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AAA's Revenge

AAA's Revenge Information
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Aristotle A. Avinroo (better known as AAA), having survived the dungeons and video game worlds he was subjected to by the cruel King Roothless, has proved himself to be the one true Games Master. He's also set to prove just how petty he can be, breaking into the king's castle in the middle of the night just to keep him from falling asleep.

I'm petty? He locked me up in a dungeon
just because I beat his high score!

How to Play

AAA's Revenge is played with three keys: the left arrow, the right arrow, and the space bar. The left and right arrows will move AAA around the perimeter of the throne room clockwise and counter-clockwise, respectively, while the space bar allows you to throw out his yoyo. Your goal is to hit Roothless with the yoyo and keep him from falling asleep, while avoiding being caught by his guards. When the game begins, Roothless will be asleep and his guards stationary, giving you up to three easy hits before the guards are in range to see you. If the yoyo enters a guard's line of sight, it will be confiscated. Roothless will yawn 15 seconds after being hit, and will fall asleep 5 seconds after that. If he falls asleep or you run out of yoyos, it's game over.

Game Screen
Who sleeps on a throne, anyway?

Each wall of the throne room has three gaps through which the yo-yo can be used. While it may appear that you can only hit Roothless from the center of each wall, the yoyo is actually context-sensitive, and will move diagonally if you're throwing through one of the side gaps. While it's usually easiest to avoid guards when using the center gaps, the others are useful if Roothless is about to fall asleep and there are guards in the way, or if you need to collect an item.

Yoyo Grants 1 additional yoyo
Snowflake Freezes the guards for 5 seconds
Present Adds 10 points to your score
Shield Steals 1 yoyo when solid

Unlike the other items in the game, the shield is an obstacle rather than a bonus. If you hit Roothless three times in a row from the same gap in the wall, a shield will appear between you and him, flashing. If you hit him again through the flashing shield, it will become solid and remain in place for the rest of the game, costing you a yoyo if you hit it. To avoid this, when the flashing shield appears move to another gap and hit Roothless again, which will cause the shield to disappear.


Scoring in AAA's Revenge is fairly straightforward. Hitting Roothless is worth 1 point, and any hits made quickly enough after the previous one are worth 2 points. Each item collected gives 1 point in addition to its power-up effect, including the Present, meaning that it's technically worth 11 points.

I wonder what he dreams of...

Quick Tips

  • If a flashing shield appears, hit Roothless from another angle
  • When Roothless yawns, you have 5 seconds to hit him before the game ends
  • Hit Roothless three times in quick succession to maximize points earned


Aaa's Revenge

Aaa's Revenge / Guide

Send a score of 1,000+ points in AAA's Revenge. Note: This avatar is currently not being awarded.

Released: September 16, 2016

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