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Altador Cup XVIII

Altador from the Clouds

Altador from the Clouds returns for a second year as the Neocash component for the Altador Cup XVIII. It will run from June 6th to July 23rd.

Boarding Passes

Boarding Passes went on sale at the NC Mall starting June 6th. As with last year's NC event, you do not need to buy separate passes. Instead, you can buy boarding passes individually or in bulk to redeem for only the items you want.

There will be 28 unique daily items, but you can also use multiple Boarding Passes to get an unlimited number of each unique daily item. (This is similar to hanging multiple stockings in the Stocking Stufftacular.)

You can participate in this event on your side accounts.

Boarding Passes can be activated by visiting the event hub page and just clicking on the item you want. Alternately, they can be activated from your inventory by clicking on the Boarding Pass and activating it via the item action dropdown.

You can also read the full FAQ.

How to Play

Once you have activated your Boarding Passes, visit the Altador from the Clouds page and click on the suitcase for the day you wish to claim. A confirmation box will pop up:

Upon clicking "Yes" the item will be immediately added to your inventory:

You can claim any day's item again, up to an unlimited number of times, provided you have enough boarding passes available.

Although passes will leave the Mall on July 23rd, you can continue to redeem already-purchased passes until the start of the 2024 Altador Cup event.


June 6th

Gold and Emerald Headdress Crown
June 7th

Golden Rays Trinket
June 8th

Striped Boating Outfit
June 9th

Flowy Green Dress
June 10th

Glass Flowers Foreground
June 11th

Green & Brown Shimmer Makeup
June 12th

Windswept Short Wig
June 13th

Kiko Glass Sculptures Foreground
June 14th

Gold and Emerald Necklace
June 15th

Kiko Lake Dinner Buffet Station
June 16th

Timeless Suit Jacket
June 17th

Gold Bubble Pipe
June 18th

Lakeside Flouncy Swimsuit
June 19th

Green Strappy Sandals
June 20th

Mint Chocolate Chip Milkshake
June 21st

Golden Half-Up Side Braid Wig
June 22nd

Floating Kiko Balloons
June 23rd

Glass Yooyuballs Garland
June 24th

Fashionable Sun Hat
June 25th

Boating Shoes
June 26th

Classy Shoulder Shawl
June 27th

Green Lakeside Sunglasses
June 28th

Emerald Drop Earrings
June 29th

Flying in the Sky Background
June 30th

Pleasant Boat Ride Outfit
* see alert below
July 1st

Stained Glass Frame
July 2nd

Kiko Bandage
July 3rd

Dusk at Kiko Lake Background
*Day 25 glitch! The prize for Day 25 (June 30th) was erroneously the same as Day 10 (June 15th): Kiko Lake Dinner Buffet Station. This was corrected in the early afternoon on July 6 alongside an announcement in the new features:
NC Mall News: Prize update! This notice is for participants of the Altador from the Clouds 2023 event who received the Kiko Lake Dinner Buffet Station on Day 25. We sincerely apologize for the mix-up of prizes! Please enjoy the double prize and we are working on getting the correct prize, Pleasant Boat Ride Outfit, into your inventories. Thank you for your support and patience!
The replacement Outfits for those who redeemed for Day 25 before the July 6 update were sent out to affected users starting the morning of July 10.


You will receive a bonus for redeeming passes for 8, 15, and 28 unique items. (Redeeming passes for 2 or more of one item doesn't count.) You can earn a duplicate 8-day or 15-day bonus by simply redeeming a pass for an additional Day 8 (June 13th) or Day 15 (June 20th) prize respectively, so long as you had the 8th and 15th day prizes redeemed as part of your original 8 or 15 prizes respectively. The day 28 bonuses cannot be earned more than once per account, even if you redeem passes for all items more than once.

Day 8 Bonus

Feathered Glass Wings
Day 15 Bonus

Cute Face Bandage
Day 28 Bonus

Sprinkle of Diamonds Markings
Day 28 Bonus

Glass Bottom Boat Kiko Lake Background