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It all comes down to... this.

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It all comes down to... THIS.

Dave smiled to himself, settling into his jelly chair and sipping from a can of Doctor Dave. The chaos of constant refreshing that Tarla's Tour of Mystery had brought was finally over, and (with some treatment), his staff seemed to be recovering smoothly. They'd since moved on to working diligently on their latest project... seeing who could bounce highest on the Jelly Trampoline Suzuka had found somewhere. Yes, everything was back to normal.


"I hate you, Rylon!"

...as normal as Jellyneo HQ ever seemed to get anyway. Dave sighed as his office door slammed, and Ian stormed in, eyes pinched tight... er with rage.

"Hello, Iggy."

The brunet pointedly ignored the greeting, crossing over to Dave's desk - nearly tripping over a Sloth Plushie in the process - and slamming his hands down. "Dave! You have to help me! Rylon's refusing to let me on the trampoline because I'm supporting Brightvale in the Altador Cup - he says only Maraqua fans are allowed!"

Silence, for a moment, and then Dave shrugged. "Well, Brightvale does kind of suck." Ian stared incredulously, and Dave lifted his hands up in a gesture of partial surrender. "Fine, fine, I'll come out there. No promises though."

That seemed to please Ian, as he grabbed Dave's arm and forcibly dragged the leader of Jellyneo from behind his desk and out to the main staff area... and directly into chaos.

In the brief moment that the Brightvale fanatic had been in Dave's office, all-out war seemed to have erupted among the Jellyneo staff... and all around the Altador Cup. The Jelly Trampoline, which Rylon had previously held hostage, was now being lorded over by Suzuka, who had staked a Shenkuu flag and was refusing to allow Jen on, informing her (quite loudly) that Krawk Island was just a team of has-beens. Rosie, meanwhile, had taken to plastering the Soda Machine with Roo Island signs and filling it with Dung Slushies... much to the chagrin of poor Scissors, who was ranting that not all Tyrannians liked dung, dagnabbit!

That was enough for poor Dave, who promptly turned around and started heading to his office... only to find it occupied by Torratz, who was in the process of destroying all his Sloth memorabilia, and screaming in Kreludan. Zelda, bedecked in full Virtupets gear, had made a valiant attempt to stop her - to no avail. Shocked, the head of Jellyneo froze in place, all colour draining from his face. Suddenly, it returned - a flush that quickly turned him pink, then red, then purple - and he exploded.


The office came to a standstill, the occupants clearly startled by the sudden outburst. Dave took advantage of the brief clarity to pull Tom (smoldering Moltara uniform and all) off of Zador. The latter started to complain - "He was threatening to melt Terror Mountain!" - but a cold look from the boss stopped him in his tracks.

"It has come to my attention," Dave began. "That some of you are - Labhaoise, this is not the Lost Desert, sand does NOT go on the Jelly Couches! - having issues regarding teams you're supporting in the Altador Cup. This is unacceptable! You all need to be professional - noileh, that means no grass skirts! We're in an office, not on Mystery Island!" Seeing that the two were properly chastised, he quieted down a tiny bit.

"Now, in past years, we've had the staff play against each other in our own sort of make-shift Altador Cup Tournament... would doing that again convince you all to calm down and get some work done?"

For a moment there was silence, then a chorus of pleased replies rose up, much to Dave's relief.

"What a way to bring the glory back to Altador!" cried Emily.

"Are you kidding? It's Darigan's turn for a comeback!" Kataklysmos retorted, which earned him a kick in the rear from Herdy.

"Comebacks? Then it's definitely Haunted Woods' turn, you fool!"

As Kalianne began arguing the virtues of Meridell, Dave shook his head and turned to sneak off, narrowly avoiding a Yooyu that had flown under Ally's Faerieland uniform. As he went once more to the quiet sanctity of his office, he noticed something out of the corner of his eye - a very confused looking Terry, pulling on Kiko Lake goggles and an inner tube. Perhaps this summer wouldn't be so quiet after all...

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