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Black Pawkeet Slots

Black Pawkeet Slots Information
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Black Pawkeets have ominous symbolism in pirate culture, and was the name of evil Captain Scarblade's ship. Hopefully it portends something more lucky for you.

Making Your Bet

You must decide how much you want to spend on each bet and how many lines you want to bet on. For each spin of the wheels you can choose if you want to bet 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, or 50 Neopoints. How much you wager on each spin will determine how big a payout you get if you get a string of matching symbols. The second option is of how many lines you want to bet on, which ranges from 1 up to 9.

Placing a bet
Choose your bet amount and the number of lines to play

If you choose 1 line, then you will only win if you get a string of symbols which match on the center row, as shown by the white line. If you choose to only bet on this row, then even if you got a string of five matching symbols on the top or bottom rows, you wouldn't win anything because you didn't cover them. Try clicking the other numbers and it will show you the other possible lines you can cover with your bet. For each line you choose to cover, you will have to pay your original bet amount. So if you choose to bet 10 Neopoints and cover 6 lines, you will pay a total of 60 Neopoints for that spin of the wheel. When you've chosen your bet amount, click the "Play" button to spin the wheels.

Personally, I prefer to use the "Max Bet" button, which automatically covers all 9 lines with a 50 Neopoint wager for a total of 450 NP per spin. This way costs more per bet, but you maximize your chances of winning something as opposed to just playing it safe and only covering 3 lines.

There is a limit of 250 bets per day.


For the most part, you win Neopoints simply by lining up a certain number of the same symbol on one of the lines you are covering. For some symbols you only need 2 or more; for others you will need to match at least three. The lines are read from left to right, and your match must begin on the left of the line for it to count. For example: Map/Dubloon/Dubloon/Dubloon/Map would not count as a win, but Dubloon/Dubloon/Dubloon/Map/Map would.

Here is a table of the payout you will receive for matching different symbols when you bet the maximum amount:

Symbol x2 x3 x4 x5
Bronze Dubloon 0 500 750 1,250
Silver Dubloon 0 750 1,250 2,500
Gold Dubloon 0 1,250 2,500 5,000
Treasure Map 50 500 2,500 12,500
Pirate Ship 200 2,000 10,000 50,000
Pirate Grog 150 1,500 7,500 37,500
Pile of Treasure 500 5,000 50,000 500,000
Pirate Krawk 250 2,500 12,500 25,000
Treasure Chest 0 0 0 The Jackpot

If the symbols are valid in more than one line (which is quite likely if you cover all 9 possible lines) then you will be paid for each combination. For example, if you got a treasure map in the first and second spot on the top line, then that would be a valid payout in the line that goes straight along the top, and would also count for the line that starts in the top, left corner and zigzags across the board. So in this case you would receive a total payout of 100 Neopoints.

Special Symbols

Apart from the ones listed above, there are other symbols you may notice on the wheels which act slightly differently from the others. Here is a listing of these special symbols and the effects they have:

Symbol Effect
Pawkeet Flag Acts as a wildcard; can be used to stand in for any other symbol. (Getting 5 of these in a line is not possible.)
Treasure Chest Acts as a wildcard when it precedes another symbol; can be used to stand in for any other symbol (as well as five in a row winning you the jackpot)
Pawkeet Having these scattered in your active lines increase your payout, but they don't have to be next to each other or in the same line as your winnings. 3 of them doubles your total winnings, 4 triples it and 5 quadruples it.
Pile of Treasure 3 or more of these scattered anywhere in your active lines earns you a random amount of NP, ranging from 250 to 1,000. Or you may win a dubloon instead if you're lucky.

Extra Trophies

In addition to the regular trophies shown above that you earn from winning large payouts, you are also able to win Biggest Loser trophies. These trophies are unique as they are awarded to those who spend the most Neopoints per month on the slot machines. Your score includes both your losses from the Black Pawkeet and Brucey B slots, so you should use all 250 of your spins every day on both machines if you want to get this trophy!

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