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Advert Attack

Advert Attack Information
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While the latest arcade game from Dr. Sloth seems innocent enough, it's riddled with annoying adverts for all sorts of scams. Try not to be tempted into visiting any of these AMAZING OFFERS, who knows what you might be suckered into...

Dr. Sloth
Evil genius economics 101: Monetise everything!

How to Play

The controls for Advert Attack are pretty simple: it's just clicking buttons on-screen with your mouse to move Ace Zafara towards the finish line or to close some pesky adverts. Moving Ace requires you to click on the big "GO!" button to nudge him a step forward. However, this can be a little tricky as the "GO!" button moves randomly around the grey box at the bottom of the screen each time it's clicked.

You will need to click the button 24 times within a time limit of 50 seconds in each level. If you don't make it to the end in that time, it's game over. The first level of the game is quite easy, but starting from level 2 adverts will pop up in the game at regular intervals, which can cover up parts of the screen such as the "GO!" button or your remaining time. Adverts can be moved around and in some cases can create more adverts if you're foolish enough to buy into the scams.

Game Screen
Don't worry about the grey racer, the poor guy doesn't reach the end in any of the levels...

Similar to how the "GO!" buttons appear in random locations, so can the adverts, but these can be anywhere within the game window. Most ads can be closed by clicking the little X in the corner, but some have other and sometimes faster methods of being closed. In a lot of cases, adverts can just be moved to more convenient locations. This is done by clicking and dragging the blue bar along the top. Depending on location, some can just be ignored altogether.

Be careful at the start of each new level, as Dr. Sloth will keep finding new ways to improve his bombardment of adverts. To begin with, each level will add new adverts. Some of these will be bigger (covering more of the screen), some are harder to close, some will open more popups if you press the wrong button to close them. Along with the new adverts is an increased frequency at which they appear: this starts on level 2 with one every 5 seconds, with each following level reducing the time between each popup by about a third of a second.


Levels 2 through 6 will each introduce two new adverts that will pop up. Some will be easier to close than others and some can open even more adverts if not closed properly. No new adverts are added from level 7 onward, but the ads will continue to appear more frequently. The list below shows the level an advert first appears, a picture of what the advert will look like and any notes on how the advert might be closed.

Level 2

NeoMail Advert

Can be closed by either clicking the 'X' or 'OK'

Scorchy Slots Advert

Can only be closed by clicking the 'X'

Level 3

Home Page Advert

Can be closed by either clicking the 'X' or 'No'. Clicking 'Yes' will open another advert instantly

Krawk Advert

Can be closed by either clicking the 'X' or 'No'. Clicking 'Yes' or 'More Info' will open another advert instantly

Level 4

Battledome Advert

Can only be closed by clicking the 'X'

Money Tree Advert

Can only be closed by clicking the 'X'

Level 5

Login Advert

Can only be closed by clicking the 'X'. Clicking 'Login to Neopets' will open another advert instantly

Neofriends Advert

Can only be closed by clicking the 'X'

Level 6

Training School Advert

Can only be closed by clicking on 'close this window' and cannot be dragged around. Clicking anywhere else on the advert will open another advert instantly

Food Advert

Can only be closed by clicking on 'close this window' and cannot be dragged around. Clicking anywhere else on the advert will open another advert instantly


Advert Attack has a total of ten levels, each awarding you 50 points upon completion. A time bonus is also given depending on how quickly a level is completed. Each level has to be completed within 50 seconds and a bonus point is awarded for each remaining second you have left when the level is finished. No points are awarded for failed levels, so your final score will be your total score from the end of the previous level.

This means that in theory the highest score is 1,000 points, where each second used deducts 1 point. If you're trying to get the avatar, this means you can give up 300 seconds total, which averages to 30 seconds per level. However, you should plan to take much less than 30 seconds on early levels so that you can take a bit more than 30 seconds on later levels.


When adverts begin popping up on-screen, your initial reaction might be to attempt to close them, but this isn't needed to clear the screen! It is often faster to drag adverts to the edge of the screen so that they're covering as little as possible. There's no need to move them around neatly, you're racing a clock, so move adverts quickly and return to click the 'GO!' button as soon as possible. If an advert is covering part of the screen, as long as it's not covering the 'GO!' button, there's no need to rush to remove it. Even if adverts are covering 80% of the screen, as long as the 'GO!' button is visible, aim for clicking it as many times as possible before an advert covers it.

Most of the adverts you will be moving should be placed on the right side of the screen. Since adverts will often have their close buttons hidden beyond the right edge of the screen, it's faster to shove the ads further off the right side or downwards, rather than dragging the advert around until the close button is visible. Any adverts in the top half of the screen are safe to leave alone, since they won't impact your ability to click the 'GO!' button in the bottom half, but be careful of larger adverts which may partially cover both halves.

Dr. Sloth yawning
Oh wow...another missed neomail...

Quick Tips

  • Try to memorise which adverts have multiple close buttons so that if one button is covered, you'll still be able to close them.
  • While dragging an advert, it becomes partially transparent; this allows you to see anything behind it, like other adverts or the "GO!" button.
  • Typing nopopups during a level will remove all adverts currently on-screen (only works once per game).
  • Remember that each level is a race against the timer, not against the grey racer
  • Be careful when dragging adverts to the edge of the screen, if your cursor leaves the game window, the advert will be stuck following your cursor around until you left click with it.
  • To stay on track for avatar, aim to complete each level with at least 20 seconds left on the clock.



Ace Zafara

Ace Zafara / Guide

Send a score of 700+ points in Advert Attack.

When activated, the 2019 Charity Corner perk, More for Less, decreased the score needed to 560+ points.

Released: February 3, 2005

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