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Plot: Atlas of the Ancients

This plot is over! You may still complete some steps to receive some of the prizes. You will not, however, receive a trophy or any of the final prizes. Thank you for sticking with Jellyneo!

Atlas of the Ancients: NC Challenge

Jordie has a few side quests to help his fellow travelers on their journey. He will be hosting 4 separate NC challenge quests for you to complete before December 2, 2009. If you complete all 4, you will be awarded an exclusive NC bonus prize.

You only need to purchase one Ticket, at a cost of 600 NC, to qualify for all 4 quests. They do not need to be done on the day of release to qualify, but all need to be completed by December 2nd.

Challenge #1

1) Don't waste your time marveling at the magic of Altador! There is a crisis unfolding, and it's up to you to settle the score!

Head over to Magical Marvels and click on the shopkeeper to receive the next clue.

2) You will then need to play Crisis Courier to receive the challenge prize.

Day Game Solution Prize
Oct 22nd Play now!
Crisis Courier
Play Crisis Courier and score at least 450 points Altador Courier Bag

Challenge #2

1) Feeling a bit off-colour? A faerie probably has a potion that will help with that! You should pay one of them a visit... if you can catch them, that is.

To complete the first task, you need to visit the Healing Springs and find the hidden prize.

Jordie loves to look at his reflection in the Healing Springs. Can you spot him now?

To locate the link, click the area just below the Healing Faerie's fin in the spring. You will then find the first prize, Healing Springs Foreground.

2) To find the second hint, you will need to visit the Faerieland Colouring pages. Click on the colouring page that features Jordie to reveal the hint. You will then need to play a game of Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers to receive the second prize.

Day Game Solution Prize
Oct 29th Play now!
Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers
Play Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers and score at least 160 points Healing Springs Foreground
Magical Faerieland Painting

Challenge #3

1) Your path should be clear as crystal -- Just be careful, the ice is slippery, and if you lose your footing now, you might roll off course.

2) Your next stop is the Ice Crystals Shop, where you will find this clue: You're headed in the right direction! Where to next? You could check your compass... or just ask one of the locals. Why not try the shopkeeper here? Click on the shopkeeper to reveal your quest.

3) Beat a score of 100 in Snowroller.

Day Game Solution Prize
Nov 5th Play now!
Play Snowroller and score at least 100 points Sparkling Ice Caves Background

Challenge #4

1) Feel like updating your gear a bit? Here in Moltara it might just involve actual gears! Still it's best to be prepared - You wouldn't want to take a tumble, or would you?

2) Head on over to the shop Cog's Togs and click on the shopkeeper's hat.

3) Beat a score of 650 in Tunnel Tumble.

Day Game Solution Prize
Nov 12th Play now!
Tunnel Tumble
Play Tunnel Tumble and score at least 650 points Pipe and Gear Crown

Bonus Prizes

4) For completing all 4 NC challenges, you will receive Jordies Adventure Hat and Golden Atlas of the Ancients NC Challenge Medallion.