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An Argument Ensues...

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This year, it's a whole new Yooyuball game!

Dave greets you in the lobby of JN HQ and offers you the opportunity to sit in on a special staff meeting. You say sure, it'd be fun, and follow Dave through the hallways of JN HQ, twisting and turning endlessly. Finally, you arrive in a place that seems somewhat familiar - hey, it's the staff lounge! You might've seen it before on the Negg Hunt, or you may simply have heard rumors. Either way, what other place would have Jelly Couches and soda machines with Diet Terry and Illy-Ade? Dave tosses you a Suzukaberry Punch, and cracks open his own can of Dr. Dave. The two of you settle in on one of the surprisingly comfy jelly couches, and the meeting begins.

Suzuka: All right, everyone, we've been getting a ton of Editorial questions about the Altador Cup, and since I know we're all HUGE fans, I think it'd be best if we had a great big multi-staff editorial. Hopefully this'll go a little smoother than the one Rylon and Weepit did...

Weepit: It's not my fault bubble boy here started with the insults; he said we looked like a bunch of girls in our grass skirts! Even so we still look more intimidating that you lot, swanning around in your fishy get-up.

Rylon: Bloody surface-dweller, you all think that you're oh-so-cool. As if a silly island could somehow compare to the brilliance of the Maraquan sea...

Jen: You think you're better than all the islanders because you live underwater? Pah, Maraqua hasn't defeated a pirate since Scarblade. I'd like to see you try to take me on!

Rosie: Yeah, and your tourism department is horrible - pay tens of thousands of neopoints to eat seafood at Kelp?! I'd rather save my money and ride Roo Island's merry-go-round before catching my own meal on the beach! You're not likely to find one of those down there!

Labhaoise: If it's sand you want, you can't beat the Lost Desert - and we're so much warmer, and our rulers have brains - unlike silly King Roo or King Kelpbeard, that old fart.

Terry: If you're looking for a good ruler, NO ONE compares to the beautiful Fyora, her royal highness, Queen of Faerieland, the skies, the clou-

Rylon: You insult King Kelpbeard! How dare you! Why I oughta-

Dave: ENOUGH! If you all want to clamour about which place is better, you should do it productively - in the AC!

SciFi: That's not FAIR, though - I'm a devoted AC player, but some of the people who pretend to be supporters of Virtupets are TERRIBLE!

Suzuka: We'll do a Staff Tournament, then, like last year - it's up to YOU to prove your land is the 2nd best of all.

Emily: Second! Preposterous! Altador is always first!

Suzuka: Altador is a good land, to be sure, but no team is as good as Shenkuu!

Willie: Shenkuu? Bah! Terror Mountain, now THERE'S a team. Training all year in the bitter cold -

Tom: Nothing to show for it, though! Kreludor, though, they've got state of the art training facilities, able to come back so much after a full year gone -

Steve: Kreludor only had fans because they'd been gone, and were interesting THEN. Now Kiko Lake is back, better than ever, and arrived in Altador early to get extra training in!

Sirius: Missing a tourney isn't going to make Kiko Lake any more interesting! What's there? Nothing!

Luke: Look who's talking, Mr. Tyrannia. You've got nothing compared to the mystique of the Haunted Woods!

Aeternus: The Haunted Woods is so unhealthy, though! All those bugs in the meals, and bad soil... Meridell has been feeding our team well, building up their strength so that they may dominate!

Dandy: Need I remind you who bears the Jelly Sceptre? I shall triumph once more - and all shall fall before me!

As the room breaks into heated argument, thrown sodas, and bits of dung and jelly, Dave grabs your arm and slips you out of there.

Dave: Sorry you had to witness that. Maybe next time we'll be a little more organized.... but at least you know we're doing a Staff AC tourney, so you learned something interesting...