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The Castle of Eliv Thade

The Castle of Eliv Thade Information
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Many years ago there lived a Kacheek by the name of Eliv Thade, whose obsession with puzzles and riddles was exceeded only by his skill in solving them. He died haunted by the one puzzle he could never solve, and now he in turn is haunting the estate in which he once lived. While lost in the Haunted Woods one stormy night, a young Usul named Gilly takes shelter in the crumbling old castle. Unfortunately, if she wants to get back out, she has an insane, puzzle-loving ghost to contend with...


How to Play

In The Castle of Eliv Thade, you control Gilly as she explores the castle. Clicking on a floor tile within three tiles of Gilly's location will cause Thade to appear with an anagram, which must be solved in order to proceed. The anagram you're given depends on the difficulty setting you choose at the start of the game and the number of tiles you're trying to move: on the Scaredy Cat (easy) difficulty moving one tile requires a 4-letter word, two tiles requires a 5-letter word, and three tiles requires a 6-letter word. On the Super Brave (hard) difficulty, these are replaced with 5, 6, and 7-letter words, and the game uses a more challenging dictionary.

If you should give an incorrect answer for an anagram, you will lose one life. You can also lose a life when stopping on one of the cracked floor tiles, as they have a 50% chance of breaking under you. To avoid this, move to the tile directly in front of them, then select the tile on the other side of the cracked ones.

Game Screen
Outwoe? Nobody can outwoe me! I've been through a whole TALE of Woe!

Your goal in the game is to visit the castle's four main rooms, each of which contains one of the items you need to pick up. At the beginning of the game the rooms are slightly whited out, and only return to full colour once you've visited them. Once you've collected all four items, you can take them to the crypt in the bottom-right corner of the screen for a final anagram (7 letters on Easy, 8 letters on Hard), which will end the game. For a secret route from the library in the top-right to the crypt, see the Quick Tips section below.

If you find yourself stumped by an anagram, you can use a hint to learn what the first letter in the word is. Using further hints on the same word will spell it out one letter at a time. While you start with just three hints, you'll gain one for each of the rooms you visit, for a total of seven hints. You can also receive an extra hint by typing the code rehaxtint during gameplay. If you would like to use this code while solving an anagram, click outside of the text field used for answering before you start to type.

Grimoire of Thade Sword of Skardsen Amulet of Thilg Shield of Pion Troect
Curious about Thade's items? Click them to see their Item Database entries!


The number of points you earn depends both on the difficulty level you're playing and how many tiles you're trying to move. When going for a high score or the game's avatar, it is recommended that you play on the Super Brave difficulty, as it awards nearly double the points while the anagrams you're given to solve are only marginally harder.

Scoring Breakdown
Tiles Moved Easy Hard
1 Tile 1 Point 2 Points
2 Tiles 3 Points 5 Points
3 Tiles 6 Points 10 Points

Collecting the four items is required before sending your score, and each one is worth 50 points.

Upon completing the game, you will receive these additional points after you enter the crypt:

  • 50 points for entering the crypt
  • 150 points for solving the final anagram
  • 150 bonus points for completing the game (not displayed in your points total until you press "Send" to receive your Neopoints)

That's 350 total points for completing the game, on top of the 200 points you received for collecting the 4 items, and the points accumulated for moving around.

score strategy

If you want to reach a score high enough for the avatar or a trophy, it's recommended that you collect all of the items and return to the front hallway at the bottom of the screen. In addition to it leading directly to the crypt, you can easily walk back and forth in this hallway to gain points without having to worry about cracked tiles. Due to the 350 bonus points you receive upon finishing the game and sending your score, when going for the avatar a score of just 850 is required before entering the crypt.


The easiest way to solve anagrams is to look for prefixes, suffixes, and other arrangements commonly found in words. A good example of this can be found in the previous sentence: double letters. There are many words like suffix and common with two of the same letter found together somewhere in the middle. They're so common, in fact, that nearly every sentence in this guide contains one. If you ever have an anagram with two of the same letter, use that as a starting point to solving it; this won't be true every time, but it's a good rule of thumb.

Other common arrangements include words starting with un or re, and words ending with ing, ed, er, or ly. If you ever see a y in an anagram, you should assume that it comes at the end of the word, and work from there. Another easy letter to start with is H, as it is usually a part of sh, ch, th, or gh.

Eliv Thade

Anagram Solver

At times, especially when playing on the harder difficulty, you will be given anagrams of Neopian words. These will often be names, and often don't follow traditional spelling rules; if you're unfamiliar with them, these words are the most likely to stump you. While you can browse our Neopian Dictionary for answers, we also offer the Eliv Thade Anagram Solver, which contains all words (Neopian or otherwise) that we know to be used in the game.

Eliv Thade Anagram Solver
Your Anagram:

Quick Tips

  • Type rehaxtint once per game for an extra hint.
  • Avoid stepping on cracked tiles when possible, as it could cost you a life.
  • Walk along the hall at the bottom of the screen to earn points without worrying about cracked tiles.
  • Look for common letter combinations like ing, er, re, ed, and ly.
  • If you ever see a two of the same letter in an anagram, think of words in which they're together.
  • The game sounds can be turned off by clicking on the Ghost Chia near the bottom of the screen.
  • You will receive 350 bonus points for finishing the game (see the Scoring section above for details).
  • The game contains two secret passageways, which you can access by clicking on the hidden tiles in them or the rooms they connect to from the positions shown in the images below.
  • The blue ghoulish Chia face at the bottom of the screen is actually the sound toggle! Click him to close his mouth and turn off the sound.

Secret Passage 2 Secret Passage 1


Evil Eliv Thade

Evil Eliv Thade / Guide

Send a score of 1,200+ points in The Castle of Eliv Thade.

When activated, the 2019 Charity Corner perk, More for Less, decreased the score needed to 960+ points.

Released: January 28, 2004

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