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Berry Bash

Berry Bash Information
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Berry Bash is a mouse game not unlike Slushie Slinger. You play as Rufus, the oh-so-great Grand Bogen. Not only do you have to seat customers and take their orders, you are also responsible for serving their chosen berries and cleaning up after them!

Aww, a Rufusberry!


Berry Bash is a very simple game which anyone can pick up in a flash! Below are the key steps.

  1. Click on the customer (waiting at the bottom-left) and drag them over to the table to seat them.
  2. Click again to get their order. A little speech bubble will appear above their head indicating the type of berry they want.
  3. As if by magic (!), the appropriate berry will appear on the bushes at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Click on the berry to get Rufus to pick it up, then click on the customer again to serve them.
  5. After a few seconds (during which you should serve other customers), a little pile of crumbs will appear in front of the customer, indicating that they are finished eating. How messy. Click on them again to clean up the table. The customer will disappear and you will earn some points.

Game Screen

The Clients

There are three different types of customer, which will each award different points. The four hearts above their heads are a type of timer and gradually empty if they are not attended to promptly. If you don't get to them in time, they will leave and you will lose points! The giant berry in the bottom-left corner fills up as you are awarded points; fill up the berry and a new one will appear in its place.

Clients and Descriptions
Client Description
Tourists are laid-back and easy to please. Though serving tourists doesn't often yield new Gadgadsbogen berries, they are excellent tippers and don't mind waiting a bit.
Mystery Island natives are a bit more demanding than tourists and don't have as many Neopoints for tipping Rufus. They do, however, make new berries appear quite often, so serve them well!
The Elders believe they are the Island's elite, so they are very particular about service and enjoy being seated together. They demand a great deal of service, but catering to their needs will pay off with new Gadgadsbogen berries and huge tips!

Scoring and Points

The points depend of every type of client so here is a little chart that indicate how the points work.

Clients & Points
Type Seating Taking the order Serving Food Cleaning Total
Tourist 4 8 12 20 44
Native 2 4 6 30 42
Elder Kyrii 6 12 18 40 76
Elder Kougra 16 16 24 40 96

Tips and Strategies

  • This game is much easier to play with a mouse than a touchpad (depending on what you're used to, of course).
  • Like all games, it can lag if your graphics card isn't up to scratch.
  • It also helps to keep an eye on lots of things at once - concentrating on just one part of the game means other things will fall behind and you'll lose a lot of points.
  • To achieve a high score, you need to watch the meter toward the end of the game. Allow the meter to get close to full, but not all the way... then wait for it to go back down a bit! Repeat this process until you reach a score that you're happy with.

I'm a dancing berry, and I dance for you!

That's all there is to say about this charmingly simple game. Best of luck!

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This game guide was written by: Luke & Torratz