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Altador Cup III

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Let the games begin!
This year, Jellyneo will be bringing you in-depth coverage on the third annual Altador Cup! We'll have daily updates with the current standings, who's up against who, and any major events. So, what are you waiting for? Join a team today and participate in the year's biggest event!

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  • July 21, 2008, 5:49 pm NST -

    The final AC standings are in! Check them out here! Congratulations to team Roo Island for winning this year's Cup! (The Krawk Islanders aren't too jovial, right now, however.)

    Prizes are now out for the AC! If you played any games at all, head on over to the prize page to claim your trophy and spend your points. :) (Talk about flying disc and smoothie overload!)
  • July 17, 2008, 10:40 pm NST - Hey there!

    We've read the comments you all have posted on the NeoBoards about our Scores and Rankings page. We totally appreciate the feedback that you guys have sent in or posted on the NeoBoards.

    We know our Predicted Standings were kinda off for both the New Formula and the Old Formula, and we're sorry that they were. Honestly, we should have used the word "Predicted" more than we should have.

    We also know that our New Formula was pretty wrong. We believed that TNT was going to change the formula (as they do with a few things around the site to keep us from finding things :P), which is why we decided to go and try out the new formula. We also gave all of you, our users, the choice to use the Old Formula as well. (The Old Formula was "confirmed" by many to be the correct formula TNT uses.)

    Just because I'm losing, doesn't mean I'm lost!

    We tried to give our users the best we could -- and we failed with our New Formula. It seems that, once again, TNT has managed to elude us as to how they figure out the Team Rankings! We'll keep working to perfect the formula, don't worry -- We'll have a bigger and better formula next Altador Cup! If you have any feedback of any sort, please email it to me at terryILOVESPAM@jellyneo.net. (Remove "ILOVESPAM".)

    Darnit, "What is the Altador Cup Standings Formula?" isn't a stupid question :(

    We're totally sorry for this booboo, and we'll keep working hard to be the best Neopets resource out there! Thanks for sticking with Jellyneo for your Altador Cup Coverage, and we'll see you again! (During the next plot, which is hopefully Neopets: The Search for More Coldplay" :P)
  • July 17, 2008, 12:32 am NST - Last scores update ever!!!11! ;_; Well, until next year. :P

    To start off, hats off to Krawk Island, Mystery Island, Meridell, and the Darigan Citadel for sweeping their opponents. So, onto the non-sweep games!

    Firstly, we have Shenkuu vs. Maraqua, which wasn't so dreadfully exciting. Shenkuu won in both Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger, and only drew Maraqua in Make Some Noise, making for a very predictable match-up.

    Kreludor also came out on top as predicted, with two wins in YYB and MSN over the Haunted Woods, with a draw in Slushie Slinger. Again, not very surprising. :P

    Roo Island, on the other hand, had quite a surprising match up against Tyrannia. As usual, Tyrannia took a draw in Slushie Slinger, but managed to snatch a win in MSN. Luckily, the Rooligans were able to maintain their dignity, and achieve a hard earned win in YYB. In the end, though, they still maintained their second place status.

    And last but not least, we have the lowly anticipated Altador vs. Brightvale game. Both teams are ranked in the bottom bracket, so it was not the most attended game yesterday. However, Altador, the host of the Cup, pulled a triumphant win in YYB, showing the players from Brightvale just how the sport is played. Team Brightvale, though, could show Altador a thing or two about slinging slushies and making some noise, which they took two wins in.

    Overall, not a bad day in the Altador Cup. Though, now the real battle begins as finals begin and any team within one of the four brackets can storm ahead to the top rank in their bracket! (Meaning, Shenkuu can run up and steal 1st place from Krawk Island!) So, stay tuned for a finals update in two days, right here on JN, when the first round of games come to a close!

    JN Staff Tourney Update: We're busily tallying up the guesses and seeing who won what! Keep watch on the tourney pages for updates. We hope to have the winners posted and crowned by the 21st! :D
  • July 16, 2008, 12:19 am NST - Well, the final day of the Altador Cup is upon us. Whatever shall we do without it?

    Anyways... Totally congrats to Team Kreludor for successfully defeating Team Roo Island in two of the three games -- Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise, and tieing with them in Yooyuball. (This makes Team Kreludor the overall winner of yesterday's round, by the way!) That, readers, is why you should never underestimate an opponent. ;)

    We asked Team Roo Island Captain, Lilo Blumario about this... set of startling results, and all he said was this: "You know, it's the end of the Altador Cup. We're basically guaranteed a spot in the Top Four, already being in the Top Two and all, so I figured -- we should take a break and get well rested for the real thing, the finals." Wise move by Team Roo Island, as they are basically safe from any place-age movement. They are far ahead enough point-wise to maintain their second place; if the schedule were changed in any other way, there would actually be a possibility that Team Roo Island could be bumped down to Third Place!

    Team Meridell, however, should hope that the Altador Cup Committee is using a new formula to calculate rankings, as based on the old formula, they are out of the running for the Cup, while in the new formula, they are in 4th Place, and just hanging onto it by a thread. They'll need to step up their game if they want to head into the finals in the 1st Bracket!

    Faerieland played a great game of Yooyuball yesterday, putting all their effort into the game just to tie Team Virtupets. Great strategic move by Team Faerieland, as this adds half a point to their weighted standings!

    And... what's this? There's a tie for 5th Place between Teams Shenkuu and Kreludor in the New Formula! (In the Old Formula, they are 0.08 points away from each other, meaning that the placing between the two teams are still up in the air!)

    Now, onto the bad news -- the Top 4 Rejectolator 3000 has rejected yet another team (in the New Formula) and two teams (in the Old Formula)! Team Mystery Island is out of the running for the Top 4 in the New Formula, and Teams Meridell and Darigan Citadel are out of the running in the Old Formula! They should still play their hardest tomorrow, as they can still play for 5th Place if they make it into the 2nd Bracket!

    Great job to Teams Krawk Island, Meridell, Shenkuu and Tyrannia for sweeping their opponents, and again, GREAT job to Kreludor for managing to defeat Team Roo Island, such a formidable opponent! Because of today's startling results, the games to watch out for tomorrow are most definitely the game between Teams Lost Desert and Krawk Island, as well as the game between Teams Kreludor and Haunted Woods. All four teams have an excellent track record, and we here on the JN Altador Cup Team are looking forward to the finals!

    From all of us here on the JN Altador Cup Team (and the JN Altador Cup Tourney People), we thank you for using JN as your Altador Cup Source for Graphics, Standings, News and more, and we hope you'll stay for our plot coverage or our super guides! :)

    Remember, for a full view at our weighting system and the Rejectolator 3000, be sure to check out our Scores and Standings Page!
  • July 15, 2008, 2:44 pm NST - Our third to last daily scores update. ;_;

    Today is a short post, as we send our congratulations to Meridell, Maraqua, Terror Mountain, Shenkuu, Kreludor, and Krawk Island for sweeping their opponents in yesterday's games! Now, that leaves us with only two games to talk about!

    First on the agenda, is Haunted Woods vs. Mystery Island. Haunted Woods played strong and took their wins in Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger, but Mystery Island's fans did not let up when it came to screaming their lungs out. Earlier we spoke with a "Make Some Noise" judge, and he had some thoughts to say, well, yell, about the HW vs. MI thoughts. "WHAT WAS THAT?? OH... SORRY, COULDN'T HEAR YOU. AFTER TODAY'S MI VS HW ROUND, I'M LEFT WITH THIS LOUD RINGING IN MY EARS... IT'S HARD TO MAKE OUT ANYTHING ELSE THAT ANYBODY IS SAYING... I FEEL LIKE I'M STILL JUDGING THE MSN GAME!" Well then...

    Onto Roo Island vs. Lost Desert. The poor Rooligans took a beating from the third place team, the Lost Desert. Although the Rooligans pulled off a win in YYB, they were not able to come out on top in either SS or MSN. Luckily, a draw was issued for SS, so some credit was given. It certainly isn't good to be losing that many wins in the last couple of rounds of the Cup...

    Be sure to check out our Scores and Standings page for a more complete look at yesterday's games, and try out our new feature, the Top 4 Rejectolator 3000!
  • July 14, 2008, 12:13 pm NST - Well, you know how this first line is usually full of boring non-information? Now there's info. ;) I've thrown up a tiny new feature on our Scores and Standings Page. Introducing... the Top 4 Rejectolater 3000! It slices, it dices, and it tells you your team doesn't have a chance to play for 1st Place! Amazing! This revolutionary technology is so cool, even ninjas don't compare themselves to it because they don't want to look bad! D: For more info (or less), click here to read the official release newspost!

    Congrats to Teams Darigan Citadel, Haunted Woods, Krawk Island, Maraqua and Shenkuu for sweeping their opponents. Unfortunately, these sweeps did nothing for any team standings-wise. :P

    The most interesting game from yesterday is definately the one between Meridell and Roo Island, with Team Meridell edging out Team Roo Island in Yooyuball, falling slightly back in Slushie Slinger with a tie, and losing to Team Roo Island in Make Some Noise. When we talked to Roo Island Defender Gordo Gunnels, he said this: "We just lost. Is that really such a big deal?" and stormed off into the Team Roo Island locker room. Perhaps his laziness cost his team the game? We'll see when today's results come out later tonight.

    Team Kreludor is certainly putting up a great effort, tying with Team Lost Desert in Yooyuball, but perhaps they put too much energy into Yooyuball, giving Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise to team Lost Desert. Overall, yesterday's results were pretty predictable with the exception of Team Roo Island's loss in Yooyuball to Team Meridell.

    Of today's games, you should keep an eye out for the game between Team Lost Desert and Team Roo Island. Team Roo Island is so close to getting second place -- it would be surprising if they didn't at least tie in Yooyuball.

    Be sure to check out our Scores and Standings page for a more complete look at yesterday's games, and try out our new feature, the Top 4 Rejectolator 3000!
  • July 14, 2008, 11:48 am NST - Hehe, there's a new tiny feature on our Altador Cup Scores and Standings Page. Do you know what it is? C'mon, guess!

    Um... it doesn't say anything about a Rejectolator, do you see anything?

    Introducing... the Top 4 Rejectolator 3000! Yes, that's what it really does. It tells you whether or not your team can make it to the Top 4. (And it works with our Day Links AND our Team Highlighting AND the Double Formula Feature!) If teams are in red, that means that the team can not make it to the first bracket. If your team is in yellow, that means that the team YOU are on can not make it to the first bracket. (And if it's in blue or white, congratulations. :P)

    This new feature is only on our Team Standings table. (The Top 8 table doesn't really need it... :P) Go check it out!
  • July 13, 2008, 9:42 am NST - Teeheehee, I'm stealing Scores Update from Dave again! :D

    Congratulations to Teams Kreludor, Lost Desert and Shenkuu for being the only teams to sweep today! (They swept Teams Terror Mountain, Virtupets and Altador.)

    There are four more days left in the Altador Cup Double Round Robin, and only so many more points left to be given out by the Altador Cup Committee. (Well, 6.27 Points for the New Formula and 5.60 Points for the Old Formula.)

    In the New Formula, this means that Krawk Island and Roo Island are confirmed to be in the Top Four, with teams 10-16 (Tyrannia through Faerieland) not being able to make it up to the top 4 regardless of their sweeping of other opponents. To see if your team is in that range, head on over to our Team Standings table! We talked to Roo Island Team Captain, Lilo Blumario, about the confirmation of their being in the Top 4. "Well, even though we're in the top four, we're still below Krawk Island. It's either number one or nothing. It's definitely not time for celebration yet -- I plan on having a hot, steaming cup of Piratey Fruit Juice with the Cup by my side."

    However, the Old Formula is a different story. Teams Lost Desert to Shenkuu (Teams 3-5) all have a shot at the first bracket, with everyone above Team Haunted Woods having a shot at the second, and the third and fourth basically totally open. (Duh. :P) The only confirmations for the Old Formula are that Teams Krawk Island and Roo Island will be in the first bracket and Teams Tyrannia and Maraqua will be in the third bracket.

    The most surprising win from yesterday is the Yooyuball win from the game between Team Faerieland and Team Brightvale, which ultimately went to Team Faerieland! (If this seems familiar, it is. Why? Because this happened 11 days ago too.) Despite losing to Brightvale in Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise, Faerieland got the overall win today, adding one point to their weighted score. When we talked to Team Faerieland Captain Kakoni Worrill earlier, he said only this: "Those who are dead, are not dead -- They're just living in your head. ;)", perhaps commenting on their belief that people assume Team Faerieland is the weakest team, and that they can change the cup lickety split.

    Compared to the last time they battled in the Yooyuball Arena, Team Meridell has upped their game against Team Mystery Island, trading in some of their Noisemakers for some Yooyuball Slings. Obviously, this was a useful trade, as it led to a Meridell Yooyuball win and a Make Some Noise tie. This wise move also propelled Team Meridell up one slot, into 5th Place. If they keep this up, they could quite possibly make it to the first bracket by the end of the Double Round Robin!

    For more Scores and Standings, be sure to check out our Scores and Standings page! (Oh, like that wasn't obvious at all. :P) It's honestly brilliant. ;)
  • July 12, 2008, 2:29 pm NST - Lateness ensues once again. It was totally because we wanted to give you time to read our editorial first, though. *shifty eyes*

    Anywho, down to business. Meridell, Krawk Island, Roo Island, the Lost Desert, and the Haunted Woods all swept their opponents in yesterday's games. All of the above are top four contenders, but Meridell and the Woods are the only ones currently not there.

    Our first game of discussion of Kreludor vs. Maraqua. It wasn't a tough day at all for the Kreludans, as they pulled a win in Yooyuball and Make Some Noise. But the Maraquans know how to sling slushies with a passion, as their team took home a win in Slushie Slinger. Despite the one win from Maraqua, though, Kreludor still pulled up into fourth place, dominating over Mystery Island. With only five days of play left... can they keep it?

    Next, we have the Darigan Citadel vs. Tyrannia. As is customary, Tyrannia took their win in Slushie Slinger (seriously... where are they pulling all of those wins from!?) and a draw in MSN. With the finals on the line, this was certainly a bad day for the Darigan Citadel. If they have another day like this, they could be kissing any chance at the top four goodbye.

    Shenkuu, on the other hand, is shifting into upper gear as they pummeled poor Mystery Island to the ground yesterday. Fighting fierce, and fighting to win, Team Shenkuu easily received two wins in SS and MSN. Not wanting to lose it all, MI stepped it up in YYB, but still only managed a draw. This slip has indeed hurt MI quite badly, forcing them to take fifth place in the standings.

    As always, head on over to our Scores and Rankings page for an update on the placing of each team. And don't forget, these posts will only be posted the AC Coverage section during the week, but during weekends, we'll post them on the main site as well. :)

    Also, don't forget to vote every two days in our AC Staff Tourney. Only two rounds remain! Go guess now!
  • July 11, 2008, 9:01 am NST - As Day 24 comes to a close, most teams have stepped it up in their bid for the top four.

    Congratulations is in order for Shenkuu, Kreludor, Mystery Island, the Darigan Citadel, the Haunted Woods, and Tyrannia (oohhh, could they be top 4 material next year?) for sweeping their opponents in yesterday's events. All of those teams, save for Tyrannia, have a shot at the top four, so kudos to them for pulling a sweep!

    Now, we have the Lost Desert and Meridell, another two teams vying for the top spots. However, much to the chagrin of the Meridellians, the Lost Desert took wins in both Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise, but only managed a tie with the knights in Yooyuball. However, despite this apparent poor showing, neither team moved in or out of the place they were in just yesterday.

    And now... for the big game everyone's been talking about... Krawk Island vs. Roo Island! Many were disappointed with yesterday's downtime, thinking that the teams would be at a disadvantage. However, both teams were being affected, so it turned out just fine. Krawk Island played hard, but took a loss in YYB, not able to beat the Rooligans and their magic on the field. However, slushie slinging was looking better for the pirates, as they pulled their only win in the match in SS. MSN, on the other hand, had to be called as a tie, as the judges could not tell if either of the teams' fans were screaming louder than the other.

    As always, head on over to our Scores and Rankings page for an update on the placing of each team.

    Also, don't forget to vote every two days in our AC Staff Tourney. Only two rounds remain! Go guess now!