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Plot: Atlas of the Ancients

This plot is over! You may still complete some steps to receive some of the prizes. You will not, however, receive a trophy or any of the final prizes. Thank you for sticking with Jellyneo!

Step 2: In the Hall of Heroes

1) Head on over to the Atlas of the Ancients Chapter Three comic and read through it. (If you feel like it, you could skip through it, but reading through it will give you some context.)

2) Go to the second page of the comic and click on the last panel to visit the Hall of Heroes. Clicking on the statues of King Altador, Jerdana, and Siyana (in that order) will award you with the Wind Up Pocket Watch.

'The Selfless Hunter remains, one step ahead of the Wanderer, and the Guardian of the Dawn.'

3) You are now finished with step two of the plot. Continue on to step three!