item. Below are all of the items available:

Gifts Available for 1 Donation Receipt
Gifts Available for 2 Donation Receipts
Gifts Available for 3 Donation Receipts
Gifts Available for 4 Donation Receipts

Most Generous Neopians

A running tally was kept of how many times each Neopian donated to the Charity Corner. This tally includes Adopt a Neopian donations, Neopoint Toy Drive donations, and Neocash donations. For example, if you donated all 17 days of Adopt a Neopian, plus 3 times through the NP Drive, and once during the NC drive, your total would be 21 donations. A top ten list is visible on the Charity Corner homepage, listing the 10 "most generous" Neopians along with the number of times they have donated.

Final Prizes

On January 6, 2015, after the Charity Corner event ended, all Neopians who donated at least once received a special prize for their participation in the event. The prizes are detailed below.

Originally, only the final top 10 listing was supposed to receive the grand prize of 10,000 NP and 1,000 NC. TNT announced on January 7, however, that the prize would be awarded to the top 50 players.

The top players were notified with the following Neomail (courtesy of tyuio_k50):

You made the top 10 Most Generous Neopians list! Granny Hopbobbin was amazed by your generosity during this Toy Drive. She thought it best to send a special congratulations, along with 1000 NC and 10,000 NP. She admires your energy, young Neopian!

Note: We are still collecting data on the prize tiers, so we apologize if the information below is not yet complete.

Donation Prizes
Number of Donations Prize
1 - 1,829 times 2,000 NP
150 NC
1,830 - 2,014 times unknown
2,015 - 13,561 times
(Top 50)
10,000 NP
1,000 NC