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Castle Battles

Castle Battles Information
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Heads up! This game requires the Shockwave plugin to run, which was discontinued in 2019, but became hit or miss with its functionality before that. You will likely be unable to play this game unless you have an older computer running older versions of your operating system/web browser (which we do not recommend for security reasons).

Basic Concept

Castle Battles is a pretty simple game. Playing as a young King Hagan, you take your cannon and try to besiege King Skarl's castle and take out his treasure before he can get to yours. Each of you have a castle made of play blocks with which to try and protect your precious treasure chest, and destroying Skarl's castle will gain you some extra points.

Damage done to Skarl's Castle


Castle Menu:

  • Left/Right: Select your castle design.
  • Mouse: Drag the yellow chest to a position. Click OK to start.

Main Game:

  • Arrow keys: Aim the target at where you'd like to hit Skarl's castle. (Can also be used once the cannonball has been fired to direct it slightly in the air).
  • Space bar: Hold down to charge the sword power gauge. Release to fire.


Each level of Castle Battles presents you with a new castle design to besiege. After completing a level for the first time you 'unlock' that castle formation, allowing you to select that design to use yourself when you next play.

When you click play, you're presented with the castle menu. Choose a castle design and move the chest to the desired position by dragging and dropping it with your mouse. Remember that Skarl is trying to get your treasure, so keep it protected by the walls of your castle.

Now you are in the main game; in front of you is Skarl's castle, and somewhere within that castle is a treasure chest on a red and blue checkered square. Your job is to cause enough damage to Skarl's structure (by lobbing cannonballs at it) to be able to hit his treasure chest. Knocking the chest off the square in anyway will gain you a victory for that level. However, if Skarl manages to knock your chest off your green square, you lose the level and the game.


Blocks - knocking over any of the blocks that make up Skarl's castle will earn you points after each turn; how many points you get depends on how much you displace the block, completely knocking it over will earn you 7 points. You will also gain a few extra points at the end of the level for overall castle damage.

Flags - if you manage to knock over any of the red and blue flags, you will earn a bonus of 10 points at the end of the level for each one. Knocking over the gold flag will earn you 12 points at the end of your turn and will give you a power up (see below).

Treasure - successfully knocking Skarl's treasure off the coloured square will earn you 50 points at the end of the level, with a 10 point bonus if you manage to do it with your first shot.

The Gold Flag

Positioned somewhere on each level is a little gold flag; hitting this not only gives you a nice little points bonus, but it also gives you a power up for your next shot. When you go to shoot your next cannonball, it will automatically be much larger than usual. Although it isn't any more powerful than a regular cannonball, it's larger size means you are more likely to hit something with it. (This power up is not to be confused with the enhanced cannonball you get from using the supercannonball cheat, as they are different).


  • Type "supercannonball" once per game to play with a supersized cannonball. This cannonball is more of an ovoid than a sphere and is much more powerful than a regular one. You can usually wipe out the entire castle in one shot if you aim correctly.
  • The level of the artificial intelligence on the first level is minimal. For that reason, put your chest on the furthest corner from him, in the open away from your castle. He won't hit it, so take your time and completely decimate his castle before knocking his chest out of the square. By doing this you should finish the first level with at least two hundred - if not two hundred and fifty - points.
  • The best kind of castle to choose (once you have a wide enough choice) is one with a lot of blocks that'll fall in a pile. If you can bury your chest under a nice pile of blocks then it makes Skarl's job near impossible.
  • Once you reach 1,000 points your castle is completely rebuilt.
  • When placing your chest on a new level after your castle has already been beaten up a bit, try to get it under some blocks. Most of the time it won't stay there, but sometimes the blocks will be positioned so you can bury the chest nicely from the start.
  • On the first shot of a new level, fire at the towers. You'll shoot the flag down, and you can watch the shot to see where the chest is. If you fire straight at the walls of the castle you risk knocking blocks on top of Skarl's chest, which makes it much harder to win.
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