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Altador Cup XVI
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Altador Cup XVI

Altador Coastline Gala

The Altador Coastline Gala is the 2021 Neocash component for the Altador Cup XVI. It will run from June 7th to July 16th.


Wristbands went on sale at the NC Mall starting June 7th. As with last year's NC event, you do not need to buy separate passes. Instead, you can buy wristband individually or in bulk to only redeem the items you want.

There will be 28 unique items, but you can also use multiple Wristbands to get an unlimited number of each unique daily item. (Similar to hanging multiple stockings in the Stocking Stufftacular.)

You can participate in this event on your side accounts, however as this involves joining an Altador Cup team, you must discard the Neopoint items you are given as a signup bonus.

Wristbands can be activated by visiting the Gala hub page and just clicking on the item you want, or alternately from your inventory, clicking on the Wristband, and activating it via the item action dropdown.

You can also read the full FAQ (Click to Events/Plots and scroll to the 2nd section.)

How to Play

Once you have activated your Wristbands, visit to the Altador Coastline Gala page and click on the day you wish to claim below the main image. You will be able to claim it again, up to an unlimited number of times, should you wish provided you have enough wristbands available.


June 7th

Ivory & Gold Toga Swim Suit
June 8th

Bronze Shimmer Eyeshadow
June 9th

Altadorian Legends Bust Planters
June 10th

Oceanic White Cave Background
June 11th

High Class Altadorian Toga
June 12th

Glamorous Strappy Heels
June 13th

Elegant Pool Floatie


You will receive a bonus for redeeming 8, 15, and 28 unique items. (Redeeming 2 or more of one item doesn't count.) New this year, you can earn duplicate day 8 and 15 bonuses provided that you got 8 and 15 unique items each multiple times - the day 28 bonuses cannot be earned in duplicate for completing the entire set of 28 items multiple times.