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Brucey B Slots

Brucey B Slots Information
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Neopoint Ratio:
7.69 Points =
1 NP
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Brucey B is known for his lucky coin. Hopefully some of that luck pays off for you in his own slot game!

Making Your Bet

You must first decide how much you want to spend on each bet. For each spin of the wheels you can choose if you want to bet 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, or 75 Neopoints. A higher bet means higher potential payouts.

Below the wheels, choose your bet amount and the number of lines to play

The second choice is how many lines to bet on, which ranges from 1 through 9. In order to win a payout, a winning sequence must appear along a valid line. For example, if you choose 1 line, then you will only win if you get a string of symbols which match on the center row, as shown by the white line. Even if you got a string of five matching symbols on the top or bottom rows, you wouldn't win anything because you didn't cover them.

Each line is shown with a different colour

Clicking on the line numbers will show you the other possible lines you can cover with your bet. The lines are preset; you cannot change any lines or customize your set of lines. For each line you choose to cover, you will have to pay your original bet amount. So if you choose to bet 10 Neopoints and cover 6 lines, you will pay a total of 10*6=60 Neopoints for that spin of the wheel. This makes the maximum bet cost 9*75=675 NP.

You can simplify all of this by simply smashing the "Max Bet" button in the upper right corner, which will automatically choose a 75 NP bet with 9 lines and spin the wheel. Alternately, if you've chosen a different configuration, click the "Play" button in the upper left corner to spin the wheels.

There is a limit of 250 bets per day.


For the most part, you win Neopoints simply by lining up a certain number of the same symbol on one of the lines you are covering. There are some conditions:

  • For some symbols you only need 2 or more; for others you will need to match at least 3.
  • Your sequence must begin on the far left wheel for it to count as a win. For example: Tchea/Sloth/Sloth/Sloth/Tchea would count as nothing, but Sloth/Sloth/Sloth/Tchea/Tchea would count as 3 Sloths.
  • If you get multiple winning sequences along different lines, their multipliers will add. For example: if you got three Puntec fruits along one line (x15) and two Sloth cards along a different line (x3), your total payout would be x3 + x15 = x18.
  • The multiplier is times your base bet amount, before lines are incorporated. For example, if you did a max bet of 675 NP (75 NP x 9 lines), and you got a total multiplier of x18, your total payout would be 75 x 18 = 1,350 NP.
  • If a sequence appears on more than one line, it will pay out more than one time. For example, the left two symbols of the top row are on both line 2 and line 6, so getting two Sloths there will pay out x3 + x3 = x6.
Symbol 2 3 4 5
Tchea Fruit
Tchea Fruit
x0 x10 x15 x25
Puntec Fruit
Puntec Fruit
x0 x15 x25 x50
x0 x25 x50 x100
Zomutt Card
Zomutt card
x1 x10 x50 x250
Sloth Card
Sloth card
x3 x30 x150 x750
Fernypoo Card
Princess Fernypoo card
x4 x40 x200 x1,000
x5 x50 x250 x1,250
Brucey B Card
Brucey B card
x10 x100 x1,000 x10,000
Star Card
Star card
x0 x0 x0 JACKPOT!

Brucey B cards can also occasionally award 250, 500, or 1,000 NP even if they are not part of a winning line at all. You will be notified of this with a brief message box.

Finally, you can randomly win the value of your base bet back, regardless of the result of your spin. When this occurs, two gold coins will rise up from the bottom of the screen.

Special Symbols

These other symbols act slightly differently from the above ones.

Symbol Effect
A multiplier for your multiplier. 3 in a row doubles your multiplier, 4 in a row triples it, and 5 in a row quadruples it. This requires that you have at least one other winning line to have any effect. The coins must be in sequence along a valid line.
Star Card
Star card
Has two effects: (1) A weak wildcard: can fill in for any other symbol at the start of a sequence. For example, Star/Sloth/Sloth/Sloth/Tchea would count as four Sloths, but Sloth/Star/Sloth/Sloth/Tchea would count as nothing. (2) Jackpot: getting 5 in a line will earn you the Jackpot!
A strong wildcard: can be used to stand in for any other symbol at any point in a sequence. (Getting 5 of these in a line is not possible.)

Extra Trophies

In addition to the regular trophies shown above that you earn from winning large payouts, you are also able to win Biggest Loser trophies. These trophies are unique as they are awarded to those who spend the most Neopoints per month on the slot machines. Your score includes both your losses from the Black Pawkeet Slots and Brucey B Slots, so you should use all 250 of your spins on max bet every day on both machines if you want to get this trophy!

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