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Altador Cup XVII
It's Jordle... with Jordie! Can you guess today's word?
Take a tour of the entire planet of Neopia.
Weapon stats and Battledome challengers!
Earn NP from playing games!
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Altador Cup XVII

Rank Calculator

To access your rank information, visit the Colosseum home page, and scroll to the "Your Stats" section. Click on the shield in the top right corner of that section.

Click where it says Beginner, or your own rank!

The pop-up will contain the number of wins you'll need in each game to increase your rank. You do not need to play all of those games. They are simply the number of games if you were to only play that single game. We recommend playing a mix of the four Cup games.

Minimum Scores and Daily Limits

In... You must score... Maximum games per day
Yooyuball Win or Draw the game 46
Make Some Noise 2,700 points 401
Slushie Slinger 270 points 86
Shootout Showdown 35 points (1 goal) 401

Reaching All-Star: 2022

To reach All-Star rank, you must score the equivalent of one of the following:

  • 734 Yooyball wins
  • 2,200 Yooyuball draws
  • 1,467 Slushie Slinger games
  • 8,800 Make Some Noise games, or
  • 8,800 Shootout Showdown games

Assuming you only played one of the games but reached the maximum games per day on it, it would take you 16 days to reach All-Star by winning Yooyuball games, 18 days playing Slushie Slinger, and 22 days playing Make Some Noise or Shootout Showdown. If playing each game to maximum each day, it would take 5 days to reach All-Star.