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Alien Aisha Vending Machine

Alien Aisha Vending Machine Information
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The Alien Aisha Vending Machine is a game run by a small army of Alien Aishas.

For a small (or perhaps large) price—a single Nerkmid—you can try your luck at winning a prize and some Neopoints. If your Neopoint reward is large enough, you may even qualify for a trophy! The first time you play the Vending Machine you will also receive an avatar.

How To Play

To play the Vending Machine, simply travel over to the Neopian Plaza, or the Vending Machine directly. Once there, click the button that says "Press me to Continue!" with at least one Nerkmid in your inventory. The machine will ask you to select a combination of levers and buttons—your selections will not have an effect on the item prize that you receive, but will have an effect on the NP reward/high score.

Obtaining Nerkmids

There are currently four confirmed methods for obtaining Nerkmids:

Types of Nerkmids

Below is a list of the different types of Nerkmids. You can also view more details about them in our Item Database by clicking on the item image.


Every Nerkmid used will award you some Neopoints in addition to one of the possible items below when you play the Vending Machine. The very first time you play, you will also be awarded an avatar.

Any Fading Bottled Faerie »

Any Gross Food r98 and lower »

Any Nerkmid »

Any Paint Brush r150 and lower »

The Paint Brush category actually can actually award any item with "Paint Brush" in its name. In the past, this led to items that were not actual Paint Brushes being awarded, such as Paint Brush Coin. However, on July 5th, 2019, TNT changed the item names of all such items to say "PaintBrush" (no space) instead, at which point the Vending Machine stopped awarding them.

Item Probabilities

  • Gross Food: 70%
  • Nerkmid: 15%
  • Fading Bottled Faerie: 10%
  • Paint Brush: 5%

While we know that the buttons and levers have no impact on the prize, there is not yet conclusive data about whether or not different Nerkmids give out different prizes. However, we do know that using different Nerkmids are not more likely to earn you a Paint Brush than others.


You may be awarded anywhere between 1 NP to 86,000 NP or more, but the majority of NP rewards are under 2,000 NP. The chances of higher NP rewards decrease exponentially for every 10,000 NP extra.

High Scores and Trophies

Your score on the high score table is equal to the amount of Neopoints you receive from the machine using a single Nerkmid, which is based only on luck. Using additional Nerkmids only changes your high score if the Neopoints you receive is higher than your previous highest score; it is not accumulative.

If aiming for a trophy, it's advantageous to spend Nerkmids at the beginning of the month after the table has been wiped for the beginning of the month, as later in the month there will have been more lucky people with large amounts of NP that came through already.

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