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125 Million Hits Milestone Party

When the Jellyneo staff realised the main site was about to reach 125 million hits, they decided to throw a party! News about this spread across Neopia and soon some special deliveries began arriving at the door!


Each food came with a descriptive card--how convenient!

Mystery Island - Krakuberry Juice
A little piece of the Island for you! - Jhuidah

Maraqua - Seaweed Sandwich
Pulled out of retirement, courtesy of Kelp Restaurant! - King Kelpbeard

Brightvale - Assorted Fruits
Enjoy the fruits of your labour! - King Hagan

Herdy: Whoa, a pun from King Hagan! I'm putting this card away in The Herdy Files.

Kiko Lake

Kiko Lake - Kiko Popcorn Balls
Hope you don't find these too corny!

Terry: That's not popcorn, though, it's rice k-- *is dragged away by the Ministry of Meepits*

Labhaoise: There are also some random tomatoes, and that just makes no sense at a-- *is also dragged away by the Ministry of Meepits*


Faerieland - Fluffy Faerie Pancakes
Light and fluffy faerie pancakes, our gift to you. - Fyora the Faerie Queen

Ally: Bring the syrup, Arzak!

Neopia Central

Neopia Central - Pepperoni Power! Pizza
This one's on the house! From your friends at Pizzaroo

Terror Mountain

Terror Mountain - Snow Cake
Why don't you come visit me anymore? Ah, kids these days, with your parties... Well, hope you appreciate this. - Donny

Marie: Aww, poor Donny. I'll bring him some tomato soup the next time I see him.

Krawk Island

Krawk Island - Fresh Oysters & Assorted Mussels/Clams
Yarr, we be havin' a pint o' grog on yer behalf.

Grog: "Pint o' Grog"?!? Not me, right? Guys? Guys?!? What's with the forks? Can't we talk about this? HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!

Shenkuu, Altador, and Meridell

Shenkuu - Shrimp Fried Rice
Every grain of rice is essential to the final dish. - Chef Bonju

Lollie: We're all grains...?

Kaurevir: In the stir fry that is life!

Skumby: Delicious, perfectly seasoned life!

Altador - Altadorian Bread & Flask of Olive Oil
Please accept this simple offering of fresh bread and olive oil--symbols of peace and prosperity. - King Altador

Meridell - Raw Potatoes & Spicy Juppie Cheese
How many potatoes are there? From the potato farmers and cheese rollers of Meridell

Hero: *Munches on raw potato* Mmm, crunchy!

Haunted Woods, Kreludor, and Virtupets

Haunted Woods - Deviled Eggs
When and where did Sian Jubjub die? You have 57 minutes left!!
- The Brain Tree

Ian: Where the devil are those deviled eggs?

Jen: Er, anyone got some spare Neopoints for Esophagor quests?

Kreludor & Virtupets - Marshmallow & Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Grundos
Warning: These marshmallow Grundos have a mind of their own!
- Gargarox Isafuhlarg

Moltara and Lost Desert

Moltara - Spaghetti and Gears
My favourite Moltaran dish! Your buddy, Jordie

Scout: Ooh, my favourite as well!

Lost Desert - Mummified Banana
These were recently excavated from the Gebmids. (500 billion second rule!) - Princess Amira

But wait, where's the Tyrannian dish? Surely they sent something...

...Well, guess it'll remain a mystery. Look, the runaway marshmallow Grundos are next to the meringues! Smile for the camera!

Marshmallow Grundos

Even mr.coconut decided to stop by! Ever since he left the Neopian Times, he's been hanging around here, rolling around and occasionally helping with the JN editorial.

Nick: Why, mr.coconut, what an honour! You must be tired from your journey. Here, feel free to make yourself comfortable on this plate. Looks like you have some admirers!


The deviled eggs attack!

Skylar: My, they sure are...protective. Careful there, Marshy.

Pingu: You seem to have an excess build-up here, let me just get that for you...

Delicate coconut surgery

Illy: And you're retaining extra fluid. We can help with that, too.

mr.coconut is delicious

Ailae: I'm so full, but if there's anything sweet left, I suppose I could make room...

Dream: What's a Jellyneo party without jelly? It took me some time, but I finally figured out how to make the most elaborate moulded gelatin dessert!

A slorg

A puppyblew

Dream: Alright, who brought their petpets? Get them away from here, now!

Spixi: Phew, they didn't make it to the jelly cubes!

Jelly cubes

Jelly cubes

Polemarch: Nice! I almost don't have the heart to eat them. Almost.

Petpet cupcakes

Emily: These are too cute!

Rylon: *Snatches some away for later*


Link: Cupcakes! Gimme gimme!


RedOtter: I want that one, it's all red and swirly.

Torratz: Hang on, you have to sing the cupcake song first!

Cupcakes Zador: Uh, okay...
Come and knock on our door,
Uuliani's been waiting for you;
People all over the world love
Cupcakes, here they are,
Aurora loves them, too.
Kumar's dancing around,
Eager for the chews;
SciFi's wondering out loud: will this parody do?

Torratz: It is acceptable.

Streakanime: Let the devouring of cupcakes commence!

Kataklysmos: There's one more treat left. It's over in the corner.

noileh: ...Do you guys smell that?

Singing in the dung rain

Tea: Ewwww!

Zelda: Ew, it's a snot umbrella! Oh, right, the dung.

Suzuka: There's only one person who could be responsible for this.

It has to be Rosie!

Dung ice cream

Nynex: Relax, people! I think these are amazing!

Rosie: Yeah, don't be such party poopers!

Everyone: *GROAN*

Meanwhile, at an undisclosed location...

Dave: All miiine, my precious Tyrannian brownies! Man, I can't wait to dig in!


Dave: What the--? Get away from there! Noooo!