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Bagatelle Information
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Ah, Bagatelle. Yet another one of those fabulous Fairground games! Rigged, you say? You are absolutely right! Only once in a blue moon will you win anything worthwhile.

How to Play

If you think you are up to the challenge, just make a visit to Harker's stand and pay up 250 NP. He will throw a poor Mootix onto the Bagatelle board and it will bounce down the board and land in a slot. The slots to the right are the lower prizes, and the slots towards the left are the best. You can only try 20 times a day though, as that Mootix gets tired fast.

In case you hadn't noticed, that cheap Lupe has placed a few books underneath the stand, causing the Mootix to fall to the right...right into the stinky prizes.

Slot 1: Nothing! Slot 8: 4,000 NP
Slot 2: 5 NP Slot 9: 5,000 NP
Slot 3: 50 NP Slot 10: 10,000 NP
Slot 4: 250 NP Slot 11: 20,000 NP
Slot 5: 1,000 NP
Slot 6: 2,000 NP
Slot 12-15: Random Prize
Slot 7: 3,000 NP Slot 16: Jackpot!

How to Play Without Flash

Flash was officially discontinued in January 2021, but TNT has yet to release a Flash-free version of Bagatelle. Fortunately, the game can still be played without Flash by following the direct link below. The result page will show an unformatted result text rather than a pretty graphical interface, however, the possible results are the same. To play multiple times, simply refresh the page!

Following the below link will play the game immediately! Please make sure you are logged in to your main account (not a side account) before clicking.

Play without Flash ยป


Below is a list of items that are possible to win from slots 12-15:

For more item information, see the Bagatelle Special Category in the Item Database.


Here's what it looks like after you manage to land in slot 16. Thanks to TerriH for this screenshot!

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