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Vandagyre Day Roundup
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on November 14, 2023, 1:56 pm NST

To celebrate Vandagyre Day, a new colour is available:


This is inspired by a design by Neopets user lonesome_666, based on the sea angel.

A red panda inspired outfit is available at Cog's Togs:

An owl inspired outfit is also available at Neovian Attire:

Finally, a new instrument is also available:

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There are 38 comments below. Add yours!

purplebin, November 14, 2023 2:02 PM NST
I was looking at pictures of Sea Angels just this morning!! I wouldn't have recognized the Vanda otherwise.
serpentshrine, November 14, 2023 2:04 PM NST
That's my favorite little sea beastie!! Actually radical
1jediboy, November 14, 2023 2:09 PM NST


Congratulations, Matheus!!! (AKA lonesome_666.)

purplebin, November 14, 2023 2:19 PM NST
I was wondering what they could do about elemental wearables, and I guess the answer is nothing.
lucen, November 14, 2023 2:30 PM NST
This is mad good! I love those lil costumes they're making these days! The mara color is so good, I love that it's so different !
lucen, November 14, 2023 2:30 PM NST
This is mad good! I love those lil costumes they're making these days! The mara color is so good, I love that it's so different !
chocolatjellopudding, November 14, 2023 2:40 PM NST
The red PANDA!!! AHHHHH, my daughter would be obsessed. The maraquan Vandagyre is GORG. Still killing it
jawbutch, November 14, 2023 2:41 PM NST
ooooooh this is soooo cute, i love the mara color and the two looks are so cute -- i really want that tail from the owl outfit
potential_ruler, November 14, 2023 2:44 PM NST
not a fan of this pet day at all. poor vandy. truly an identity crisis moment.
rimusli, November 14, 2023 2:52 PM NST
I love them, but the nose on the panda is weird or is it just me?
stormmonarch, November 14, 2023 2:58 PM NST
Not sure why but I don't like any of these three designs.
inkpot, November 14, 2023 3:06 PM NST
the owl is cursed.

and while the panda is cute, having a semi-realistic "outfit" of a real animal to me is just boring and uninspired.

i also look forward to pet days for clothing options, so it's a shame there isn't just some like clothes, or armour or something, really.
stormmonarch, November 14, 2023 3:09 PM NST
I think I don't like the Maraquan Vandagyre because the thick line doesn't go well with the soft colour scheme. The body can be more translucent. Instead of pink, yellow or red could have been used.

As for the two costumes, I think that they remove Vandagyre's identity entirely. If you only look at the two heads, it is not possible to tell which pet the head costumes belong too. In contrast, if you look at real life inspired costumes for other pets, for example Venomous Creature Grarrl Head, Feathery Pteri Head, Fuzzy Fruit Korbat Head, you can still see the features of the pets. The Vandagyre costume heads look like slap-on and disregard Vandagyre's features.
powerwingamber, November 14, 2023 3:24 PM NST
As someone who's been kind of obsessed with Octo Expansion again for some reason, I recognized what Maraquan Vandagyre was immediately! I want to love it. The colors are so beautiful, but something about it seems.. off. I don't know if I can put my finger on why, it just does.

The red panda outfit is so adorable that it makes me want to create a Vandagyre! (Almost.) As for the owl outfit, uhh... we don't talk about the owl outfit. .3.;
nightshadeswiftswing, November 14, 2023 3:53 PM NST
I saw the mara vanda as someone's pet (the person who helped design it) and it is translucent! Really cool detail that made me end up from not really liking it to liking it a lot more.

The red panda costume is cute but the owl is eh. It's a bummer they couldn't get elemental parts or a nice outfit or something.
nightshadeswiftswing, November 14, 2023 3:55 PM NST
And by translucent I mean you can see details of the background in the customization through it. Cool little detail.

I wish the pose had been a little bit better though but I get it's awkward to make it fully vertical without it taking up the whole square
galifan, November 14, 2023 4:51 PM NST
I don't care for the pastel manatee look. But I love the ickle Red Panda! Finally might pick up a Vanda from Lost and Pound just to model that gorgeous costume! Now, what would make a good habitat for such a beautiful creature?
solsticesprite, November 14, 2023 5:31 PM NST

They could have done the eyes and the feet, that would have been fun.


If the thing is translucent like a real sea angel, then I think the thick lines are useful to show curvature against whatever background. There's no way to tell rn.
lucky300 - JN Staff, November 14, 2023 5:55 PM NST
I don't really like Vandagyres, but the colour and outfits are actually great.
stormmonarch, November 14, 2023 5:56 PM NST
@solsticesprite: I have done some testings on DTI. The line is really thick, and that makes the pet look flat. It doesn't mix well with other linearts.
caosmuerte, November 14, 2023 6:13 PM NST
me encanto el diseño de el Vandagyre maraquan que de hecho ya habia visto propuestas de ese estilo, PERO yo habria elegido una reinterpretacion de Costaciella Kuroshimae
jchunli, November 14, 2023 8:35 PM NST
I'm all for designs inspired by fans, but that Maraquan design is just... not it. It looks like a nondescript gelatinous blob with a face slapped on it.
solsticesprite, November 14, 2023 8:37 PM NST
Ah that's too bad. Could have been cool if they did it right. Thank you for checking.
stormmonarch, November 14, 2023 8:40 PM NST
If there is a blonde wig for that Maraquan Vandagyre in the future, it can be Sailormoon in mid-transformation.
mavegibson, November 14, 2023 9:47 PM NST
As a die-hard Vandagyre fan with several vandagyres, I'm disappointed. Not a single piece of clothing that has any actual usefulness. Yeah, the owl and red panda are cute, but I can't think of any situation where I'd actually use them. The maraquan color is OK, but I'm not a big maraquan pet person.

Why do we STILL not have a pirate vandagyre?
breezydreams, November 14, 2023 9:52 PM NST
My first thought: Aw, its bring your child artist to work day.

Second thought: That's... Maraquan.

It seems like the costumes suggest that the Vandagyre is an Owl-Panda? Interesting idea.
galifan, November 14, 2023 10:29 PM NST
My brother's waiting for the prices to come down before making a Kung Fu Red Panda.
apophis324, November 15, 2023 12:00 AM NST
The owl looks weird to me, the red panda is super adorable (even though the tail doesn't seem to attach to the body..) and the Maraquan..
*sigh* Okay, I do love how they give Neopians a chance to feature their art by officially copying it. Great opportunity.
But.. I'm really getting tired of all these real world things seeping into Neopia.. The design is pretty, no denying that, but why does it have to be a real world animal?
stormmonarch, November 15, 2023 12:38 AM NST
@apophis324: The last time that a Maraquan pet was not based on a real animal was more than 13 years ago. At this point, I think the TNT artists have a fixed conception that Maraquan pets must be based on real life aquatic things.
nobody, November 15, 2023 12:51 AM NST
I love the concepts, but.... I have an issue with the art quality of the Red Panda and Owl...
aleu1986, November 15, 2023 1:33 AM NST
I don`t know what a sea angel is, but the Maraquan Vandagyre looks like a cute ghost and I am here for it. Really cool and unique design for a Maraquan pet, though the beak looks out of place in this design.. I don`t think I would have guessed the colour to be Maraquan, but it looks very nice.
The red panda outift is absolutely adorable, but I think they chose the wrong species to make this for. Kacheek or Xweetok would have been a better fit, not a bird Neopet.. Not a fan of the realistic-looking animal outfits, Neopets are supposed to be cute and cartooony.. Wish we could have gotten a regular outfit as well, considering there are so many clothes this species cannot wear.
biediep, November 15, 2023 1:39 AM NST
I feel bad saying this considering it was based on a fan-made concept, but that MQ Vandagyre is... o_O just awful. Probably my new least favorite pet on the site. Yuck. The more I look at it, the more I hate it, so I'll just stop looking at it.

The owl is hilarious to me xD
Like a "No, we have Blathers at home" kind of thing.
mimili__23, November 15, 2023 4:38 AM NST
The Sea Angel –Maraquan-Vandagyre is super pretty and cute. I love the colors and how smooth it looks.

I took a look at the users’ pets and they had a Maraquan-Vandagyre, it looks really great and it is a bit see-through, I think.

The Costumes make sense with Vandagyre being a mix of both. I like them. ^^
tomboy3603, November 15, 2023 8:09 AM NST
For those saying the quality is low for the new outfits, I want to say I disagree and its just a different style for neopets. I don't think it fits the neopets style but they aren't low quality. Still like them regardless.
mazinglez, November 15, 2023 8:48 AM NST
I think the sea angel direction is cute. I've just always felt like Vandagyre as a design just feels so stiff and lifeless. So anything that gives it more variety is a good thing in my book
peppermint, November 15, 2023 10:35 AM NST
I'm not a fan of this color, it looks like something from a kids anime movie
insane000illusions, November 15, 2023 11:36 AM NST
I think the colors and style of the mara vanda are really pretty. Overall I don't like vandas because they are usually very bleh. This mara one is adorable.

The outfits are also very cute. Just because something doesn't look like the expected style doesn't mean it's not good.
chaosshadow, November 15, 2023 3:19 PM NST
Lotta folks in the comments need to look up what a sea angel is

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