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Altador Cup IV

It's Game Time!
The Altador Cup is in full swing, and Jellyneo will be bringing you the best coverage of the games! Matches have begun, so you can expect daily updates with the current standings, who's up against who, and any major events. Keep checking back for all things AC!

News and Updates

  • June 2, 2009, 1:30 am NST -

    The Fourth Annual Altador Cup has finally commenced! Get to the Colosseum now to start playing for your team. All four games are now able to be played for AC points, in addition to the NP. The more you play, the more points you will have in the end to spend on goodies in the prize shop.

    Starting tomorrow, JN will have commentary on the previous day's matchups, written by our very own Zelda or Herdy. They'll give you a nice summary of the games, pointing out who won and lost, and giving their opinions on how the Cup is shaping up. To check that out, visit our Altador Cup IV Coverage everyday!

    Also, don't forget to get your Altador Cup Record image. They're totally free and available to all jnAccount users. Just signup, input your stats, and your image will automatically be generated! :D You only need to copy and paste code once, and it's a breeze coming back to JN to update your scores. We'll be adding spiffy new styles that include Shootout Showdown and raw points within the day! :D (*glances over to Dandy and Illy in the graphics department*)

  • May 31, 2009, 1:11 pm NST - The JN staffers are up to something... but what?

  • May 30, 2009, 3:25 pm NST - We have a preview of the Altador Cup NC Challenge Tickets that will be soon be sold in the Altador Cup Shop run by Coach Riki.

    Make sure to read through the official NC Challenge Rules and NC Challenge FAQ before the games begin!
  • May 28, 2009, 5:51 pm NST - Some changes have been made to the games this year. First off, you will be able to earn Neopoints in addition to the team points. You can send your score as many times as you want, but you will only earn Neopoints for the first 3 scores sent. (Also know that you may send your score even if you don't feel you scored well. Every point counts toward your team.)

    To participate in the NC Challenge, you will have to purchase a game ticket from the NC mall. The Altador Cup NC Challenge features Shootout Showdown, the new Altador Cup game. There will be 34 game challenges, one for each day of the event. This challenge will award a special Neocash item if you successfully complete the challenge.

    Make sure to read through the official game and challenge faqs before starting the games.
    Altador Cup FAQ | NC Challenge FAQ
  • May 28, 2009, 5:51 pm NST - Shootout Showdown is the newest mini-game to be added to the Altador Cup Competition this year. You will be able to earn extra team points for this game.

    All 4 of the Cup games will award Neopoints for the first 3 scores sent. And each game played will also add to your team's participation and team points.

    In addition, this game will be featured as the NC Challenge. There will be 34 challenges, 30 regular tournament and 4 finals challenges. You will need to purchase game tickets from the NC mall to participate in the NC challenge portion of the games.
  • May 28, 2009, 5:05 pm NST - As anticipated, Team Brightvale has been kept from participating in this year's tourney. When asked why his team was sitting out, King Hagan said, "until my subjects have shown an ability to strike a harmonious balance between work and play, we shall forthwith be suspending our participation in the Altador Cup."

    Also as expected, Kiko Lake is back in action! This year's new additions to the KL roster include Holbie Pinnock, an old AC player from 2006, as well as Erli Quinnock, a Peophin from the Brightvale roster last year.

    However, it seems rather suspicious... On the left below, we have Helmo Timm, the peophin who played for Kiko Lake two seasons ago, along with Erli from Brightvale on the right. Similar much?

    Helmo ... Erli?

    Last but not least, our anticipated Darigan Citadel roster change was false! Turns out, the AC Committee released some outdated promotional backgrounds for team Darigan with the old player, Mungo Lifler. As it turns out, Reshar Collifey is still playing!

  • May 28, 2009, 4:47 pm NST -

    Well then... Altador Cup signups have commenced! To get started joining a team, check out the team area and select a team to join.

    Upon selection, you'll receive a background item for your team, and the Yooyu Key Quest token! So even if you aren't playing... signup to get a free token. :D

    Check out our ad-free Altador Cup IV Coverage for game faq's and challenge rules. Get caught up on the latest news from King Hagan as he confirms Team Brightvale's removal in this year's competition, and the final word on the official team rosters.
  • May 26, 2009, 9:16 pm NST - The next installment in our great history of the Altador Cup will feature the:


    Let's begin with the players:
    The captain and goalkeeper of Team Lost Desert is Leera Heggle. A native of the Lost Desert, Heggle has played in the Altador Cup all three years. In 2006, he was nominated for the All-Star team. In 2008, he was the runner up for MVP and the goalie for the All-Neopian First Team.

    The first forward on the Lost Desert team is Vonde Cayle. Cayle has played for Team Lost Desert all three years of the Cup, earning a position on the All-Neopia Second Team in 2008.

    Derbi Azar has played alongside Cayle all three years as well. In 2006, she was nominated for the Most Selfish Player award; she has not yet been nominated for any others.

    In the first Altador Cup Wyett Tuggins played as one of the Lost Desert's defenders. In 2007, Tuggins was replaced by Luvea Trivon, who played the following two years and will be returning for the fourth Altador Cup this summer.

    "Dirty" Navers played as the second defender in 2006 and 2007. Navers was nominated for the All-Star team in 2006 as well as the Dirtiest Player award. In 2007, Navers was a member of the All-Neopia Second Team. Navers was replaced in 2008 by Lamelle Turow, who was the runner-up for the Rookie of the Year award.

    Past Performance in the Cup:

    2006: 5th place
    This first Altador Cup was played in standard knockout fashion. Team Lost Desert slaughtered Team Virtupets in round one, winning by nearly 300,000 points, but lost to Team Roo Island in the second round.

    2007: 5th place
    The second Cup featured the Round Robin style tournament we've come to love. The Lost Desert yooyuballers played well, losing only to those teams which made the semifinals.

    2008: 3rd place
    In last year's Cup, the team stepped up their game, this time making the semifinals and defeating Shenkuu for third place. The team was also awarded the Special Achievement for Make Some Noise in 2008.

    Stay tuned for Team Meridell's history very soon!
  • May 25, 2009, 3:25 pm NST - You can now brush up on your Yooyuball skills right here on JN before the Altador Cup starts in June! Simply hop on over to our Pre-Season Practice page to get started. Yooyuball, Make Some Noise, and Slushie Slinger are all playable! :)

    Slushie Slinger Make Some Noise Yooyuball
    Or, click the icons above to get started!
  • May 25, 2009, 3:24 pm NST - Shootout Showdown will be the newest mini-game added to the Altador Cup Games. In this game you will go on a one-on-one match with the practice team goalie to score as many goals as you can in 60 seconds.

    The basics of the game is to use your left and right arrow keys to move the yooyuball side to side. The practice team goalie is pretty sharp, so you will have to time your shot carefully in order to make the goal. While holding down the space key, you will see the power meter go up. When the power is a max level release the space bar to shoot the ball into the net. Here are some screenshots of the game play.

    Start Menu | Start Menu (version 2) | Game Instructions
    60 Seconds on the clock | Full Power MeterGOOAAALL!!
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