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In the end, there can only be one...

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As the members of Neopia prepare themselves for the battle of the year, the staff of JN began to discuss the probable winners of this year's competition:

"I've got my money on Meridell this year." Herdy

said sitting back and sipping his Diet Terry

Maraqua Is Win
Maraqua Is Full Of Win
Maraqua Rules

"Why Meridell?" Nynex

Don't wait.
Don't hesitate,
For the battle has just begun.
Intimidate and dominate,
For Terror Mountain is number 1!
challenged, "I doubt they would win, they've been overkilled with all the plots. See, Terror Mountain is probably going to get the most attention, because their plot was well done, but it left people asking questions."

"Who says the land needs a plot to gain attention?" Jen

Float like a Faerie, sting like a bee.
You can't stop what your eyes don't see.
Faerieland's time to shine!
called from her position on the meepit-shaped bean bag chair, "Faerieland can gain as much attention as any other world without having a plot focused there."


Watching your every move...
chuckled, "Yeah, like Faerieland would win."

"Like the Citadel will for a second time?" Joey

Brightvale: It isn't cheating, it's strategy!
responded, nodding at the premature celebratory Darigan Citadel jersey Dandy

Watching your every move...
was sporting. "Clearly Brightvale is going to win, because this year people are going to realize that intelligence is key."

"Well no matter how much you think, Tyrannia can just trample you with their brute force!" Rylon

Quaking the opponent into submission!


Kreludor Rocks Neopia's Teams!
then entered saying, "But Kreludor has trained to the best of both worlds so they could beat you both!"

"But you forget that that Kreludor could be crushed where they stand by Neopia's gravity because their programmers don't know a thing, unlike Virtupets'." Scissors

Virtupets are out of this world!
pointed out.

"Let's not forget about the Lost Desert," Mike

After our commanding win,
the Lost Desert will have to be renamed
the Victorious Desert.

"I simply enjoy playing the game, myself," Rosie

Rooligans ROOL!
said in the spirit of a true Rooligan.

From here we're not entirely sure what happened, except that somehow a pink and purple keychain ended up in Rylon

Quaking the opponent into submission!
's nose, Illy

The gods have blessed me in this competition. I shall bring honour to Altador and Zeus, mighty cloud-gatherer, Son of Kronos, master of the bright lightning!
had successfully forced Katje

There is no Mystery who will come out on top.
into a headlock, and Rosie

Rooligans ROOL!
had force fed

Brightvale: It isn't cheating, it's strategy!
much of the stuffing from the aforementioned Meepit chair.

"Will you all be QUIET!" Dave

Let the competition begin,
and see who will win!
yelled storming in from his office. He surveyed the scene in the shocked silence that followed. "If you guys keep fighting I will have the snack machines turned off for a month! Now, we all know that fighting about which team is going to win is pointless. Why don't you guys just have a tournament yourselves and get it over with." Quietly to himself he added, "They have the energy."


Let the competition begin,
and see who will win!
quietly re-entered his office and sat down to return to his work when he realized he was sitting in the festive colours of the Maraqua team. "TERRY

Maraqua Is Win
Maraqua Is Full Of Win
Maraqua Rules
, GET OUT!" Dave

Let the competition begin,
and see who will win!
yelled and there was a scampering from the room.

So the goal has been set. In conjunction with each day of the Altador Cup, the staff members will be in competition with each other, to see which one will be left standing. Will it be Ruby

"the Buckaneer"? Or maybe the vicious Luke

Shake, shake, shake
What you got
Brown, orange, and black
Come on Haunted Woods let's get ready to fight!
, representative of the Haunted Woods. It could even be Suzuka

Shenkuu -Nothing less than the best!
with her Shenkuu ninja skills. But one thing is for certain: there can only be one...