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The Neopian Auction House


Welcome to the Neopian Auction House! Here, you are able to buy items for fewer NeoPoints (or more) than you would in a normal shop or a user shop.

The Auction House

The Auction House has a few pages that you'll need to learn how to use in order to use it well.

The first page you need to know is the Auctions 1 - 20 page. That page is useful for Auction Snipers (users who buy items for a cheaper cost than usual by "sniping" them) since it lists the closing auctions. Those auctions tend to close fast, which is useful for the snipers (who want the auctions to close on their own name.)

The second page you need to know is the My Auctioned Items page. This page lists all of your auctions and your bidders.

The third page you need to know is the My Bids page. This page lists all the auctions that you have placed a bid on.

The fourth page you need to know is the Auction Genie page. You can search for items to bid on. For example, searching for "Blue Draik Egg" (without quotes) will get you both Neofriend and non-Neofriend auctions. If you want JUST non-Neofriend auctions, check the box that says "Ignore Neofriend-only auctions" and you'll get non-Neofriend auctions. Under this is a box so you can also search for auctions by username.

The final page you need to know is the Status page. This just shows how many auctions are still pending processing and not able to be bid on yet. In the heyday of Neopets this number would often be large, and sometimes wait times would exceed an hour, but these days it rarely gets over 1 minute.

Auctioning Items

When you're auctioning items, you have two text boxes to fill in and one drop-down to choose.

One of those boxes is the Start Price. The first bid will need to be increment on top of this amount. The maximum starting price is 50 million NP.

The second text box you need to fill in is the Minimum Increment box. That's how much your auction will increase by: people must bid at least that increment, up to 5,000 NP above that that increment. So if your Increment was 15,000 NP, people could increase the bid anywhere from 15,000 to 20,000 NP each time. The minimum increment cannot be more than the starting price, and likewise has a 50 million NP limit. However, there is no limit to the final bid a player may place on an item!

Putting Purple Negg up for Auction

If you're doing an auction to sell an item for specific amount of Neopoints (perhaps to get around the Trading Post's Neopoint limit), you will want to choose these numbers such that after one person bids no one else will be interested. To do this, take your desired payment and divide it by 2, and put this value in each box. For example, if you were trying to sell an item for 10 million NP, start price should be 5 million NP with a 5 million NP increment.

The dropdown you need to click on is the Auction Length. You can choose the following lengths:

  • One Hour
  • Two Hours
  • Three Hours
  • Four Hours
  • Six Hours
  • Nine Hours
  • Twelve Hours
  • Eighteen Hours
  • One Day
  • Two Days

The final box is the "Neofriends Only?" box. Check that if you want your auction to be Neofriends only. Basically, nobody else can bid unless they're your Neofriend. In addition to using a high increment, this is a great way to ensure that your auction can only be bought by a specific person.

You can have only eight items up for auction at a time, regardless of what they are or how long each auction is, so if you have a lot of items to sell, you'll need to use other methods (or just be patient as you wait for each set of eight to finish).

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