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The Brain Tree

The Brain Tree

In the center of the Haunted Woods there is a very unusual tree. This tree, of course, is the Brain Tree! This citizen of the Haunted Woods has a constant thirst for knowledge, and since he can't seek it himself, he relies on Neopians to answer his endless questions about the world.

To begin a Brain Tree quest, simply go to the Haunted Woods and visit the Brain Tree. When you arrive, click "Accept the Quest".

Your quest will be in the form of a question that you must answer for the Brain Tree. You will be assigned a time limit (usually less than three hours) in which you must return with the correct answer or fail the quest. Every Brain Tree quest is a question about when and where a certain (fictional) Neopian died.

Finding the Answers

The time and place of death for the Neopians the Brain Tree asks about can only be found by completing two quests for the Esophagor. The answers to each question are randomized each time (and are not set until the Esophagor's Quest is completed), so the Brain Tree quest cannot be completed without finishing his quests as well.

Once you have completed your first Esophagor quest, he will provide you with half of the answer that you need for the Brain Tree. To obtain the second piece of information, you will have to return to the Esophagor and complete a second quest. You can find more information on his quests on our Esophagor's Quests guide.

You are able to start the first of your Esophagor quests prior to starting your Brain Tree quest. This may be useful to ensure at least one of your quests is not overly expensive. However, you must complete both Esophagor quests after starting your Brain Tree quest in order to get the answers.

The Esophagor

Make sure that you save the Esophagor's answers exactly as he gives them, because the Brain Tree will not respond to answers that are spelled or typed differently than how the Esophagor provides them.

Once you've obtained both parts of the answer, return to the Brain Tree and submit the information. Remember to be exact: if the Esophagor says "26 BN", type in "26 BN". Do not include anything else or misspell it. If done correctly, the Brain Tree will, as promised, give you a reward!

Answer List

Unfortunately, there is no answer list. See "Finding the Answers" above! Answers are randomized and can only be provided once two Esophagor quests have been completed.


After successfully completing a quest for the Brain Tree, you will receive a reward. This reward consists of an item and a random number of Neopoints. The possible item prizes are listed below, and the Neopoint prize generally does not exceed 5,000 NP.

If you're lucky, you may also receive an additional prize: the Brain Tree as a Battledome opponent. However this is random, so you may have to complete several quests before you unlock him.

There is also one prize that was formerly awarded by the Brain Tree, but now seems to be retired.

Retired Prizes

High Score Table Mechanics

The number of Neopoints you win by completing the quest is considered your "score" for the Brain Tree Quest high score table. Your score is not cumulative (like Jhudora or Illusen). Each quest you complete is a new, unique score for the high score list. You must score at least 3,000 NPs to appear on the table.

Since the score you receive is based on the (randomly decided) number of Neopoints awarded to you, there isn't anything you can do to raise your score apart from continuing to do more quests in the hope of receiving more Neopoints.

If your score is high enough to earn a spot in the top 50 slots and you remain in place until trophies are awarded (once daily), then you'll receive the following avatar:

Brain Tree Quest

Brain Tree Quest / Guide

Awarded if you are in the top 50 on the Brain Tree Quests High Score Table when trophies are awarded daily.

Released: September 21, 2018

Hints and Tips

  • Quests that exceed 5,000 NP are not usually worth completing.
  • The Esophagor is the only place to obtain the answers. This information cannot be found anywhere else on Neopets or Jellyneo.
  • Before starting a Brain Tree quest, start an Esophagor quest to see the items he's requesting; if they're above your budget for the quest, allow the quest to expire and try again. Once he's asking for cheap items, accept the Brain Tree quest and then feed the Esophagor for a guaranteed cheap first quest.
  • You can only complete one Brain Tree quest a day.
  • Make sure that you write down the answers you get from the Esophagor exactly as you see them! One little mistake and the Brain Tree won't accept your answer, and you will lose.

Quest Bonus

Complete a quest for each of the Haunted Woods' quest giving residents—the Brain Tree, Esophagor, and Edna—for a bonus prize:

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