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Blumaroll is retired! As of spring 2013, dice packs are no longer usable and you may no longer play.

The NC Mall presents: Blumaroll! This dice-based game is very similar to JubJub Power Bounce--in order to play, you must obtain dice packs with Neocash, meaning you must spend real money. However, the dice packs and the game itself will only be available for limited times during the year (think of it as a traveling carnival).

Please see the official FAQ for more details. Some noteworthy points:

  • For prizes, you can only choose an item from the shelf corresponding to the side your die lands on.
  • Blumaroll will roll in and out of the NC Mall with new item offerings each time it's back.
  • Your activated but unused dice will remain in your account and you will be able to use them the next time Blumaroll comes back.
  • You can play Blumaroll on side accounts.

Obtaining Dice Packs

Since Blumaroll is no longer active, the dice packs are now useless. Here are the dice packs that were available:

Blumaroll Dice Packs

Note: In Fall 2011, the price of the Blumaroll Dice 10-Pack decreased from 900 NC to 800 NC.

Game Play

Once you have a Dice Pack in your inventory, click on it and select the "activate" option. Then proceed to the game. Use up a die from your activated dice pack to play.

When the die lands on a side, you will be able to select an item from the corresponding prize shelf.

If your die becomes glitched or you accidentally close the window, you can refresh or come back to the game and you'll be able to resume (it won't take an extra die from you).

Travelling Cases

New Travelling Cases have been released into the mall, offering a selection of retired Blumaroll prizes. Each case also has the chance of awarding one of three bonus items that are completely new and themed against the prize set the case relates to. They follow the same mechanics as Mystery Capsules, offering one or more items upon opening, and randomly awarding a bonus if you're lucky.

All six cases were available until May 6th, 2013, and marked the end of Blumaroll.

Blumaroll Travelling Case #6 - Fall 2012

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Blumaroll Travelling Case #5 - Summer 2012

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Blumaroll Travelling Case #4 - Spring 2012

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Blumaroll Travelling Case #3 - Fall 2011

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Blumaroll Travelling Case #2 - Summer 2011

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Blumaroll Travelling Case #1 - Spring 2011

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You may view a full list of Blumaroll prizes in our archives, based on release date:

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