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Altador Cup XIII Staff Competition

Tourney Results | The Story
Top Guessers | AC XIII Coverage

The Winners!

The winners!

First: Herdy!!

Another year, another exciting JN Staff Tournament has concluded! This year's pillow-fight induced Yooyuball games were hard fought, with the usual twists and upsets we've now come to expect. This year, Herdy has emerged as the victor and has been awarded the coveted Jelly Sceptre, which marks the second Jelly Sceptre he'll house in his trophy cabinet! (And his second time in first place!) Only one sceptre is handcrafted each year, and this year's version is a delightful Plushie colour!


A hearty congratulations is also due to Leaf and Rosie for coming in second and third place respectively! They played quite hard during the competition, but as they say, "always a bridesmaid, never a bride." This was Leaf's third time as a second placer, and Rosie second time in third place. A special shoutout also goes to Perry—he was tied for wins with Rosie, and had his best showing in our tournament yet!

Leaf and Rosie got all the way up to second and third, but all they got were these lousy medals... lousy relative to the Jelly Sceptre, of course.

:O :O

Also, a pat on the back goes to the remaining 15 staffers who also played very well and earned themselves the following places:


4th: Perry

5th: Ummy

6th: Rylon

7th: Chesu

8th: Sweep

9th: Ducky

10th: Jen

11th: Steve

12th: Aurora

13th: Monica

14th: Amanda

15th: Fae

16th: Pizza

17th: sirhatter

18th: Quail