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Click this, and you'll be faced with a screen that shows you a list of the Neoadventures you have in progress and gives you the ability to browse Neoadventures by category or username. "Top 40" will give you the 40 highest rated Neoadventures; "Random" will give you a random list of 40; all the others let you browse within a category such as Fantasy or Test/Quiz.

When browsing adventures, you'll see a table that lists the title, creator, and various other specs for each adventure. The "Info" column lets you view the creator's user lookup or Neomail them about their adventure. The "Rating" column tells you what other people who've played it think of their adventure, on a scale of 1 to 5. The "Category" column tells you what type of adventure it is. Finally, the "Pages" column tells you how many pages were needed to create the adventure. For the most part, this tells you how long the adventure is, though it's fairly indirect and often not necessarily an indication of quality:

Long adventures are sometimes good and sometimes bad. For the Test/Quiz category, for example, long adventures are great because they usually indicate a higher quality of quiz whether because of more questions or more possible results or whatever. On the other hand, a short quiz in that category is not necessarily a bad thing because it is a common practice to ask the player to keep track of their own scores rather than create the maze required to accurately calculate the result within the quiz.

Anyway, once you find the adventure you want and click play, a separate window will pop up that looks something like this:

There will usually be some sort of introductory page explaining the instructions for the quiz or the circumstances for the battle or the setting for the story or whatever. Following that, the adventure will begin.

On each page, you will see anywhere from 1 to 4 options for what to do next-each link will take you to a different page of the adventure, depending on what you picked. For example, for a test, you would be taken to the answer page; for a quiz, you would be taken to the next question; for an expedition, you would enter the cave or run away, depending on how you answered; etc. The adventure takes you to the next step thanks to the pre-wiring of the pages by the adventure's creator.

When you're finished with the adventure, it's always nice to let the creator know what you thought of their adventure. If you experienced technical difficulties, you might rate it lower and shoot the creator a Neomail explaining what happened. If you absolutely loved it, you might give them a 5 and let them know how big a fan of their adventure you are. Be fair when you're rating, though. Don't give them a 1 just because you got stuck at a dead end or whatever ;).

Creating an Adventure

Played a couple adventures and decided to make one of your own? Back at the home screen, you can click this button to do so:

When you do that, you'll see a page called "Creating Your Neoadventure..." Firstly, you get to name your Neoadventure. I'd suggest having a basic idea of what you want to do when you get to this page, but if you have no idea what your story will be about, you can hit the "Generate!" button to get some random titles that may give you some inspiration. After that, you can choose which Neopian land your adventure will take place in, as well as the genre of the story (SciFi, Fantasy, Quiz, etc.).

Next, you get to decide what color scheme your adventure will use. The background color (obviously) changes the background. The font color is the color of the text in the body of the page. The title color is the color of the title and author bar at the top. The link color is the text color for the choices at the bottom of the page. Finally, the border color is the color of the line under the title bar as well as the color of the borders around the pictures.

Last but not least, you can decide whether or not to suppress page numbers. What does this mean, you may wonder? Basically, you get to decide whether you tell people what page they're on in your adventure. If your dead end is always the same page, you might not want to tell people what page they're going to, for example. It can add an element of surprise if you check the box, but it really just depends on the adventure.

Then, all you have to do is click the button at the bottom of the page, and your adventure has been created!

Editing Your Adventure

You'll obviously want to edit your adventure to add pages and make it playable, so here's how the editing process works. (You can always get back to the editing page by clicking this button on the Adventure Generator page, which magically appeared in place of the "Create an Adventure" button as soon as you did so:)

First things first: when you're done creating your adventure, you'll be asked to create your first page. Exciting, yes? It's fairly self-explanatory-you type the text for your page into the text section, and poof, you're done. But just text is pretty boring, so there are some extra things you can add to your page.


You can add an image to each page of your adventure. I highly recommend adding an image to most, if not all, of your pages. It gets pretty boring after a while to flip through page after page of text, and images are an easy way to spruce things up. Don't get too excited, however-you can only use images from Neopets. That means that your image URL has to be from www.neopets.com or images.neopets.com. Of course, there are plenty of good images on Neopets, like pet poses and fun images. Items are the perfect size to add a small touch of color to a page. You can even find a database of images from the Neopets domain without leaving JN!

Once you find the image you want, right-click on the image (CTRL-click for Macs) and choose "Copy Image URL" or the equivalent option. Then, head back to Add a Page and paste the link into the space provided. Make sure you delete the part that automatically shows up in the bar, though, because that part of the URL is in the part that you copied, and you'll end up putting it twice if you don't!

Note: The images are currently broken on Neoadventures, unfortunately. What is happening, essentially, is that when you try to input an image, the URL gets messed up in the process. Keep a note of the images you want to add and feel free to send in a bug report to TNT about it in reference to your specific adventure.


You can't have an adventure without exits, or your player won't be able to go anywhere! Before you can add exits, however, you need to create more pages. Once you've done that, you can edit the pages you've already made to create the network of exits that make your story come alive!

My best advice is to map out a diagram or list of some sort for all of your pages before you start making that network, or it'll be really easy to get lost in the sea of pages, especially if you have duplicates of any of your pages. After that, you'll be able to crank through the exit-making process pretty quickly.

Uh oh...the next page better be someone coming to my rescue!

What are exits, you may ask? Exits serve many functions-at the most basic level, they take your hero to the next step of the adventure. Every good adventure has multiple exits for most pages-this way, the player can choose their own destiny within the story. For example, if the hero is running toward the edge of a cliff with the monster chasing, you might provide the following exits: stop and try to fight the monster, jump for that branch on the other side, and hang from the cliff face to hide from the monster. The first option might lead to a triumphant finish line, to the hero's failure in a dead end, or to another series of pages about the fight itself. The second option could lead to a successful escape or a deadly fall, etc.

You have up to four exits for each page. On each line, type in the text you want to be displayed as the link. This is the answer choice, what the hero does next, etc.-the part the player clicks on to choose his or her fate. Then, click the drop-down menu to select the page you want that link to link to. It'll give you the page number and a short snippet of preview text for reference. Once you've created all your exits, your page is ready to go.

Dead Ends and Finish Lines

Every adventure has to come to an end, unfortunately, and you create those ends in the very last section of the page editor. Keep in mind that Dead Ends and Finish Lines have no links attached to them-if you check one of the boxes, any links you've inputted will disappear, so keep track of your pages carefully!

What's the difference between a dead end and a finish line? A Dead End is an unsuccessful adventure-the hero died or the monster ate the kidnapped princess or the evil genius took over Neopia. A Finish Line is a successful adventure-the hero saved the world or defeated the dragon or found the princess. In the Test/Quiz genre, most ends are Finish Lines, rather than Dead Ends-i.e., the result page, etc.

General Editing

The Master List is where you'll do the majority of your organizational things. From there, you can create, edit, and delete any page. To get back to it, simply click the link at the top of the page. When you click the "Edit Your Adventure" button on the Adventure Generator homepage, you'll be taken there.

The little "?" buttons you'll see everywhere pop up the help window for extra information about whatever you're working on. If you ever get confused along the way, feel free to click the nearest "?"-TNT's instructions are very helpful.

To edit or delete a page, simply click the appropriate button on the line where the page is listed. Note that you cannot delete page 1, only edit it. Other things you'll see on the Master List table are a list of every exit a page leads to, a checked box if the page has an image on it, and another checked box if the page is a Dead End or Finish Line.

To create a page, simply click the "Add a Page" link at the top of the page. On that same header, you'll also see a link to preview your Neoadventure. This link is invaluable in the final editing process-not only does it allow you to play through your adventure, but it also gives you the option of going directly to a certain page by number.

Just under that header bar, on the right of the page, are three more links. The first lets you edit the properties of your adventure-where it's set, its title, its category, etc. The third lets you delete your adventure (oh no!). The middle one lets you lock and unlock your adventure. What does this mean? Your adventure will not be seen on your userlookup or on the list of adventures to play on the Adventure Generator page unless it is locked. Be very careful about locking your adventure, however-you will not be able to edit it once you've locked it, so be sure you're absolutely finished. Furthermore, be absolutely sure you want to edit it when you unlock it because you'll lose all your ratings when you do.

The Spotlight

The Adventure Generator used to have a weekly spotlight for the best Neoadventure submitted. Unfortunately, this spotlight has long since been discontinued.

You want me, but you can't have me...MWAHAHAHA!

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