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Site Redesign: Release 0.5.14
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on July 26, 2023, 1:40 pm NST

A new beta site update has gone live, with a number of changes:

1) Game conversion with Ruffle is live. Which we saw go up last night! See our post below for more info.

2) Calendar and social feeds added to Community Central. The Community Central page has received the (old) fancy calendar again, and you can also find Facebook and Twitter (err, X?) feeds. The New Features page is also reproduced in a feed here as well. (Notably, the Tweets are out of order—that TV tweet is from February 2020, and the TV show has long been canceled.)

3) The Contests page has been converted. Nothing too exciting here—just the list of contests! Of note, the no longer running spotlights and contests have been removed from the list.

4) Pet Central has also been converted. Again, nothing too exciting or new with Pet Central, but nice to see more pages converted!

7) The Pound abandon page has also been converted. It's not mentioned on the release notes, but the page where you can abandon one of your Neopets (why would you!?) has been converted to the new layout.

6) Pronunciation page converted, too. Last in the list of conversions is the Pronunciation page. (Have to say though, I think ours from 2019 looks better! 😉)

7) The inventory page gets new links and functionality. More exciting, the Inventory page has gotten some links to places like Quick Stock and your SDB that were missing in the redesign.

You also now have the option to unstack items and view them individually instead. (This will be a big boon for NC items like Sweetheart Grams!) Look for the toggle in the top right corner (or center if on mobile).

On Desktop:

On Mobile:

8) Also of note, there have been many bug fixes. Way too many to list here, take a look through the Release Notes for the full list.

What's Next?
TNT has noted that this is what's coming up next in their list:

  • Settings Page Conversion
  • Faerie Festival
  • Advent Calendar
  • A New Plot

Notably, no word or updates on UCs and where they stand, along with the NC Mall Redesign that was promised in November 2022's Roadmap. But, we've got a newly expanded team now, so we'll see what the next few months brings!

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