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Altador Cup XVIII

TNT Staff Tournament

Beginning June 7, 2023, you will be able to create your own TNT "dream team" in the TNT Staff Tournament. Build your team by selecting two forward players, two defenders and one goalie. At the end of each week, each player's points will be added up, Neopoint prizes will be given out, and you will be able to select a team for the following week.

The Players

You can pick from your favourite teams, favourite staffers, or whomever you think will rack up the most amount of points for your dream team. Displayed below is a list of the players, the teams they are representing, and the position they play.

Team: Shenkuu
Strength: Befriending the Yooyus to score more goals
Weakness: Terminally sleepy, Clumsy
Team: Moltara
Strength: Extreme anxiety that provides speed!
Weakness: Tummy hurty disease and chronic sleepiness
Team: Altador
Strength: Color coordinating
Weakness: Cute cups, glassware, and dishware!
Team: Faerieland
Strength: Daydreaming
Weakness: Slorg Slushies
Team: Krawk Island
Strength: Super tough exterior!
Weakness: Paper
Team: Haunted Woods
Strength: Make electricity...great to power a clock!
Weakness: All things potatoes...especially curly fries
Team: Mystery Island
Strength: Hawaiian shirt game
Weakness: It's 5'oclock somewhere!
Team: Kreludor
Strength: Imagination
Weakness: Crowds
Team: Kiko Lake
Strength: Never need to moisturize my hands!
Weakness: ...I never read the rules to Yooyuball...
Team: Virtupets
Strength: Still searching, can you help me ???????
Weakness: A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands....
Team: Tyrannia
Strength: Cavepainting and speaking Ugg-ga
Weakness: Asteroids and Rotten Omelettes
Team: Brightvale
Strength: Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken
Weakness: Poison
Team: Lost Desert
Strength: Poogle power!
Weakness: Shiny, Shiny, Shiny....Poogles!!
Team: Roo Island
Strength: Over analyzing, Pro-active
Weakness: perfectionist, Over analyzing
Binary Supagoo
Binary Supagoo
Team: Darigan Citadel
Strength: Knowing the code...
Weakness: Portable Holes
CMA Forrad
CMA Forrad
Team: Meridell
Strength: Tenacious
Weakness: Butter-caramel-chocolate sandwich, mmm!
Ehlo Froyo
Ehlo Froyo
Team: Maraqua
Strength: Forever Expert Objectonist
Weakness: Jaw Breakers and Sporks are evil. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ
Team: Terror Mountain
Strength: Wearing cardigans, slinging 13 slushies at once
Weakness: Cruel summer, snow on the beach


Changes can be made to your dream team at any time during each round until 11:59 PM NST the night before the round closes. The results for each round will be announced approximately 24 hours after the round closes.

Round Team Choosing Closes On Results On
Round One 7 June 12 June
11:59 PM NST
14 June
Round Two 14 June 19 June
11:59 PM NST
21 June
Round Three 21 June 26 June
11:59 PM NST
28 June
Round Four 28 June 3 July
11:59 PM NST
5 July

Star Player

Returning for the 6th year in 2023, each round will have a "Star Player" selected, and if that player is in your team lineup for the round and you selected them as the Star Player, you'll earn an extra bonus prize distributed via Neomail the following morning.

Hello {username},
Congratulations, you guessed it right! Here is your prize for correctly predicting {staffer} as the Star Player of Round X.

Criteria for the Star Player is not set in stone, and can change week to week:

The criteria for this selection may vary each time - it could be the top scorer one round, attitude the next round and consistency the round after that.

From the Staff Tournament FAQ (click to Events/Plots and scroll to the "ALTADOR CUP STAFF TOURNAMENT" section.)
All-Star Player
Round Star Player Criteria Prize
Round 1 Ivy Reliable Rookie
Ivy Building Block Figurine
Round 2 Sunpotato Most Liked Player
Sunpotato Building Block Figurine
Round 3 Fae Brilliant Beginner
Fae Building Block Figurine
Round 4 Weirdough Dependable Competitor
Weirdough Building Block Figurine

Round Scores and Results

At the end of each round, each player's total scores are added up. The total is then divided by 2, and that is how many Neopoints you are awarded. At the end of the last round, you'll be able to cash in your points for items. Below is a table of each staffer's scores for each round.

As you make guesses, you will want to take into account the scores below from prior rounds, and you may also want to look back at last year's tournament scores for an idea of which staffers may do well.

Scores highlighted in green indicate the top two (or one for Goalies) players of each type for each round. (In other words, if you had the two green Forwards, the two green Defenders, and the one green Goalie, you had the best scoring team for that round.)

The maximum possible points for this year's staff tournament prize shop is 61,038 points. Conversely, the lowest score possible with having competed in each round was 31,657 points.

Results - Forwards
Staffer Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Total
Dingo 2370 2540 2380 2560 9850
Fae 3230 3410 4180 4040 14860
MissRainbow 1590 1790 2280 1481 7141
Rizzard 1440 1358 1346 1301 5445
Stone 810 1660 1060 1920 5450
SunPotato 1490 1600 1530 1670 6290
Weirdough 1738 2100 2015 2352 8205
Results - Defenders
Staffer Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Total
Aesop 2115 2550 2900 2850 10415
Clammyhand 1840 2390 2150 2130 8510
Iceman 2130 2240 2400 2101 8871
Ivy 3128 3300 3690 3730 13848
Kakarot 1670 1770 1660 1660 6760
Kikocat 2390 2340 2250 2390 9370
Unknown 2203 2383 2175 2371 9132
Results - Goalies
Staffer Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Total
Binary Supagoo 2280 2140 2390 2340 9150
CMA Forrad 860 1570 1510 2340 6280
Ehlo Froyo 2290 2390 2170 2230 9080
Willow 2910 2920 3000 2960 11790


You can spend any points you earned at the prize shop.