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The Games Master Challenge - November 2007

AAA is back, and he has even more daily challenges for us lowly gaming Neopians to partake in!

To start: Check out AAA's "welcoming" speech. Then, visit the challenges page to see today's challenges. For the secret challenges, check back on this page for details on which games are involved!

To collect your prize: Once you finish a challenge, click the gift box icon next to the title of the challenge. It's in the top right corner, and looks like this:

Need some extra help on a particular game? Check out our list of game guides and our Master Cheat List!

Final Trophies

Each Neopian who participated and finished at least 1 challenge received a trophy for their userlookup:


Complete 1+ Challenges

Complete 5+ Challenges

Complete 10+ Challenges

Complete 15+ Challenges

Complete 20+ Challenges

Complete 25+ Challenges

Complete 30+ Challenges

Complete 35 Challenges

Day 7 - November 26th

# Title Challenge Prize
1 Walking Along the Edge of Techo Mountain Barefoot Send a score on seventy-five different qualifying games. Decorated Fruit Basket
2 It's All About You Choose three qualifying games from your Favourite Games list and send in scores! Outdoor Hoop Game
3 Aim for the Skies Get a score of 125 in Shenkuu Warrior. Split Lenny Morphing Potion
4 Unlocking the Secrets of the Lost Desert Get a score of 1000 in Sutek's Tomb. Suteks Riches Scratchcard
5 Demolition Derby Get a score of:
Tomato Smasher
Cymbal Bashing Mynci Toy

Day 6 - November 25th

# Title Challenge Prize
1 Climbing Terror Mountain During a Blizzard Send a score on sixty different qualifying games. Mighty Melon Ice Lolly
2 If You Can't Say Anything Nice Submit feedback with a score of 10 for any qualifying game.

Click this at the bottom of the page and select 10 to send feedback.
3 Merrily You Roll Along Get a score of 300 in Turmac Roll.

This challenge is for all non-American users. American users have to play "Workin' in the Workshop."
Turmaculus Stamp
3 Workin' in the Workshop Get a score of 1000 in Wal*Mart: Santa's Sleigh.

This challenge is for all American users. Non-American users have to play "Merrily You Roll Along."
Turmaculus Stamp
4 Mop 'n' Glower Get a score of 300 in Mop 'n' Bop. Stagnate Puddle of Water
5 Report This Challenge to the Defenders of Neopia Get a score of:
Blue Evil Fuzzle Rug
Captain Scarblade Plushie

Day 5 - November 24th

# Title Challenge Prize
1 Getting Lost in the Haunted Woods at Night Send a score on forty-five different qualifying games. Tongue Wrap
2 The Numbers Game View the high scores table for 20 different qualifying games. Maths Blocks
3 If You Can't Take the Heat... Get a score of 300 in Volcano Run II. Chokato Volcano
4 It's a Juggling Act Get a score of 100 in Jolly Jugglers. All About Juggling
5 Don't Get Cold Feet! Get a score of:
Snow Brucicle
Blue Snowflake Biscuit Jar

Day 4 - November 23rd

# Title Challenge Prize
1 Tube-Racing on Kiko Lake Send a score in thirty different qualifying games. Kiko Fudge Sundae
2 A Fistful of Flash Challenges Test the gaming skills of five more of your friends by sending them Flash Challenges. Darigan Play Cards
3 It's a Witch('s Brother) Hunt! Get a score of 350 in Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway. Potion Shelves
4 Flip Those Blocks! Get a score of 800 in Goparokko. Goparokko staff plushie
5 Please Don't Cuddle This Challenge Get a score of:
Florg Plushie
Regal Purple Petpet Cushion

Day 3 - November 22nd

# Title Challenge Prize
1 Surfing the Rapids of Shenkuu Send a score in fifteen different qualifying games. River Wave Breeze
2 Exploring in the Games Room Use the Games Room Search to search for a word that yields 10 or more results. We used "ball." Kiko Explorer Plushie
3 Double, Double... Get a score of 100 in Sophie's Stew. Black Meowclops Backpack
3 Swim For It! Navigate through the water to reach a score of 150 in Sony's The Water Horse: Crusoe Cruiser!

This challenge seems to only work for users in the United States. If you are an International user, you can play "Double, Double..." to complete the challenge.
Black Meowclops Backpack
4 Pop! Goes the Secret Challenge You'll have to burst a few bubbles to earn a score of 400 in Faerie Bubbles! Delicious Faerie Bubbles
5 This Challenge Does Not Exist Get a score of:
Delicious Faerie Bubbles
Orange Jelly Toilet

Day 2 - November 21st

# Title Challenge Prize
1 Picking Your Own in Meridell Send a score in five different qualifying games. Braku Berry Juice
2 These Are A Few Of My Favourite Games Add three qualifying games to your list of Favourites. Fun Games
3 Round Up the Usul Suspects! Track down a score of 100 in The Usul Suspects. Strawberry Usul Shake
4 Scared of Your Own Shadow, Eh? Work some magic in Edna's Shadow to earn a score of 200. Edna
5 The Sporting Life Get a score of:
Robotic Golf Club

Day 1 - November 20th

# Title Challenge Prize
1 Strolling Through Neopia Central Send in one score on a qualifying game. Cheeseburger
2 Just Experimenting... Send a score of 350 on Korbat's Lab. Korbat Calculus
3 Throw Down the Gauntlet Send a game challenge to a friend. Scientific Flash Cards
4 Don't Eat Your Neggs Before They're Caught Send a score of 150 in Meerca Chase II. Buttered Negg Waffle
5 Creepy-Crawlies Get a score of:
Wind Up Cooty