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Altador Cup XVI
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Altador Cup V

Are you ready to yooyu?
The classic game of Yooyuball is back in this year's Altador Cup. Pick a team to represent, play games to rack up points, and help your team get a chance to win annual Altador tournament. Stick with JN for all of your AC updates along the way!

Altador Cup News and Updates

  • May 13, 2010, 9:11 am NST -
    Brightvale - Returning to the Game

    As in previous years, one team sat out of the ACIV, and that was Brightvale. While Kreludor cited bad training conditions for their absence, and Kiko Lake were lost on route to the Cup, Brightvale had a somewhat more bizarre removal from the competition. In a rare fit of anger, King Hagan banned the team from competing on the basis that they had been spending too much time playing Yooyuball and not enough time studying.

    Considering their performance in previous Cups, it was hardly surprising that King Hagan chose to prioritise studying over the sport. In the first year, Brightvale showed early promise, managing to beat Kiko Lake in the first knockout round. Some sceptics claim that this was due to Brightvale's less than sportsmanlike cheating on the field, but Brightvale captain "Squeaky" Tressif insisted it was due to skill alone. The bad luck of the draw however saw them come across the Haunted Woods, eventual champions, in the second round. Brightvale only managed half of the Haunted Woods's score, and as a result finished in 8th - though that was far from a disappointment.

    Brightvale returned in the second Altador Cup with hope in their hearts, but the new round robin format of the Cup proved to be their downfall, and Brightvale dropped to 12th position in the final standings.

    Returning in the ACIII, Tressif made some drastic alterations to their team. While the only line-up change was removing Orie Dinelle for newcomer Erli Quinnock, the team had undergone unfathomable changes in their ethos. Captain Tressif swore that the cheating ways of Brightvale were far behind them, and the team as a whole looked forward to a bright future. Sadly, it seems as though Tressif's changes harmed the team beyond his comprehension, and they have never fully recovered. To illustrate this perfectly, Brightvale finished 16th - dead last.

    Expected to return to the Altador Cup this year, Brightvale will be looking for a new goalkeeper as Erli Quinnock switched to Kiko Lake during their absence. Now however, the team must make a choice.

    Do they stick with the policy of fair play that was ultimately their undoing? Or do they switch back to their more underhanded tactics in the hope of reclaiming some glory? Team members Motecito, Kayn Hireck, and Reb Weemelott certainly have enough practice in the latter.
  • May 12, 2010, 4:48 am NST -
    Shenkuu - The Year of the Cyodrake?

    As a late addition, Shenkuu brought an element of surprise to the Yooyuball field in the second Altador Cup. Unlike other teams who had shown us their strengths during the first year, Shenkuu was untried and untested. Many foolishly assumed that Shenkuu wouldn't amount to much - they couldn't have been more wrong.

    Shenkuu finished in 3rd during the AC2, allowing team Captain Mirsha Grelineck to stand on the podium in the first year the team had entered. It was a glorious start for the team, but the question everyone was asking was, "Can they keep it up?"

    Returning for the AC3, Shenkuu had a lot of pressure riding on their backs, and the return of Kreludor, the team which many viewed as being replaced by Shenkuu in the AC2, only added to their stress. Old defender Turo Rafels was swapped out for new blood Antola Maeir, and the team readied themselves for play. Whilst they still finished in a respectable 4th, this served as nothing but a disappointment to the team, dropping a place since their debut.

    Shenkuu wasn't going to let that setback define them though. Their rigorous training regime and calming mountain air saw them return to the AC4 with renewed spirit - and it showed.

    Opponent after opponent fell against Foltaggio's quick goal scoring abilities, while defender Larcy Phu and goalkeeper Xana DiLanche kept their side of the field clear of the ball. With this winning combination, Shenkuu secured a place in the finals...

    ... but were beaten by Krawk Island. A bitter blow, such a defeat coming from pirates of all people.

    But then people started talking. Because besides the Winner's Curse, there's one other famous pattern in Yooyuball:

    • In the AC1, Darigan Citadel placed 2nd, and took 1st in the AC2

    • In the AC2, Roo Island placed 2nd, and took 1st in the AC3

    • In the AC3, Krawk Island placed 2nd, and took 1st in the AC4

    So can it be Shenkuu's year of victory? - The team's state certainly suggests so.

    Shenkuu have an average placing of 3rd over all of the Altador Cups, that's second only to Krawk Island, last year's winners. In terms of win percentages, Shenkuu outstrips most other teams, winning 70% of their Yooyuball match ups (a figure equalled by former champions Darigan Citadel and beaten only by Krawk Island). However, Shenkuu faces stiffer competition in the side games, with win percentages in the 60s, like many other high ranking teams.

    Could this be Shenkuu's year? Many would bet yes. However, complacency is Shenkuu's biggest enemy. If they want the cup this year, they are certainly going to have to fight for it.
  • May 11, 2010, 4:58 am NST -
    Altador - Home is Where the Heart Is

    When the first Altador Cup rolled around, there was a lot of pre-season chatter as to which teams would fair best in the cup. Some, like Roo Island, were not favoured by many, and went on to prove doubters wrong. Others however, were greatly hyped and sadly disappointed. Altador is one of the latter.

    Altador invented the game, so they must be the best at it? Right? - A final standing of 14th gave the resounding answer, 'Wrong'.

    But team Captain "Trapper" Remis didn't let early failures on the field get to him. Altador returned in the ACII with a minor lineup change (Cawley Embith was replaced with Lyvon Cibaire), and managed to claw their way up the standings to 13th.

    Team members Winberto Seliz, Timu, and Salayne Ritad were instructed to be on top form as the ACIII arrived, with "Trapper" having only one goal in mind - another rise in the standings. With the weight of the home crowd behind them, the team gave it their all. Sadly, yet again they were pushed back to 13th.

    With the projected steady rise obliterated, the team was disheartened upon their return for the ACIV. This showed in their standings, dropping to an all time low of 15th place, narrowly beating Faerieland.

    But the question is, with a new season looming, can Altador get back on track?

    The team's overall statistics would suggest that whilst an outright win is more or less out of the question, there's no reason why they can boost themselves to better standings. With the exception of Shootout Showdown, Altador's overall figures are within 5% of Team Virtupets, who finished in 12th position last year. Altador is also only just behind Kiko Lake in terms of average finishing place. If the Altador natives buck up their game, there's no reason why they can't rise to the top of their bracket, or beyond! They'll certainly have the support of the home crowd if they do!
  • May 10, 2010, 6:39 am NST -
    Virtupets - The Comeback Kids

    Being at the bottom of the board can be rough for some teams, but for others it can be a call to arms.

    For Team Virtupets, being knocked out of the first Altador Cup in round 1 severely damaged their pride. The team's collective failures were at the time blamed on inept newbie, Kerib Vickers. He was promptly replaced with Sela Pretore for the second Altador Cup, but it soon became apparent that the problems in the Virtupets team ran far deeper than just one sub-par player when Virtupets placed dead last.

    Whilst Captain Keetra Deile set about improving the fitness of her team, team managers turned their attention to the mechanical goalkeeper, the Z-4B Goalinator. Retiring the robot from active service, they developed a new player, the Goltron Mk I, from scratch. When they returned to the cup in the third year, this new addition managed to claw the team up to a final placing of 14th.

    It was last year however, in the ACIV that Virtupets really came into their own. The addition of Shootout Showdown to the tournament was like some kind of Holy Grail to the Virtupets team. Match after match, they emerged victorious. A combination of the Goltron's fast saves, and quick shots from the XL Striker 3.8, Team Virtupets were able to win 93% of their Shootout Showdown games.

    However, Virtupets is a shining example of how success in only one area of the game cannot lead to overall victory. With the relatively inexperienced Sela Pretore and the large but slow Weldar Xupenfarb in defence, opposing teams were able to strike at the goal during Yooyuball matches again and again. What might have been a stellar victory, instead only brought the team to a final placing of 12.

    With Slushie Slinger, Yooyuball, and Make Some Noise records all below 20%, Team Virtupets certainly has a lot of work to do if they want to continue rising through the standings. Can they do it? - Certainly, if they apply whatever magic they had in Shootout Showdown to the wider cup.

    Either way, Virtupets is one team that has seen the bottom spot, and decided it isn't to their liking.
  • May 9, 2010, 2:28 pm NST -
    Krawk Island - A Pirate's Curse

    As we approach the onset of the fifth Altador Cup, all eyes are on last year's champions, Krawk Island. The question is on everyone's lips, "Can they do it again?"

    The skeptics thought they would undoubtedly answer, "No", and with good reason. In the past four years theories and conspiracies have been thrown around the pitch more than Yooyus, but one has rung true - the Winner's Curse.

    We first saw it in the second Altador Cup, with the Haunted Woods, unstoppable giant of the first year, dropped to the far less impressive final standing of seventh. The situation repeated itself, with that year's champions, the Darigan Citadel, falling to seventh during the Altador Cup III. Finally, last year saw the reigning champions, Roo Island, fall from grace and muster a placing of only ninth.

    It seems, no matter who you are, winning the cup will cause you to lose it the following year. But can the team from Krawk Island buck the trend? Out of all the teams in the Altador Cup, they perhaps stand the best chance.

    Out on the field they benefit from "Dasher" Soley's significant experience, the Krawk captain being a legend in Yooyuball circles. He's backed up in goal by one of the best pairs of hands in the business, Garven Hale. Whilst team rosters are always subject to change, the current trio of Eayln Hawkshanks, Nitri Cassale, and Zayle Sufhaux are a combination to be wary of. This dynamite five have played some of the most thrilling Yooyuball matches in history these past five years. The question is, can they keep it up?

    Past players like Hoke Lemtry are quick to contend that they can, pointing out Krawk Island's exceptional statistics. Of all the teams, Krawk Island has the highest average ranking, and they are unmatched in their all time Yooyuball, Slushie Slinger, and Make Some Noise win records. The only area they have been successfully outgunned is Shootout Showdown, and I'm sure they'll be working to even that score this year.

    Simply put, Krawk Island is, based on current stats, the best team in the cup. The real surprise to analysts was that it took until the fourth Altador Cup for them to emerge with gold. Perhaps it is the failure to translate global wins into victories on the final day that is Krawk Island's biggest weakness, and the one they have to overcome the most.

    Can Krawk Island overcome the Winner's Curse? - Well, it'll certainly be an uphill struggle, but nothing's out of reach.
  • May 5, 2010, 2:38 pm NST - The Altador Cup Neoboard Icon has been discovered. There are 18 team colors represented around the outer border. This means that all teams will be playing in this year's games! Keep checking our coverage section in the coming weeks for more AC news, information, and goodies.

    Altador Cup V Coverage

    Remember to use up your Altador Cup IV prize points before May 20th! You will no longer be able to redeem any prizes after that date, and your leftover points will be removed.
  • May 2, 2010, 6:13 am NST -
    Time to think of good slogans!
    How about "molten to the core"? Jordie should be the mascot! *hinthint TNT artists* ;D

    Image above found by frogfrog109 on the Neoboards. :)

    Jersey will be sold in the NC Mall

    Here's some other stuff we found:

  • April 22, 2010, 12:49 am NST - We have some great breaking news about the fifth annual Altador Cup! (Which is tentatively set to start, sign ups at least, on May 26th!) We've uncovered this year's game images, and we can safely say that Yooyuball, Make Some Noise, and Slushie Slinger will be making their return. We have no confirmation on Shootout Showdown yet.

    Also, does anyone notice the top of a circley thing on the Make Some Noise icon? Could it be a redesigned Altador Cup logo? One that has room for a 17th and 18th team? Let us know what you think in our comments! :)
  • April 1, 2010, 12:12 pm NST - We have some good news for this year's upcoming Altador Cup! According to the available "Neotitles" you can use on the Neoboards, it seems as if Moltara will be participating in the fifth annual Altador Cup! This means that there will be 18 potential teams in this year's lineup. Will all 18 participate, or will two other teams get shuttered out in favor of only having 16 teams compete as in the past Cups? Thanks goes to idriya for pointing this out in our comments. :)

    New MiniMME: A third MiniMME bouncing negg is now available in the NC Mall. We'll update our MME guide shortly with the new experiment. (Unfortunately, no previews ever since TNT blocked them with MME5!)

    Also, stay tuned for a walkthrough to the new Festival of Neggs quest.