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Altador Cup VI

Are you ready to yooyu?
The classic game of Yooyuball is back in this year's Altador Cup. Pick a team to represent, play games to rack up points, and help your team get a chance to win the annual Altador tournament. Stick with JN for all of your AC updates along the way!

Altador Cup News and Updates

  • June 3, 2011, 6:13 am NST - Over to pitch-side commentator Zelda now with the latest results:

    Well, ladies and gentlemen, you did say you wanted unexpected results, yes? Because things in Altador are sure heating up. Traditional low-standing teams are giving powerhouse teams a run for their money.

    Let's start with the sweeps, shall we? Yesterday, Tyrannia achieved an easy victory over Kiko Lake. Perhaps this is a sign that the team is on the rise this year? Currently, Tyrannia is sitting pretty at the top of the leaderboard! Team Brightvale also managed a total victory over Team Altador. Is Altador taking over Brightvale's place as Faerieland's partner at the bottom, alongside Moltara?

    On the topic of Faerieland, let's talk about another unexpected turn of events this Cup. It seems the team has some fire in them this year, once again giving their daily competitor a hard fight. In the end, the victory went to Mystery Island, but not without the Faeries claiming draws in Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise.

    Another unexpected turn of events is Moltara's fight against Shenkuu yesterday. It was a hard fought battle indeed. Though it was clear early on that the Shenkuu team would take the title game, the side games were hotly contested all day. In the end, no winner could be determined, and the teams were awarded a draw.

    Meridell and Darigan Citadel fought out their rivalry on the Yooyuball field yesterday. The day went to Meridell, but not without several curveballs thrown into play by Team Darigan, who managed a win in Make Some Noise and a draw in Shootout Showdown.

    There were two near-sweeps yesterday, both by previous winners of the Cup. Could this be the first year for a repeat title? The two teams are Krawk Island and Haunted Woods. Team Krawk Island's sweep was broken by a draw in Slushie Slinger, while Team Haunted Woods took the sides at the expense of a draw in Yooyuball.

    And lastly, there are two teams with identical results: a win in the old-school side games (Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise), a lost in the last side game, and a draw in the main event--the Yooyuball match. These teams are Terror Mountain, who played Maraqua, and Team Virtupets, who played Kreludor. It seems these teams are playing at a similar level this year, so keep an eye on them.

    Well, that's it for today. Best of luck to all the teams in today's matches!
  • June 2, 2011, 1:19 pm NST - And now it's back to our regularly scheduled broadcast - the results have been fixed!

    That certainly doesn't mean it's business as usual though, as quite a few results are not as expected. Most notably, Faerieland managed a win against the Darigan Citadel in Slushie Slinger. Although the Citadel took the other three games, Faerieland supporters should be happy to have a win in a game so early in the competition.

    Kiko Lake managed a similar turn up in their match against Virtupets, once again taking Slushie Slinger while the Virtupets team took the other three. And, yet again the Altador team managed to take a Slushie Slinger win away from Krawk Island while the Islanders took the other three. Are bigger teams losing their focus on slinging those slushies?

    In more closely matched pairs, there were a couple of sweeps. The Haunted Woods took Moltara, and Terror Mountain took Shenkuu. It was Brightvale's day in their matches against Mystery Island, winning all side games and taking a draw in Yooyuball.

    It was a more evenly matched day between Roo Island and the Lost Desert, with the desert taking Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise. It was Roo Island's day though, with wins in Shootout Showdown and the all important Yooyuball.

    Kreludor faced some minor difficulties from Maraqua on day 1. Although Kreludor took Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger, Maraqua forced a draw in Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown.

    Finally, it was a tense match between Tyrannia and Meridell, eventually falling in favour of Tyrannia. They took wins in Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown, while Meridell took Make Some Noise. Most importantly, Tyrannia's normal specialty (Slushie Slinger) ended in a draw after a tough fight from Meridell.

    So what does this all mean? Well, the first day normally comes with upsets and normally doesn't represent the Cup - but so far we've yet to see any real upsets in Yooyuball as predicted from the new version. As more games are played, we'll get a better picture of what's going on - come back tomorrow!

  • June 2, 2011, 2:00 am NST - Well, we're under way now - and the results of the first matches are now in!

    ... or are they?

    It seems likely that the results currently displayed on the standings page are glitched - a day of complete sweeps that places many traditionally weaker teams above stronger ones. This, coupled with the fact that the daily results page is blank suggests some tom foolery about the place.

    As it stands, Moltara beat the Haunted Woods, Faerieland beat the Darigan Citadel, Kreludor beat Maraqua, Tyrannia beat Meridell, and Brightvale beat Mystery Island. Meanwhile, Kiko Lake and Virtupets somehow managed to sweep eachother, as did the Lost Desert and Roo Island. At the same time, Shenkuu and Terror Mountain both lost all games, as did Krawk Island and Altador.

    Do you see how there might be a glitch going on? :P

    We'll bring you the real results after they are fixed, if they are fixed.

    Reminder: Now the timing glitch has been semi-fixed in new Yooyuball, it is the fastest way to rank up (Shootout Showdown was previously). Remember to switch games if you are playing for ranks and aren't boycotting the game!
  • June 1, 2011, 2:14 pm NST - You can get a free Yooyuball prize by entering the code Yooyuball2011 at Grundo's Warehouse. (Thanks to dragonfur77 in comments for alerting us.)

    Yooyuball Stuck in a Tree

    Yooyuball Update: A new version of YYB has been released. The timing glitches have been fixed and WASD key controls have been added. Players will also not be auto-switching as fast as the previous version.

    Faerie Caverns Daily: a new Cavern has been discovered in Faerieland. Go explore and see if you find some treasures. (Add this daily to your Custom Daily list. A guide has been put up here.)

    AC Rank Calculator | Altador Cup Records
  • May 28, 2011, 6:24 am NST - Team Kreludor

    And finally, we come to Kreludor. Last year, they finished 2nd, narrowly missing out on the top spot to the Lost Desert. Very few thought it would actually be Kreludor's year, but they verged on proving critics wrong, maintaining their position in 1st going into the finals.

    It's therefore clear what Kreludor need to work on this year - performance in the finals. That said, round robin performance can't be sacrificed as a result.

    The current team of Derlyn Fonnet, Coco Metrone, Jurin T., Qlydae Wegg, and Zenor Kevix can almost taste the gold - but former teammates Vignacio and Xila Kitae are quick to warn that complacency leads to a fall.

    There are big hitters in the top bracket, in the form of Darigan Citadel and Roo Island. Krawk Island will be looking to make a return, as will the Lost Desert. Then there's the threat from wildcards like Meridell, Virtupets, or Maraqua. But there's a bigger problem facing Kreludor, and it is a largely unknown one.

    Shenkuu were in their position last year, a solid top bracket team that suddenly fell after getting 2nd. Will the same happen to Kreludor?

    It's possible, but there's something we must remember. As more and more years pass, so few patterns are holding true - it's perfectly valid to say that no two Cups are the same. Kreludor, and all other teams for that matter, should be focusing on this year, and not what's already happened. Certainly, changes to Yooyuball this year have already thrown many predictions into disarray.

    As the games begin next week, remember - if there's one thing you can count on about predictions such as these, it's that at least one of them will be wrong. The Altador Cup's about surprises, so go on out there and whip a few up! ;)

    Remember to keep checking back once the Cup has started. Our intrepid reporting team of Herdy, Zelda, Link, and Marie will be giving you up to date coverage throughout :o

    But who will win?
  • May 27, 2011, 3:47 am NST - Team Tyrannia

    Apologies to Tyrannia fans. I always seem to leave them to last when doing anything like this - and as a top of third bracket team, they shouldn't really be forgotten. Tyrannia are capable of breaking into the second bracket if they give it enough energy. But is there enough momentum left in old faithful?

    Year 4 was certainly their year, when they bucked the trend and refused to finish in their usual 11th slot, instead finishing in 8th. This fell slightly last year back to 10th. So is Tyrannia heading back to 11th? Or can they push themselves back up?

    The blame for last year can, in a way, be placed firmly on the pitch. Tyrannia hadn't made a single team change until last year, when they traded Evrem Guilako to Terror Mountain for Elbin Kroe. Loryche, Harlis Neyhbol, "Scrap" Taggert, and Wila Benne were clearly unused to playing with a newcomer. Perhaps now that Elbin is gone, Tyrannia can begin to climb again. However, his replacement, "Spiky" Barmie, will be just as unfamiliar to the team.

    One possible pitfall awaiting Tyrannia may be in the side games. Inevitably, teams begin to focus more on Yooyuball when they attempt to boost their standing. With Tyrannia, this may come at a cost of side games, which they traditionally excel at. If they can find the right balance though, the second bracket could be waiting.
  • May 26, 2011, 5:17 am NST - Well, let's take some time out from grumbling about how bad YYB is now, and have another team recap.

    Team Faerieland

    And so we come to Faerieland. I always feel bad writing about the team, as there's simply no way to doing it without mentioning the fact that they are bad.
    They are rivalled in terms of stats only by Moltara for the position of worst ever team. And that, in an odd way, should give them hope.

    For a long time, Faerieland has been the joke of the Cup. But if Moltara's fortunes don't improve, that title could go to them. This would allow Faerieland to begin to change their reputation, rebuild their game, and perhaps push themselves higher than 15th position.

    How many of the team will return following the fall of Faerieland is now known, with only one change. When we last saw them they were following captain Kakoni Worrill. Babolino, Ciona Broan, Delma Harrence, and Valtonous Rea will certainly have been shaken by the ruin of their homeland. Maybe enough to force old hands Elbin Towse or Palia Alback back at some point. Babolino certainly seems to have fallen, as he has been replaced with Elbin Kroe, the only player in history to play for three seperate teams.

    And that's the interesting thing about Faerieland this year - the traditional girly image they have has been somewhat shaken by the events of last Autumn. Will this spark fresh fires in them? Or will a string of freeloaders from a plot force them further down? At this point, no one can say, but one way or another, the fate of Faerieland ultimately lies with what happens to Moltara this year.
  • May 25, 2011, 12:09 pm NST - Altador Cup VI is just beginning. You can now sign-up for your favorite team! For newcomers to the Cup, you might want to read the official game rules, FAQ and tutorial. The games will begin on June 1st!

    After selecting a team to join, you will be awarded with a team frame!

    Show off your team spirit!

    Dedicated players returning this year will be awarded prizes after joining a team. The amount of prizes you collect is determined by how many years you have participated in the Altador Cup games.

    Yooyuball Changes: This year's game has brought new power-ups into play. The new power-ups are Speed Boost, Goal Expansion, Mystery Power-up and Freeze Opponent. You can no longer use the mouse when playing.

    NC VIP Access: The VIP access will open up once the tournament starts on June 1st!

    Cup Schedule:
    5/25-5/31 Team sign-ups and practice rounds begin.
    6/1/-7/4 Double Round Robin Tournament begins.
    7/5 Tournament Bye-Day (no matches scheduled).
    7/6-7/9 4-day Finals Round.
    7/11 Y13 Altador Cup champions are announced and the Prize Shop opens.

    The Neopets Team will be returning again this year for a staff tourney. You can read the rules here.

    Site Team Banners: You can change your site team banner by visiting the Site Prefs page and selecting your team from the drop down menu.
  • May 25, 2011, 3:13 am NST - Team Mystery Island

    This time last year, I talked about how Mystery Island was often predicted higher than it should be in the pre-season. This year, I don't think many are going to be doing that.

    MI faced a fall from having been an essentially 2nd bracket team to being a 4th bracket team. Such a drop takes a lot of getting used to, and the MI team has taken some time out to take stock and re-focus their efforts.

    They certainly don't lack the talent. The scoring duo of Volgoth and Teylor Nix are backed up by Bertie Shurtz, Lor Benneveldt, and Vela Binal. However, past injuries have taken the likes of Maital Koric, and Yaniq Avaan has fallen by the wayside.

    The problem with MI is not in their potential. It's in converting that potential into points. The team should (and used to) be roughly comparable to the Haunted Woods, but something is amiss. Whatever it is, it needs to be sorted out quickly.
    Mystery Island know they are capable of so much more - they just have to show us.

    Reminder: Sign ups will be starting later today!
  • May 24, 2011, 5:59 am NST - Team Altador

    What can you say about Altador? I guess, to their credit, they beat Moltara last year. But that's about it - 17th isn't exactly the best position ever.

    It's long been a theory that, coupled with the general small nature of the team in a similar way to Kiko Lake, the idea of new players thinking "Altador invented Yooyuball! They must be great at it!" forces the team downwards - because when it comes to Yooyuball, Altador most certainly are not legends.

    "Trapper" Remis heads up a team of Lyvon Cibaire, Salayne Ritad, Timu, and Winberto Seliz. With only Cawley Embith ever being removed from the squad, they are fairly solid. That just doesn't translate into wins on the pitch.

    The chances of Altador winning this Cup are slim, let's be honest - but that's not what the aim of the Cup should be for this team. It's about damage limitation, getting out of the bottom bracket. If Altador made it to bracket 3, it would be as if they had won the Cup anyway. This tournament isn't all about the shiny gold goblet, it's about the smaller, but no less impressive feats other teams manage every single day.