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Altador Cup X

TNT Staff Tournament

Beginning June 5, 2015, you will be able to create your own TNT "dream team" in the TNT Staff Tournament. Build your team by selecting two forward players, two defenders and one goalie. At the end of each week, each player's points will be added up, Neopoint prizes will be given out, and you will be able to select a team for the following week.

The Players

You can pick from your favourite teams, favourite staffers, or whomever you think will rack up the most amount of points for your dream team. Displayed below is a list of the players, the teams they are representing, and the position they play.

Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom
Team: Terror Mountain
Strength: 2nd Breakfast
Weakness: Hats
DJ Skellington
DJ Skellington
Team: Haunted Woods
Strength: The midnight hour
Weakness: The sun
Drama Queen
Drama Queen
Team: Tyrannia
Strength: Elephante Memory
Weakness: Popcorn
Team: Brightvale
Strength: El Pickelsaur poems
Weakness: Usukicon exclusives
Team: Mystery Island
Strength: Fighting against sissy la la's
Weakness: Sad animal commercials
Team: Krawk Island
Strength: Mind Reader
Weakness: Food
Team: Moltara
Strength: Magma pomade
Weakness: Lack of hair product
Bancha Ninja
Bancha Ninja
Team: Shenkuu
Strength: Shadow ninjutsu
Weakness: Deceived by own jutsu
Country Queen
Country Queen
Team: Faerieland
Strength: Pump up jams
Weakness: Indecisiveness
Dark Lord
Dark Lord
Team: Altador
Strength: Strength
Weakness: Fire Yooyus
Team: Roo Island
Strength: Press influence
Weakness: Kindhearted
Team: Kiko Lake
Strength: Agile
Weakness: Cheeeesee
Team: Lost Desert
Strength: Poogle Army
Weakness: Lutari's cuteness
Team: Kreludor
Strength: Fast Runner
Weakness: Forever sleepy... *yawn*
Binary Supagoo
Binary Supagoo
Team: Darigan Citadel
Strength: Hard shell
Weakness: Gravity
Team: Meridell
Strength: Consistency
Weakness: Versatility
Ehlo Froyo
Ehlo Froyo
Team: Maraqua
Strength: Slinging and Devouring
Weakness: Forks (they're evil!)
Hip-Hop Queen
Hip-Hop Queen
Team: Virtupets
Strength: Decisiveness
Weakness: Country pump up jams


Changes can be made to your dream team at any time during each week until midnight (12:00am NST) Friday. The results for each round will be announced on Friday afternoons.

Round Team Choosing Results On
Round One 5 June 12 June
Round Two 12 June 19 June
Round Three 19 June 26 June

Round Scores and Results

At the end of each round, each player's total scores are added up. The total is then divided by 2, and that is how much NP you are awarded. At the end of the last round, you'll be able to cash in your points for items. Below is a table of each staffer's scores for each round.

Results - Forwards
Staffer Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Cherry Blossom 580 1,260 1,465 3,305
DJ Skellington 1,305 1,305 1,340 3,950
Drama Queen 1,098 1,036 1,375 3,509
Lawyerbot 339 508 662 1,509
Ninjakins 235 207 480 922
Rain 406 1,202 964 2,572
Senor Malo 1,220 1,355 1,550 4,125
Results - Defenders
Staffer Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Bancha Ninja 1,450 1,740 1,896 5,086
Country Queen 1,243 1,640 1,790 4,673
Dark Lord 1,036 1,243 1,504 3,783
Droplet 1,171 1,119 1,360 3,650
Firefly 956 884 1,056 2,896
Kikocat 1,095 1,195 1,300 3,590
Rookie 1,460 1,834 1,925 5,219
Results - Goalies
Staffer Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Binary Supagoo 1,345 1,320 1,699 4,364
Breik 296 444 617 1,357
Ehlo Froyo 941 1,670 1,610 4,221
Hip-Hop Queen 1,230 1,480 1,660 4,370


You can spend any points you earned at the prize shop.