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Jan 3 - Aisha Day
Jan 6 - Gnorbu Day
Jan 11 - Buzz Day
Jan 14 - Sloth Day
Jan 16 - Elephante Day
Jan 29 - Kacheek Day

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Tourney Results

Tourney Results | Tourney Intro
Top Guessers | AC VI Coverage

After the tournament was over, the possessed staffers started to return to normal. While they were slightly confused at how they spent the last month, they quickly resumed their normal work duties. Oh yes! you wanted the results. We have that here somewhere....(sounds of shuffling paper) Ah yes, and the winners are....

Team Challenge

Although it was a very close competition, Team Diet Terror defeated the Jelly Squad. BOO! HISS! *cough* I mean, Congratulations Team Diet Terror! We have a recap of the winning goal here.

The Winners!

The winners!

First: Grog!!

For a great showing, Grog has been awarded the coveted Jelly Sceptre!!! Only one is handcrafted a year, and this year's version is a delightful red!


A hearty congratulations is also due to Marie and Nick for coming in second and third place respectively! They played diligently and hard during the competition, and the wins they pulled off were amazing!

They got all the way up to second and third, but all they got were these lousy medals... speaking relative to the Jelly Sceptre, that is.


Also, a pat on the back goes to the remaining 15 staffers who also played very well and earned themselves the following places...


4th: Herdy

5th: Link

6th: Redotter

7th: Rylon

8th: Rosie

9th: Zelda

10th: Emily

11th: Aurora

12th: Skumby

13th: noileh

14th: Skylar

15th: Uuliani

16th: Scout

17th: Torratz

18th: Suzuka