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Neopets Game Challenge Cards

This guide is old! Challenge Cards have since been removed from Neopets and are no longer sendable to your Neofriends.

Challenge Cards are a recent addition to Neopets.com, and although they're far from essential to anything on the site they can provide quite a bit of entertainment to share with your friends.

The idea is that when you end or lose most any game on Neopets and send in your score, assuming it's above zero, you have to the option to either close the window, restart the game or send a Challenge Card. You know, the little option that always shows up below your sent score:

You've probably seen it before and maybe even clicked on it, only to be taken to another little page that's talking about your email address, friend and whatever. Wait, you don't want to send your or your friend's email address to anybody! Get out of there!

Or, if you read that stuff more carefully, maybe it's not as bad as you think. What it's offering to do is send a challenge to one of your friends, hence having to provide your own and their email addresses, to see if they can beat the score you just sent in. No, it's not some sort of scam or virus on your computer to get your email address; by registering with Neopets they already have it, and from experience I can say that they won't start bombarding your friend's address with their advertisements and offers.

So really, the purpose of Challenge Cards are to let you more easily compete with your friends and maybe even draw a few of the non-Neopets people you know to the site. Try it out some time!

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