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Altador Cup XVI
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Altador Cup XVI

Altador Cup News and Updates

Recap: Altador Cup Days 7-9
  • Posted by Zelda
  • Posted on June 17, 2021, 9:17 pm NST

Three more days have passed, which means we're about halfway through the round robin matches of this year's Altador Cup. Have you been enjoying your slushies?

Team Lost Desert has continued to sweep its opponents, as is now unsurprising for this year. Their scores continue to range from high normal to insanely loud cheering. Seriously, how much Crunchy Quiggles are the desert cheerleaders eating for breakfast??

Their first victim, Team Mystery Island didn't fare much better against Team Virtupets. The scores were closer, but the island team lost in another sweep on Day 8. They managed to gain a bit of momentum against Team Haunted Woods on Day 9, however. Right defender Crade Talvos was toe-to-toe with newcomer Tulay Ada almost the entire match. The island Cybunny bobbed and weaved with the fluidity of gentle waves reaching shore, and for much of the match, Team Mystery Island was just ahead. But a lucky interception by Talvos brought the game to a tie in the last few seconds, and gave Team Haunted Woods the momentum they needed to take the overtime goal as well.

As for Team Kreludor, their Day 8 loss to the desert team didn't deal too much of a hit to their rank. The loss followed an easy sweep of Team Tyrannia the day before, and the lunar team's frustration at the second loss of the season led them to some of their highest scores yet against Team Brightvale. Their concessions workers were in particularly rare form, slinging flavours with a precision and speed that can only come from a land practiced with aeronautical engineering details.

Team Darigan Citadel gave the desert team the greatest challenge of the last few days, carrying the momentum of two easy wins against Team Roo Island and Team Moltara into a fierce bid for victory. The were unmatched, as all have been so far this year, but left forward Leyton Vickles and goalie Reshar Collifey are to be commended for some of their best performances all season.

After three more sweeps, Team Altador remains firmly established as the main challenger to Team Lost Desert. Team Brightvale began the week well, but lost momentum as the days went on. Stamina continues to be as much an opponent as their actual opponents.

Team Virtupets continues to perform erratically, losing to Team Maraqua in the side games, sweeping Team Mystery Island, then losing to a sweep by Team Faerieland, who I'm told are thrilled to have another win under their belts after a year of mostly low-scoring matches. Meanwhile, Team Meridell and Team Kiko Lake found themselves in a number of close matches that had to be decided in overtime. The Kikos especially are running a little ragged after so many games running long this season, Meela Kitah reports.

Finally, despite yet more shuffling around in the middle of the pack, the standings are beginning to stabilize, and this year's brackets are starting to take shape. Who will get a big break with a surprise upset? Who will fall? Are these brackets here to stay, or is the fight not over yet for some tier three team? Stay tuned, and keep on cheering on those teams!
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Altador Cup Messaging Stickers
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on June 17, 2021, 8:03 pm NST

If you're an Altador Cup fan and want to use your favorite players or AC characters to express yourself—you now can with stickers available for iMessage and LINE.

The sticker pack is something you download and use in either your LINE messaging app or in iMessage. Downloading the pack costs $0.99 USD.

Available here on LINE (iPhone, Android, and Desktop):

And also available here for iMessage (iPhone):

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Altador Cup Staff Tournament Round 1 Results
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on June 16, 2021, 5:57 am NST

The results for the first round of the TNT Staff Tournament are now in! You have until June 22nd to select your team for the second round.

If you successfully guessed Username Redacted as the Star Player for this round, you will be rewarded with the following item:

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Altador Cup: Week 1 Recap
  • Posted by Zelda
  • Posted on June 14, 2021, 1:38 am NST

Hello, Yooyuball fans! We're now a week into the Cup, and favorites are starting to emerge.

Team Kreludor has had some early success, losing only once so far—to Team Altador. When asked their secret, goalkeeper Jurin T. observed that practice makes perfect. And indeed, Team Kreludor has regularly scored well in Shootout Showdown, thanks to the constant presence of their members at the practice field.

Team Altador has also lost only one round so far, against Team Lost Desert. They, too, have been effective on the practice field throughout this first week's matches. Their cheerleaders have been more inconsistent, but when they are ready to play, they are powerhouses. I've started having to bring earplugs just to attend a match!

The brother kings have sent competitive lineups to the Cup as well this year. Team Brightvale and Team Meridell also finished last week with five wins a piece, though their wins have been less decisive. While Team Kreludor and Team Altador consistently win with complete shutout victories, the knights and scholars have not always been so lucky. Team Meridell defeated Team Maraqua in a nail-biting fourth round of overtime when right forward Fiorina snuck a lucky shot past goalie Tonie Plessix with a mutant yooyu. Team Brightvale has had even more close calls—against Team Darigan Citadel, Team Krawk Island, and Team Kiko Lake. If they can keep that tenacity through the tournament, however, they may find themselves outlasting their opponents into the finals.

And, of course, if you've been past a slushie stand, cheering match, or practice round duel, you'll know the favorites this year are Team Lost Desert. No other team remains undefeated so far in the tournament, and the desert yooyuballers have dominated every match after a fiercely close day-one fight against Team Kiko Lake. I hear the cheerleading judges have now moved outside the stands for all Team Lost Desert matches and are awarding points to their opponents based on the number of words still audible from their new judging table. I'm sure that's just an exaggeration...

This next week will start to solidify brackets and establish the top contenders for the trophy. It's still anyone's game, but the lowest scorers will need to make up some time, and fast, if they want to have a shot at the trophy. Team Faerieland, Team Haunted Woods, and Team Roo Island each have only a single win from last week—Team Haunted Woods against Team Faerieland, and the others against Team Tyrannia.

Team Tyrannia has had no luck so far this year. With no wins so far, and low scores in their matches, captain Loryche has the team doing some new focus exercises to help keep their energy up during matches. Team Mystery Island has fared even worse so far. After two game wins at the beginning of the week, not a single contest has swung in the islanders' favour since. Goalie Lor Benneveldt is said to be joking about asking for double pay this year because of all the extra energy he's spending trying to block more shots than normal.

Only time will tell if these lower-ranked teams can pull themselves back into the running, or if these early favorites will keep their hold on the Cup throughout. Best of luck to all the players, and we'll see you on the field!
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Altador Cup Staff Tournament
  • Posted by Zelda
  • Posted on June 9, 2021, 4:12 pm NST

The Altador Cup Staff Tournament has begun! The format is the same as in previous years—each week, you'll select two forwards, two defenders, and a goalie to form your fantasy team. Based on how well they play, you'll earn points.

You have today and tomorrow (until midnight NST, Thursday 10th June) until midnight NST, Monday 14th June to select or change your team lineup for round 1. Not sure who to pick? Check out last year's staff tournament results to see who excelled and who struggled. Not everyone's a returning player this year, though, so ultimately you'll just have to trust your instincts!

Note: Bonus prizes are once again available for correctly guessing each round's star player. Be sure to select a star player from among your team members each week for a chance at that extra prize.

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